Chapter 11b: The Crystal Twins

Chapter 11b: The Crystal Twins

Narration: Kilyah and Milyah Crystari, twin brother and sister whom up until recently had no knowledge of the special powers that they possessed. Curious to know about their past and who they are, the two set out to the Sylph village of Moonspore Grove to discover their past and perhaps even their future.

Kilyah: So what can you tell us about the Crystal Twins?

???: Nothing but a bunch of gibberish if you’re asking them.

Narration: A mysterious man appears, having the look of a young fair-faced scholar. Kilyah becomes curious to the man’s identity and with gun drawn and pointed directly on the man’s head, begins to question him.

Kilyah: And just who the hell are you?

???: Whoa…buddy, you might want to put that down before you hurt someone.

Kilyah: Answer the question. Who are you and what do you know about my sister and I?

???: Impatient much I’ll tell you that….fine…fine….the name’s Yuta Takemoto. Scholar and Conjurer extraordinaire from good ol’ Limsa Lominsa. And trust me Captain, your quick rise in power within the Thalasscracy was no fluke. So let’s see where do I begin?


Narration: Meanwhile in the southern part of the Shroud, Ruki comes upon a small village called Quarrymill.

Ruki: Hmm….not bad…not bad at all.
Nice little small village if I do say so myself.

Narration: Ruki stands in place glancing over the small village. Then suddenly without warning he is attacked being swept off his feet by a lance-wielding warrior.

Ruki: What the?!

???: You’ve got some nerve coming here…Ruki Trevek.

Ruki: Huh?

Narration: Ruki is surprised to see the person standing before him. Ruki then lays back, stretched out on the ground in disbelief of the person that was able to catch him off guard and get the best of him.

Back in Moonspore Grove Milyah and Kilyah follow the scholar Yuta as he prepares to tell them the story of “The Crystal Twins”.

Yuta: You know, if someone had told me years ago that the Crystal twins really existed, they would have been met with total disbelief. Then I met a guy. Said that he was some sort of Sharlayan Scholar accompanying him was a mysterious man wearing a dark cowl and he would speak in song verses of a dark age that was approaching. He then spoke of you two..the “Crystal Twins” saying something about when I met you I would know what to do.

Milyah: Do what? What is it that you’re suppose to do?

Yuta: You know….the funny thing is…I don’t know.

Kilyah: Let’s go. This guy is obviously playing games.

Yuta: No! Wait?! I have something for you.

Kilyah: What now?

Yuta: They gave me this. They said that it would help the two of you remember who you are and why she…is here.

Milyah: She? She who?

Yuta: The younglin who like yourself…is of direct bloodline from the crystal.

Milyah: Nuvea.

Yuta: Yes….it begins.


Narration: At that moment, the crystal shard that Yuta had given to Milyah and Kilyah begins to glow brightly. It is then that the two are shown glimpses of their past. A past where they were first appeared in Hydaelyn. They’re also shown how they grew up together in the Sylph Village. It was shown that Milyah was daughter of the “Crystal of Light” while her twin brother Kilyah was son of the “Crystal of Darkness”.


The next few memories they are shown revolve around their battle with the original Lucavi members one hundred years ago. The Lucavi slaughtered many people in hopes of summoning Ultima, one of the first Primals summoned in Eorzea. Along with a group of adventurers, a ferocious battle took place with the Lucavi. Unfortunately they where unable to defeat the evil cult and after watching their fellow party members perish, watched as Ultima was summoned and began laying waste to the land.

Unleashing a power from within their respective crystals, Milyah and Kilyah battled the powerful primal, but…Ultima was too strong. The only way to defeat the primal was by sealing the primal within a mortal host whose heart was pure. So in turn, Milyah offered up her body allowing Kilyah to use both the power of the Light and Dark crystals to seal Ultima away within Milyah.


From there, Milyah would carry within the essence of the primal and along with her brother disappeared with no record of their location or lives until almost eighty years later. When the two once again appeared in Eorzea with no memory of their past. Lastly the two are shown how they rejoined civilization and how Milyah met one Evo. Milyah witnesses the courtship as well as the marriage between the two of them. She then sees the birth of her daughter and learned that with Nuvea’s birth, some how…Ultima’s essence was passed on to Nuvea making Nuvea the new host for Ultima’s power.

As the power of the crystal shard fades, the shard shatters. Milyah drops to her knees saddened that her daughter is in such a state because of those past events.

Kilyah: The hell was that?!
You’d better start talking scholar.

Yuta: i…I…don’t know.
I just did as the Sharlayan said.

Kilyah: Come on Mily let’s go…Mily?

Milyah: It’s my fault…it’s all my fault.

Yuta: You wanted to know of the past…your past. I gave you exactly what you wanted. Sometimes the past isn’t all roses and butterflies. it can be gruesome and heartbreaking as well.

Kilyah: But…at what cost? Look at her!

Yuta: Like I said…whether your reliving the past or wanting to know your own future…there will always be consequences. If you had known back then what happen today in the present, would you have done anything differently? Sometimes it’s better to just live for the present. That’s all we can do.


Narration: Just there is the sound of a shot being fired. The shot hits the young scholar knocking him to the ground.

Milyah: Yuta!!

Kilyah: Grr…

Imperial Centurion: Troops, I want this place turned inside out. Find any signs of the primal and report back here immediately.

Narration: Yuta, struggling to stay alive, advises the two twins one last time.

Yuta: You….must….go….

Milyah: Go where?

Yuta: Find the ones…the ones that…heed the call of the Echo. The ones that can save….all of Hydaelyn.

Narration: Yuta then passes and suddenly the twins find themselves surrounded by Imperial troops. The Sylphs run amuck, panicking and trying to save and gather as many of their pods as they can. Milyah and Kilyah look around as the troops slaughter the Sylphs.

Imperial Troop: Yaaah!!

Sylph: Ugggh…

Narration: And as loud booms go off in the back ground, Milyah and Kilyah fear this may be the end of their journey.

Kilyah: Looks like this is the end of the road sister.

Milyah: No…we have to do like Yuta said.
Our world….my daughter’s life depends on it.

Narration: Kilyah looks around one more time, and then stands. Milyah looks at Kilyah, curious to what he’s planning. Suddenly Kilyah rushes one of the troops. He then takes on multiple troops causing a big enough distraction long enough for Milyah to escape.

Kilyah: Milyah go!!

Narration: Milyah not wanting to leave her brother along to face the Garleans refuses.

Milyah: No! I won’t leave you!

Kilyah: Grr…dammit Mily don’t argue with me….just go!

Narration: Just then, one of the troops pierces Kilyah’s torso with a lance. Milyah watches in horror knowing all too well that her brother is about to die. Kilyah, grabs hold of the lance and with blood covering him, he yells at Milyah one last time.

Kilyah: Go!! There’s no saving me now….just go!

Narration: Kilyah then takes the lance and swings it around knocking down several troops. Milyah then gets up and runs, but then stops and looks back toward where Kilyah fought the Imperial troops. She begins to tear up as she watches her brother drop to his knees and then several more troops including the high-ranking Centurion officer surround him and stab him several times with their swords, extinguishing the midlander Captain’s life. Before dying, he looks up at Milyah one last time, calling out to her.

Kilyah: Mil…yah….run.

Narration: After watching her brother die, Milyah runs away crying getting as far away from the Sylph village as possible. And once she’s clear of the village and the imperial troops, she stops and breaks down in to tears.


In Ul’dah, Evo makes his way to the Merchant’s ward.

Evogolist: Well this seems to be the place.
The Waking Sands…sounds…welcoming.

Narration: As Evo enters, he is greeted by a pink-haired Dunesfolk lalafell. Along with her are two men, one being someone who Evo has already become familiar with.

Blackburn: See ye’ve finally arrived.

Tataru: Welcome my friend to the Waking Sands.

Narration: As the three look at Evo smiling, welcoming his presence among them, Evo wonders exactly what it is that awaits for him in such a place and prepares himself to learn exactly what is “The Echo”.



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