Chapter 10b: Race for the Cure

Chapter 10b: Race for the Cure


Narration: After battling and defeating the Lucavi known as Zalera, Nuvea, Cera, and Chyldie celebrated their victory. Their victory however, was short-lived as the Lucavi leader Hashmal appeared and extinguished the life of Nuvea’s best friend Chyldie.

This event in turn caused a mourning and angered Nuvea to awaken a dark power from within her. To everyone’s surprise it was revealed that Nuvea was in fact non other than the Elder Primal known as Ultima.

With this new power, Nuvea used it to defeat the remaining Lucavi members. Unfortunately, she was no longer in control.

Saddened by this new revelation, Evo knew what had to be done, but was faced with the reality of having to slay his own daughter.

However, Evo was spared of this when both his wife Milyah Crystari along with her twin brother Kilyah Crystari used an ancient power to re-seal Ultima’s power where they would lie dormant for an unknown time.

And just when everything seemed okay, Evo face yet one more challenge.



Nuvea: Dad?

Evogolist: I’m here sweetheart.

Nuvea: Where’s Chyldie?

Narration: Evo hesitates for a moment. Then a tear rolls down his face as he has to remind Nuvea of Chyldie’s death. He let’s out a deep sigh and then pulls Nuvea close to him.

Evogolist: She’s gone, Nuv…She’s gone.

Narration: Nuvea lays there in her father’s arms, staring blankly into space. Not letting a bit of emotion show. Suddenly without warning, Nuvea collapses.

Evogolist: Nuvea!!

Narration: Evo panics as Nuvea lays in his arms unresponsive. Milyah and Kilyah rush over to check on Nuvea.

Milyah: What happened?

Evogolist: S…s…she won’t wake up!

Kilyah: Her forehead is burning up, we need to get her back to Gridania now!

Ruki: Evo, pull yourself together mate. She’s going to be alright.

Narration: Says Ruki to a now distraught and hysteric Evo. The party gathers and rushes off to Gridania. Before leaving, Ruki takes notice of an injured Cera.

Ruki: Huh?

Narration: Ruki then rushes over to Cera’s aid.

Ruki: Hey?! Are you alright?!

Narration: As he looks over her body to see if she’s alive, Ruki discovers a large aetheryte shard sticking out from Cera’s body.

Cera: Ugh…huh? Nuvea?

Ruki: She’s alright…for now.

Narration: Cera then tries to move, but is unable to.

Ruki: You shouldn’t move. You’re hurt.

Cera: I’ve failed.

Ruki: Huh?

Cera: It was my duty to protect those two girls, but…I failed.

Ruki: You’re wrong.
What happened…

Narration: Cera stops Ruki mid-sentence. She continues to feel as though she could have done more to protect both Chyldie and Nuvea.

Ruki: Look, we need to get you to a doctor before you lose too much blood.

Narration: Ruki then scoops up Cera into his arms and makes his way to a nearby village. Back in Gridania, Evo and the others rush Nuvea to Stillglade Fane in hopes that Brother E-Sumi can save young Nuvea.

Lalafell Conjurer: Oh goodness gracious, young Nuvea.

Milyah: Bet me Brother E-Sumi, quickly please?!

Lalafell Conjurer: Yes ma’am.

Narration: The lalafell runs off to get Brother E-Sumi and when both the lalafell and E-Sumi return, Zeriah is with them.

Zeriah: Nuvea?! Where is she?
Huh? Evo….Milyah?! You’re alive?!

Brother E-Sumi: Simdarnal said that it was important. What is it that troubles you?

Milyah: It’s Nuvea. She has some sort of fever.

Narration: Brother E-Sumi walks over and examines the young Nuvea. Meanwhile, Zeriah scolds Evogolist for being absent so long.

Zeriah: Evo… jerk! Don’t you know that I was worried sick about you?! Where have you been? Evo?

Evogolist: ……

Narration: Still in a state of distraught, Evo remains silent. Zeriah then walks up and embraces her brother with a hug.

Zeriah: I missed you. Don’t you know that? Nuvea missed you.

Narration: Zeriah then looks around is questions the whereabouts of both Cera and Chyldie.

Zeriah: Wait where’s Cera and Chyldie? They weren’t with you?

Kilyah: The child died.
Those scum that attempted to reawaken Ultima killed the child.

Zeriah: Oh my…

Milyah: Cera was with them?

Zeriah: Yes, she was supposed to be guarding them.

Silvermane: If you’re referring to the Elezen chick, we haven’t seen her since the younglin there went all primal and what not.

Wedge: Speaking of which I haven’t seen that Ruki guy either. Kind of a wrong time to be taking a romantic getaway.

Silvermane: Shut yer trap!

Wedge: Yes ma’am.

Zeriah: Wha…what happened to Nuvea? Mily?

Milyah: It’s a long story…

Narration: Just then Brother E-Sumi reports on Nuvea’s condition.

Brother E-Sumi: I’m sorry to interrupt, but if I may.

Evogolist: Nuvea? Is she okay?

Brother E-Sumi: Unfortunately, she is not. She’s been reduced to some sort of coma and seems to be showing signs of some sort of aetheral poisoning. A very high concentrated amount to be exact. If she isn’t cured, she could very well perish.

Zeriah: Brother E-Sumi?! There has to be something that we can do?

Brother E-Sumi: There is, but the trip will be dangerous.

Evogolist: I don’t care… tell me…where do I go.

Zeriah: Evo?!

Narration: Brother E-Sumi fills Evo and the others in on the details and location where they can find the cure. Meanwhile, Ruki and Cera arrive at a nearby settlement in North-Eastern Coerthas known as Owl’s Nest. A small lalafell spots the two and runs to the village conjurer to notify him.



Curry: Elder Koryn! Elder Koryn sir!

Elder Koryn: What is it little one?

Curry: There’s…..there’s two Wildwood Elezens that have just entered the village. One seems to be hurt.

Elder Koryn: Come then, let us hurry Curry.

Narration: The village Elder as well as his lalafell assistant rush to the aid of the two Elezens. When they arrive they do all that they can to help and save Cera.

Ruki: I can’t thank you enough Elder Koryn.

Elder Koryn: Your friend, she’ll be fine for the time being, we were able to stop the bleeding but…

Ruki: What is it?

Elder Koryn: Did she at any time come in contact with an extensive amount of aether?

Ruki: There was an aether shard lodged in her abdomen…why?

Elder Koryn: She has aether poisoning. If she isn’t cured she may die.

Ruki: I see. And just where can I find this cure?

Elder Koryn/Brother E-Sumi: Near Camp Nine Lives lies the Sylph village of Moonspore Grove. It is there that you will find the cure.



Narration: The party of Evo, Milyah, and Kilyah as well as Ruki all head out on their quest to find and acquire the cure. Upon reaching the Village however, they are baffled on how to gain access.

Milyah: So this is where the Sylph village is located?

Kilyah: Seems as though the Padjai’s coordinates were off a bit.

Evogolist: Hmm…..

Narration: Suddenly a lone Sylph appears.

Mexaie: Walking ones seek to enter these ones home, but walking ones are no normal walking ones. Walking ones embodies that of the crystal.

Evogolist: He/she must be talking about you two.

Kilyah: Hey! What do you know of my sister and I? What do you know of the “Crystal Twins”?
Hey?! I’m talking to you!!

Narration: The lone Sylph disappears, but then the wall of boulders that prevent entrance in to the Sylph Village magically vanish revealing the beautiful Village of Moonspore Grove.



Evogolist: This place….

Milyah: It’s beautiful.

Mexaie: Shiny ones and Walking one may now enter. Please follow these one.

Kilyah: Huh?

Narration: Evo, Milyah, and Kilyah enter the Sylph village following behind the lone Sylph known as Mexaie. Not far behind, Ruki quickly sneaks into the village.

Ruki: Hmm….not a bad place. Now where is that cure?

Narration: Ruki then sneaks his way around the village, shadowing Evo’s party. Back up ahead, Evo, Milyah, and Kilyah continue following Mexaie to an unknown location.

Milyah: Where are you taking us? Huh?

Evogolist: Why are they all staring at us?

Kilyah: Grrr……Rawr!!

Narration: A group of Sylphs run away as Kilyah scares them off.

Milyah: Was that really necessary?

Kilyah: I don’t like being stared at. Especially by humanoid lettuce.

Narration: Evo begins to tease Kilyah for his paranoia.

Evogolist: Ha ha ha!! Wow Kilyah afraid of a few walking lettuce?

Kilyah: Really? You have no room to talk being afraid of lalafell and all.

Evogolist: Hey!! They’re creepy cute and evil. Can’t be helped.

Milyah: Focus you two and remember why we came.

Narration: Says Milyah as she scolds Evo and Kilyah.

Kilyah: Hey! My sister asked you a question. Where are you taking us?!

Mexaie: Shiny ones are impatient, but these ones knows Shiny ones won’t harm these ones.
Ah….here we are?

Evogolist: Huh?

Milyah: Where are we exactly?

Apexus: Welcome back Shiny ones.

Narration: Another Sylph enters and greets the three adventurers. This one having a purplish like figure seeming much older than the other Sylphs in the village.

Milyah: Welcome back? What do you mean?

Apexus: Shiny ones came to These Ones a hundred years ago in search of that which could cure sickness from aether.

Evogolist: The cure! You have it?!

Apexus: Yes. The Woken one is here as well?

Evogolist: Woken One?

Apexus: Ah, Woken One has yet to meet Almxio.

Narration: Kilyah grows impatient with the sylph. He knows that time is short and if they don’t hurry Nuvea will die.

Kilyah: I’ve had enough of this!
My niece lies in coma with her life hanging by a thread and yet we’re standing here listening these floating cabbages ramble on about non-sense.

Milyah: Kilyah!! That’s enough!

Evogolist: No, Mily he’s right. We can’t waste any more time. Please, our daughter is dying. We need that cure.

Apexus: These ones apologize. These ones got carried away. Will hurry with cure.

Narration: The Sylph known as Apexus rushes off to retrieve the cure and when he returns, hands it over to Evogolist.

Apexus: Ah…to Woken one These one gives.
Careful…careful…this is last of cure.

Narration: After receiving the cure, Evo holds up the vial and looks at it. Just then, the vial is snatched away.

Ruki: I’ll be taking that.

Evogolist: Hey!!

Narration: When the group looks, they realize that the thief is non other than Ruki.

Kilyah: You!!

Evogolist: Ruki! What are you doing?!

Ruki: Sorry mate, but someone else needs this cure.

Narration: The group prepare to confront Ruki. Tensions rise as the lives of Nuvea and Cera hang in the balance. But…who will be the victory and are either party willing to sacrifice one loved one for another?

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