Chapter 11a: A New Day

Final Fantasy XIV: A New Beginning

Chapter 11a: A New Day

Narration: In the forest nation of Gridania, a young girl awakens. She yawns and then stretches. For her, today….is a new day. A new day for a younglin that only a week ago traveled the land of Eorzea with her friends. Together they sought to defeat an evil cult. A cult that only wanted bring pain and despair to the people of Eorzea. But with the aid of her friends, the younglin was able to defeat the evil cult and peace was once again restored to Eorzea.

Times such as those, were filled with happiness, fun, excitement, and adventure. They were also times with Sadness, tears, hurt, pain, and tragedy. But….for this younglin, today… a new day. A new day….for a new adventure.

Her name is Nuvea Crystari…….Daughter of the crystal.

Nuvea: I’m soo….tired.
I’m sure Auntie Zee won’t mind if I lay down for a tinsy wee bit more.

Narration: Nuvea lays back down and pulls the covers back over her head. Just then, after knocking several times, Zeriah walks in and pulls back the covers.

Zeriah: Come on young lady! It’s time to get up!

Narration: Nuvea grumbles and moans as she struggles to try to rest a few more minutes. Zeriah stands there and sighs and as Nuvea pulls the sheets back over herself, Zeriah once again pulls the sheets back.

Zeriah: Nuvea Crystari, if you do not wake up this instant I will cast a water spell on you!

Narration: Nuvea begins to toss, turn, kick, mumble and grumble not wanting to get up. Just then her pet marmot jumps on to the bed to wake her. Not remembering that she had a pet marmot, Nuvea jumps and screams.

Nuvea: Aaaah!! W…w….why is…that…thing…in my….bed?!

Narration: Zeriah quickly shooed Mu away.

Zeriah: Grr…stupid marmot. Shoo… Go now! Go!!

Nuvea: How’d that thing get in here?

Narration: Zeriah makes up a story and afterwards sends Nuvea off to her archer training class. Once Nuvea leaves, Zeriah scolds Mu for almost spoiling everything.

Zeriah: Why’d you scare her like that huh?
You know that you can’t be around especially since you were given to her by Chyldie.
What if she remembers everything and turns in to Ultima again? Then what?

Narration: Mu eats his food then runs off to play. Zeriah let’s out a deep sigh standing there in disbelief of what’s happening.

Zeriah: Look at me. I’m standing here scolding a Marmot that can barely even understand what I’m saying.
<sigh> Evo…..Mily….where are you? Why did you have to leave again?

Narration: Zeriah thinks back to the day that Milyah had Nuvea’s memory wiped. A day that would be a tough decision for both of Nuvea’s parents.



Ruki: It is done.

Milyah: And she will remember nothing?

Ruki: Not a thing that has happened over the last few months.

Milyah: Good.

Ruki: There is one thing that you two should know though. She won’t remember finding the two of you.

Evogolist: Then we can just?

Ruki: No.
You two being here, when she believes that her mother is dead and her father has abandoned her, could restore her memory and the consequences could be devastating.

Milyah: Ruki is right.
If she becomes Ultima again I won’t have the power to stop her.
This power…whatever it is…where ever it comes from…it’s gone.

Evogolist: Wait? Are you saying that I have to lose her again? That I have to let her go? After months of searching for her?

Narration: Ruki and Milyah remain silent. Evo furious, flips a nearby table and destroys half of the room before storming out. Milyah tries to stop him, but is unable to. Instead, she drops to her knees and begins crying.

Outside, Evo joins Zeriah whom herself is still angered at the decision to wipe Nuvea’s memories. She turns around and sees her brother’s sadness and frustration. She then wraps her arms around him, comforting Evo knowing all too well the pain this has caused him.

Evogolist: Why?
Why is this happening? Why did I agree to such a thing?

Zeriah: Shhh……
I know…I know…

Narration: Later that evening, while Nuvea remained asleep, the group of Evo, Zeriah, Milyah, Kilyah, Ruki, SIlver, Biggs, and Wedge all gathered one last time before saying their goodbyes to one another and each going their own seperate ways.

SIlvermane, Biggs, and Wedge returned back to the Siren’s Tear without Evogolist. From there, Silver took over as Captain and they returned to sailing the seas of Hydalyn until they could return to Limsa Lominsa one day.

Ruki, knowing full well that he could not return to the Thalasscrocy, became a wandering adventurer. He traveled the land Eorzea helping those in need.

Milyah and Kilyah set out on a journey to discover their trueselves. Before leaving though Milyah said her goodbyes to her family. She first stopped by Nuvea’s room to check on her.

Milyah: Hey sweetheart, I don’t know if you can hear me, but I have to go away for a while. I’m sorry that I can’t stay here with you and hope that one day you can forgive me.

Narration: Milyah then begins to tear up and begins choking on her own words.

Milyah: I’m so sorry.
You deserve so much better than this.

Narration: Milyah then leans over and kisses Nuvea on her forehead. As she leaves the room she spots Evogolist standing in the doorway. And as she slowly walks toward Evo, she knows that he’s still angry with her. She stops in front of him and stares him in the eyes, hoping to get some sort of response from him, but Evo says nothing. Instead, Evo walks past her to Nuvea’s bed. Milyah stands there not looking back. Tears slowly stream down her eyes as she leaves the room.

Outside of Nuvea’s room stands Kilyah. He looks at her, concerned about her condition.

Kilyah: Are you okay?

Narration: Milyah lies, not wanting Kilyah to see how hurt she really is.

Milyah: Yes.

Kilyah: Then let’s go.

Narration: As Milyah and Kilyah set out on their journey, Milyah stops for a minute and looks back at her home. In her heart she says goodbye, not only to her daughter Nuvea, but to her husband Evogolist as well.

Back in Nuvea’s room, Evo says his goodbyes.

Evogolist: I don’t know….what to say.
I came here looking for you and now I’m being told that I have to let you go.
You must think that I’m a horrible father. I know I do. I’m sorry…sorry that I couldn’t protect you….nor could I protect your friends. Your mother’s right though. You DO deserve a normal life. And that’s why I have to leave. So that Nuvea can be normal. So continue hating me for not being there….I won’t blame you.

Narration: Unable to finish his goodbye, Evo gets up and walks away. When he gets to the door however, he stops and looks back towards Nuvea.

Evogolist: No…I won’t say it….I won’t say goodbye.
I’ll be back for you one day. I’m going to go find a way for us to get back home…..our real home…in Vana’diel. And when I do, I’ll come back for you and we go home…together.

Narration: From there, Evo left…setting out on his journey to find a way back home for him and Nuvea. Back in the present, Zeriah once again let’s tears run down her face. Later that evening, Zeriah welcomes Nuvea home and after putting Nuvea to bed, she heads to bed herself only to get up and do it all again tomorrow.

Deep in the The Black Shroud, Milyah and Kilyah return back to Moonspore Grove hoping to learn more of their past and that of the “Crystal Twins”.

Mexiae: Ah, Shiny ones have returned.

Apexus: So it seems.
Greetings Shiny ones, how can These ones help Shiny ones?

Kilyah: Now…tell us more about the “Crystal Twins”.

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