Chapter 11c: Call of the Echo

Chapter 11c: Call of the Echo


Narration: After battling the Lucavi and defeating them as well as an awakened Ultima, the heroes of Eorzea chose to wipe Nuvea’s memories so that she could live a normal life and have a normal childhood. Afterwards, each adventurer chose to go their own way.

Evogolist, hoping to not only one day get home to Vana’diel also seeks a way to be reunited with Nuvea and so, makes his way to The Waking Sands in Ul’dah’s merchant ward. It was there that he would learn of the unexplainable power known as the Echo. It would also be where Evo would begin to walk a path that could one day help save the lives of many.

A path known as “The Path of the Twelve”.

Minfilia: So, now that you’ve heard an explanation on what the power of the Echo is and have even just recently experienced and witnessed it for yourself are willing to join us and our cause?

Evogolist: Hmm….

Narration: Evo thinks to himself, not sure if he’s ready for such a thing.

Minfilia: Ah, I beg your pardon. It was not my intention to force you into making a decision without allowing you time to consider my words. You are free to explore the building and speak with the others gathered here. When you feel ready to answer my question, visit me again in the Hall of the First Step.

Narration: Just then, Tataru walks in with a mysterious female Miqo’te accompanying her.

Tataru: Lady Minfilia.

Minfilia: Yes? What is it Tataru?

Tataru: This Miqo’te says that she as well carries within her the power of the Echo. She also stated that the Seer of her tribe has a message for you.

Minfilia: Oh….what might that message be?

Narration: The mysterious Miqo’te steps forward, but just as she begins to explain herself….she trips over her own robe.

???: I messenger of the Ala Mihgan Keeper of the Moon Tribe, come with a message from one…..Oh oh…..OWWW!!1 That hurt.

Narration: Everyone looks on confused as to what just happened. And as Tataru helps up the clumsy Miqo’te, Evo instantly recognizes her.

Tataru: Oh my, such clumsiness, are you alright?

???: Yeah…that really hurt though you know.

Evogolist: Huh? Star? StarSabre is that you?

Starsabre: Huh? Depends on who’s asking.

Evogolist: It’s me….Evo.

Starsabre: Huh?

Evogolist: Star!! You remember me!

Starsabre: Of course I remember you silly. Y’shtola, my spirit sister told me all about you.

Narration: As Starsabre continues hugging Evo, Evo hangs his head in disappointment. For a moment he thought that not only was he in the company of someone else from his world, but that he had also found his answer to getting home. The others in the room continue looking on in disbelief, baffled by the events that were taking place.

Minfilia: Um…excuse….the message?

Starsabre: Huh? Message?

Minfilia: The message from your Tribe Seer.

Starsabre: Oh….that message…right…let’s see.

Narration: Star thinks to herself for a minute, trying her best to remember exactly what the Tribe Seer told her.

Minfilia: Um…we’re waiting.

Starsabre: Uh…I forgot. Hehe

Narration: Minfilia places her hand on her head and let’s out a heavy sigh, frustrated by the currents action of one Starsabre.

Minfilia: Ugh…I have a headache now….Tataru if you will…please take care of the rest.

Tataru: Um…yes…..right this way you two.


Narration: From there Tataru, takes the two to be registered and the two are quickly paired together.

Back in the southern parts of the Shroud in the village of Quarrymill, Ruki sits in a room alone tied to a chair.

Ruki: Huh?
Where am I? Hello?! Anybody? Hello?!

???: So I see you finally came to.

Narration: Says the mysterious lancer. Ruki looks up and recognizes the lancer as someone from his past. A past that he thought he had abandoned long ago.

Ruki: You….why? Why am I tied up like this?

???: Like I said Ruki Trevek, you’ve a lot of nerve coming here. And there’s a sin and a few lives that you have to pay for.

Narration: As the lancer stands there, once again holding his lance to Ruki’s throat, Ruki knows all the sins the lancer speaks of.

Not far away, a female Miqo’te and a male Roegadyn do a bit of harvesting.

Zephon: I’m bored…can we go do something fun now?

Caireann: No, not until we finish gathering what we need.

Zephon: Oh, damn you Evo. Had to leave us hanging and go become a family man and all.

Caireann: Geez, you make sound as you hate being with me.

Zephon: Uh….uh…that’s not what I meant. Not what I meant at all.

Caireann: Is that so?

Zephon: Yes…I mean no…I mean….oh….

Caireann: Uh..huh.

Narration: Caire gently punches Zeph on the arm and laughs it off.

Zephon: You hit like a girl.

Caireann: I am a girl….smart ass. Ha, ha, ha!

Narration: Further away, a tired and exhausted Milyah struggles to make her way to Thanlan and suddenly passes out on the ground. Caire and Zeph, who are on their way back spot the unconscious female midlander. They quickly pick her up and rush her back to their home where Caire helps nurse Milyah back to health.

Meanwhile, back in Ul’dah, Evo and Starsabre have finished their registration. Suddenly there’s a bit of commotion taking place inside the Hall of the First Step. When Evo and Star arrive there are three frenzied Sylphs shouting at Milfinia. Unfortunately, Milfinia is unable to make out their words and calls for assistance in translating the words of the Sylphs.


Almxio: Must listen, listen! Terrible tidings! Terrible tidings!

Minfilia: I-I…I apologize, my friends. I do not understand your words.

Minfilia: Brothers! Sisters! Is there anyone here who can speak the language of the sylphs?
Evogolist! Would you be so kind as to use your gift and interpret for us what the sylphs are saying?

Evogolist: Um…Sure

Narration: Evo then takes a few minutes to listen to the words of the three Sylphs.

Almxio: (This one seeks help! Seeks help from the woken ones!)

Zoxio: (This one’s home! This one’s podlings! All in danger! Danger!)

Diluxio: (Metal ones! Metal ones approach the Grove!)

Evogolist: They said that their home is under attack by some…metal ones….? Huh?! What the heck does that mean?

Minfilia: …Metal ones? But that would mean─ Are you quite certain, Evogolist!? Gods, the Empire is attacking their home!

Very well. I shall not stand idly by while the Garleans savage the realm. A rescue party shall be dispatched immediately.

Evogolist, might I ask that you and your Path companion journey ahead to Moonspore Grove and assess the situation for the following party? You need not engage the enemy. Only observe from afar and gather information from any sylphs who may have evaded capture.

Almxio: Many thanks! Many, many thanks!

Zoxio: These ones must return to the Grove. Follow, woken ones! Follow! Follow!

Diluxio: Come and help these ones! Come quickly!

Minfilia: You have my thanks, Evogolist.

Narration: After making the proper preparations, Evogolist and Starsabre set out to assist the three Sylphs. But what dangers await them?



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