Chapter 10c – Starting Over

Chapter 10c: Starting Over

Narration: After months of battling the evil Lucavi who sought to re-awaken that of the Elder Primal Ultima, things finally came down to a face off with Hashmal, leader of the demonic cult. This confrontation was not met without complications as Hashmal took the life of the younglin Chyldie. This in turn would cause Nuvea to reveal her true form…that of the Elder Primal herself, Ultima.

The transformation however exposed Nuvea to high concentration of Aether and upon returning to her mortal form, collapsed from the aether poisoning. As the party rushed Nuvea back to Gridania for assistance, Ruki discovered an injured Cera, who after being struck by an aether shard, also fell under the effects of Aether poisoning.

Time was of the essence now as the party of Evo, Milyah, and Kilyah quickly made their way to the Sylph village of Moonspore Grove. It was there that they would not only find the cure, but would also discover more about themselves.

Upon receiving the cure, the party was ready to make their way back to Gridania and administer the cure to Nuvea. That plan however was halted when non other than the Elezen archer Ruki Trevek appeared and snatched the vial from Evo’s hands. And now….they must face a friend and make a choice.



Evogolist: Ruki!! What are you doing?

Ruki: Sorry mate, but someone else needs this slightly more.

Kilyah: Hand it over Elezen, or I’ll make sure that the moment we return to Limsa, you go straight to the chopping block!

Ruki: Hmm…in that case.

Narration: Ruki then uses the archer ability swiftsong to vanish into the woods of the The Black Shroud. Evo then sarcastically scolds Kilyah.

Evogolist: Way to go Captain Kilyah, you let him get away.

Kilyah: You dare talk when you were the one who lost the cure to him.

Milyah: Will you too quit and come on before he gets away?!

Narration: The three adventurers head out and chase after Ruki. Ruki, takes to higher ground, jumping and leaping from tree to tree. Not too far below, The party closes in on his position. Milyah stops and fires an arrow in hopes of slowing Ruki down.

Ruki: Huh?
Hmph…not bad for the best Archer in Gridania, but let’s see how you do against the best Archer in all of Limsa.

Narration: Ruki then fires off several arrows in hopes of bring the party’s pursuit of him to a halt.

Evogolist: Mily…look out!

Narration: Evo then uses his newly acquired shield to block one of the arrows. A subsequent one follows and he uses his shield to knock that one away. Soon after another two fly towards them and Evo is able to use his sword to cut one in half, but misses the other as it strikes the ground in front of him.

Kilyah then draws his gun and fires a few shots at Ruki.

Kilyah: You know, I never did like you. Always hanging around the Commodore like some loyal lap dog.

Ruki: Well the feeling’s mutual mate. And did you just call me a dog?

Narration: Still under the effects of Swiftsong, Ruki is able to quickly dodge the bullets and he lands on the ground. Realizing that his only way to escape will be to fight the three and weaken them enough to call off their pursuit, Ruki rushes in towards the three. He fires two arrows, but Evo blocks them. Ruki runs in and then leaps into the air attempting to melee strike Evo with his bow. Evo once again blocks and knocks Ruki away with Shield Bash.

As Ruki attempts to regain his footing, Milyah fires off an arrow, but Ruki uses the Archer ability Decoy to avoid the attack. He then quickly disappears behind a tree and uses Chameleon, causing him to blend in with the surrounding area. Evo, Milyah, and Kilyah look around trying to locate Ruki, but are unable to. Just then, Ruki reappears behind Kilyah and from close range uses his attack Quick Nock striking all three. However the three go un-injured as Ruki filled a few small pouches with dirt and attached them to a few of his arrows.

Kilyah: Pfft…..grrr…..why you?!!

Narration: Angered, Kilyah uses one of his powerful attacks.

Kilyah: I’ll teach you not to humiliate a ranking officer of the Thalasscrocy!!
Hexagonal Shot!!

Ruki: Still suffering from an inferiority complex I see. The Commodore was right…..
Huh? Oh crud!!

Narration: Ruki is almost struck by Kilyah’s attack, but quickly dodges. He then attempts to eliminate Kilyah by revealing a secondary ability.

Ruki: Like I was saying, the Commodore was right. Sometimes you really need a Time Out! Repose!!

Narration: Ruki casts Repose, a spell available to those who practice conjury. Evo and Milyah are shocked to see that Ruki can also cast magic and are caught off guard as he casts his next spell.

Ruki: Hey Evo, we’re in the woods right?

Evogolist: Ruki…..?!

Ruki: Aerora!!

Narration: Ruki casts Aerora causing a strong and powerful wind attack to blow. The powerful winds gather the leaves from various trees and blow towards the party of three surrounding them in a barrier of wind and leaves.

Back in Dzemael Darkhold, a few Garlean Soilders that have scouting the area after reports of strong Aether energy, investigate the area.



Imperial Funditor: Sir….over here.

Impeial Eques: What is it?

Imperial Funditor: It looks like….a sword….made of aether.

Imperial Eques: You don’t suppose the reports were right do you?

Imperial Centurion: You two saw the pillar of Aether just like I did, so of course the reports must be true. A primal was summoned here.

Imperial Funditor: Then what should we do sir?

Imperial Centurion: Report to Headquarters. Tell them it’s begun.

Narration: As the Imperial soldiers head out, back in Gridania Zeriah begins to worry as Evo, Milyah and Kilyah have yet to return.

Zeriah: Oh, where are they? They should have been back by now.

Wedge: Patience girlie, I’m sure the Cap’n is on his way back.

Brother E-Sumi: Unfortunately, patience is something that we cannot afford. Her condition worsens by the minute.

Zeriah: Hurry you three…for Nuvea’s Sake…please hurry.



Narration: Back in the North-Eastern part of the Shroud, Evo and Mily try to reason with Ruki.

Ruki: Well mates, sorry to leave in such a state, but I have somewhere I need to be.

Evogolist: Ruki!! Ruki wait?!

Milyah: You’re a cold-hearted bastard you know that!!

Narration: Ruki turns around and approaches the wind barrier, surprised that he would be called such a thing.

Ruki: What did you just call me?

Milyah: You heard me, you’re no better than the rest of these monsters.
My daughter’s life hangs by a thread and yet you would steal the only thing capable of saving her life for your own personal gain.

Ruki: You know nothing.

Milyah: And what don’t I know?
Huh? That you’re a hired merc, willing to betray any and everyone you know just to make a quick buck?! That’s why you left Gridania isn’t it? Why you left your friends?

Ruki: Grr….

Narration: Ruki then turns his back and walks away.

Evogolist: Ruki wait?! Please, help us…..she’s my daughter man.

Narration: Ruki stops for a minute and thinks to himself. Then just as it seemed he would continue on, drops the wind barrier and tosses Evo the vial containing the cure.

Evogolist: Huh?

Ruki: There…I may be coldhearted, but I’m no monster…

Evogolist: Ruki wait? Where are you going?

Ruki: To be with your friend. She shouldn’t have to die alone.

Narration: Milyah and Evo think to themselves who it is that Ruki could be referring to and then it clicks.

Milyah: Cera!

Ruki: She….like your daughter has contracted Aether poisoning. That cure was the only way to save her, but there’s only one.

Narration: Milyah then looks at Evo and Kilyah and sends them on their way as she follows Ruki to Cera’s location at Owl’s Nest in Coerthas.

Milyah: Evo, I’ll catch up with everyone later.
Please save our daughter.

Narration: Evo nods and along with Kilyah return to Gridania to give Nuvea the antidote. After the receiving the cure, too weak to remain conscious, Nuvea sleeps. Evo and Zeriah watch over her happy and relieved that the younglin is okay.

Back at Owl’s Nest, Ruki and Milyah arrive to with the sad news.

Elder Koryn: Were you able to retrieve the cure?

Narration: Ruki remains silent, disappointed that he failed. Koryn then places his hand on Ruki’s shoulder and tells him to say his final goodbyes to the Elezen warrior.

Elder Koryn: Then you should say your goodbyes.

Narration: Ruki and Milyah then rush to Cera’s room. When the arrive, Cera is lying there weak and barely able to move. Her veins heavily showing. And from time to time she would cough up blood.

Milyah: Cera!!

Cera: Lady….Milyah….You’re……..alive…

Milyah: Shh….you need to rest.

Ruki: Cera, I was unable to…

Cera: It is okay.

Milyah: It’s not his fault Cera, Nuvea…she was sick as well.

Cera: Then…you did not…fail.

Milyah: For what?

Cera: Sorry that I failed you. Sorry that I failed those two girls.

Milyah: You didn’t fail me Cera…Nuvea will live because of your sacrifice. Thank you.

Narration: Too weak to remain conscious, Cera closes her eyes and it is with that the Elezen warrior takes her final breath and then passes on returning to the land, rejoining the stream of aether. Milyah holds Cera’s body close crying tears of sadness before fully disappearing. Ruki even let’s a few tears fall down his face. Milyah then looks up at Ruki and asks Ruki for a favor.

When they return to Gridania, Milyah informs every one of Cera’s passing. Zeriah sobs as she feels as though she just lost her best friend. Milyah then walks over to Nuvea’s bed and places her hand on Nuvea’s forehead. From there she asks Ruki to do as they agreed.

Zeriah: Wait?! What are you doing?

Milyah: Wiping her memories.

Zeriah: What?! No, you can’t!!

Milyah: And why not? She’s just a child…my child…and she deserves  to live a normal childhood without such painful memories.

Zeriah: And what of Cera and Chyldie? Would you have her forget them and not honor their memory or time as friends and companions? I forbid it! Evo?!

Narration: Zeriah looks at Evo hoping that he would agree to her opinion

Evogolist: I’m sorry Zee…but Mily’s right. Our daughter…Nuvea deserves better, not some painful memories.

Zeriah: I don’t believe you two.

Narration: Upset and furious at their decision, Zeriah storms off. Outside of Stillglade Fane she cries for Cera, for Chyldie, and for the memories of them that Nuvea will longer have. With the last bit of her energy, Milyah along with an ancient ritual song played from Ruki’s flute wipes Nuvea’s memory of the tragic events.

The next morning Nuvea awakens….



Nuvea: Boy was that a good nap. I wonder where everyone is?

Narration: Nuvea runs downstairs and spots her Aunt Zeriah who sits in the kitchen area alone. Nuvea runs over to Zeriah and gives her a big hug.

Nuvea: I love you Auntie Zee.

Narration: Zeriah smiles, happy to see her niece up and moving around. She then watches as Nuvea runs outside to play with a few of the younglins in Gridania. Deep inside, Zeriah remains saddened Nuvea won’t remember the young girl who use to throughout Gridania everyday looking for Nuvea and following her on her grand mini adventures. Nor would Nuvea remember the beautiful Elezen lancer that would watch over her, becoming somewhat of a big sister to Nuvea.

Zeriah looks out the window and let’s out a big sigh. What will tomorrow hold for young Nuvea? A question that Zeriah asks herself as she watches Nuvea run off and play.




Gaius Van Baelsar: Are preparations ready?

Elite Triarus: Yes Legatus.

Gaius Van Baelsar: Very well then, let us clear out the cloying stench that is Eorzea.

(End of Chapter)



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