Chapter 12a: Save the Sylphs

Final Fantasy XIV: A New Beginning

Chapter 12a: Save the Sylphs


Narration: In an attempt to find out more about their past and their unique abilities, Milyah and Kilyah Crystari, otherwise known as the “Crystal Twins” made their way back to the Sylph village of Moonspore Grove. There they met a young scholar by the name of Yuta Takamoto. Through Yuta’s help and with the remaining power of a crystal shard, the two twins were able to experience their past seeing everything from their birth and childhood to the where they fought against the original members of the Lucavi and their summoned primal Ultima.

Upon defeating the Lucavi, the twins learned that Ultima could not truly be defeated, but instead needed a host pure of heart in order to suppress her powers. And so Milyah became an active host. That decision was not without its consequences as when she met the adventurer Evogolist and be-wed him, she also became impregnated with their daughter Nuvea, thus in turn transferring Ultima’s essence to Nuvea upon birth.

Afterwards, the crystal shard broke and with it the vision ended. Just then the village was invaded by the Garleans. In the process the scholar Yuta was killed, but before dying he disclosed to the twins that they were to find the ones who walked the path of the echo. Before they could leave however, Milyah and Kilyah were surrounded by Imperial troops. Knowing the importance of the mission, Kilyah rushes in and holds the Imperial troops at bay while Milyah escaped. Unfortunately, Kilyah was over powered by the Garleans and would end up losing his life in the process.

Milyah was able to avoid capture by the Garleans, but became tired and exhausted after traveling far. Eventually she was found by two familiar faces and now rests in their home located in the small village of Quarrymill. At first she finds herself dreaming, reliving the moments of her brother’s sacrifice. She then wakes up, sweating heavily yelling for her now deceased brother.

Milyah: Kilyah!!!
Huh? ……..

Narration: Caireann comes running into Milyah’s room.

Caireann: We heard screams, are you okay hun?

Milyah: Caire?
Ugh….where am I?

Caireann: You’re in our home at Quarrymill. What happened to you? Where’s Evo?

Milyah: I..I..don’t know.

Caireann: Hun you called out your brother’s name, is everything alright?

Milyah: He’s…gone.

Caireann: Huh?

Narration: Milyah then removes the sheets from her legs and attempts to stand up. Still feeling weak and exhausting, Milyah almost collapses to the floor. Zeph catches her and both him and Caire help her back to the bed.

Caireann: You need to rest hun.
You’re still too weak to go anywhere.

Milyah: No, I have to. I have to find…

Narration: Milyah once again passes out from exhaustion.

Caireann: Poor thing, I wonder…what happened.


Narration: Over in the Northeastern part of the Shroud near Moonspore Grove, Evo and Starsabre meet up with the Sylphs.

Starsabre: Hey look!! There they are.

Almxio: These ones are betrayed! Betrayed! The forest is angered!

Zoxio: These ones are undone… Undone!

Starsabre: Well….Unless I’ve mistaken─and I’m usually a very good judge of length─these little fellows are far from home. Perhaps they simply couldn’t wait for us to come to them?

Diluxio: Woken ones are too late! Legs, too slow!
The metal ones found the Grove. These ones escaped… Other ones did not…

Starsabre: …Escaped? Then we have come too late? But your glamours─why did they not conceal you?

Almxio: The metal ones use trickery! These ones led them straight to their homes!

Zoxio: These ones try, but little time to hide podlings… If Empire finds little ones, little ones have no hope! None!

Flaxio: Please! Rescue the little ones! Save the podlings!
These ones will use their conjury! These ones will draw the soldiers away!
Woken ones must move unseen! Save the podlings! Return them to these ones!

Evogolist: Er…right….first calm down.
Secondly, Star and I will do whatever it takes to save your home.
Right Star?

Starsabre: Mmhmm….right!

Flaxio: Many thanks! Many thanks! This one shall mark your map!
Now make haste! Woken ones must find the podlings! Find the podlings, and bring the podlings back to these ones!

These ones will weave magicks, but these ones know not how long the metal ones will succumb!

Woken ones must remain hidden! Remain hidden and all is well! Yet if metal ones see, woken ones must run! Run!

Now go!

Narration: From there Evo and Starsabre head out. They do their best to sneak past the imperial troops while the three Sylphs aid them with their magic. There’s one troop, whom they had trouble passing and thus Evo waits for the troop to turn his back and then knocks him unconscious. The two then run further a head until running into a group of troops.

Imperial Troop: Halt! You have no business here.

Evogolist: Let me get this straight, you’re the ones trespassing…yet you’re telling us that we’re not suppose to be here? Now where’s the logic in that? Star….show them what you can do.

Starsabre: Right!

Narration: Star grabs her staff and prepares to use one of her spells….That is until she stops and questions Evo.


Starsabre: Um…umm…umm…what is exactly I’m suppose to do?

Evogolist: Something…anything…just summon something.

Narration: Evo says with a slight grin and a look of concern on his face. Star then conjures up a few rocks and stones and casts it towards the troops. Evo staggers in disbelief and then scolds Star.

Evogolist: What the hell was that?!

Starsabre: Huh? I summoned something.

Evogolist: That was nowhere near summoning. That was you using conjurer to cast a fricking stone spell….and a low-level at that.

Narration: Completely clueless to what Evo is talking about, both Starsabre as well as the Imperial troops stand there dumbfounded and in disbelief.

Evogolist: I mean come on! Where’s Fenrir? Where’s Ramuh? Where’s your favorite….Carby?

Narration: Both Star and the troops begin to laugh whole-heartedly. Evo not knowing that summoners do not exist within the world quickly gets angered.

Evogolist: What the hell are laughing at?!
Come on…get serious!

Starsabre: Ha, ha, ha…I can’t summon silly…only the beastmen can summon primals.

Evogolist: Wait….what? Oh crud.

Narration: As the troops hold Evo and Star at gun point, Evo tries to think of a way to escape. Just then one of the Sylphs cast a blinding spell on the troops. Another Sylph then casts a slow spell on the troops. The last Sylph casts a stun spell hindering the troops from moving. Evo takes full advantage of this and takes out the group of Imperial troops.

Evogolist: Okay…let’s go.

Narration: Says Evo as he and Starsabre make their way to the Sylph village. Upon arriving, they are witness to a gruesome scene. Bodies of the Sylph fill the ground floor.

Starsabre: Oh no….Evo…look at this place.

Narration: Evo looks around and is horrified to see the state of things. He looks and spots non other than Kilyah laying in a pool of blood.

Evogolist: Kilyah!

Narration: Evo runs over and checks on Kilyah, but is hurt and angered to see his brother-in-law dead. Starsabre attempts to cast a raise spell, but Kilyah’s too far gone.

Evogolist: Gaah…..Aaaahh!!

Narration: Evo then lays Kilyah back down on the ground and then looks around to see if he sees Milyah. Unable to spot her, he attempts to call out to her.

Evogollist: Milyah!! Mily where are you?! Milyah!!

Narration: Not far off, more Imperial troops approach the area. One of the Sylphs quickly fly in to warn Evo and Starsabre.

Dokixia: Friend? Come to save podlings? Come to save sylphs?
The metal ones approach! Must take podlings quickly!
This one’s magicks trick the metal ones’ eyes, but not for long. Not for long.
Quick! Quick! Rescuing ones must take the podlings! Take the podlings to the one called Flaxio!The metal ones must not see! Rescuing ones must beware! Beware!

Evogolist: Goodbye my friend.

Narration: Says Evo as he stands and prepares to aid the Sylph in retrieving the podlings and getting them to safety. Outside of the Sylph village, the pair meet up with the Sylph Flaxio.


Flaxio: So kind! So kind! The tribe will live on!
These ones saved many podlings. Many podlings from the Grove.

Starsabre: But for every one we saved, more perished! Many is not enough…

Narration: Evo stands there holding Kilyah’s gun “Death Penalty” in his hand. He fumes as he mourns the lost of a friend, a rival, and….a brother. He only hopes that his wife is somewhere, safe and alive.


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