Special Story: Chapter I – Dance of the Goddess

Final Fantasy XI: Wings of the Goddess

Crystal Prelude

It all begin with a stone……….or so the legend says
In ages past a sentient jewel
Enormous and beautiful banished the darkness
It’s many colored lights filled the world with life
and brought forth mighty Gods.
Bathed in that light the world entered a age of bliss
Until after a time……..
the gods fell into slumber.
That world was called………….VANA’DIEL.

Narration: In the dark and misty terrain of Jugner Forest where everything
from a forest leech to a Orc inhabit and walk amongst the tree’s, you hear faint but heavy breathing.

A cloaked figure runs through.

Behind this figure there are a few yells from several men.

Thief #1: Get her!!

Thief #2: Unless you want to deal with the boss you’d better stop her!!

Snow: Kupo!!

Myriah: Snow……how much further?

Snow: We’re nearing La Thiene Plateau now.

Myriah: Good

Thief #1: How foolish of her.

Thief #2: Yeah the plateau is an open area.
There’s no where for her to hide.

Narration: As the two pursuers continue their pursuit of the cloaked woman, the woman reveals that she’s no fool at all.

Chabu-Wabu: Lady Myriah where are you?
Your show will be starting soon.

Myriah: Give me a break Chabu.
I’m a little busy at the moment.

Chabu-Wabu: But my lady…….

Myriah: Don’t worry Chabu I’ll make it in time.

Thief #1: There’s nowhere to hide now girl.
Give it up.

Myriah: Damn they’re getting close.

Thief #2: We’ve got you now.

Myriah: How about a little jig.

Thief #2: Huh?

Thief #1: Dammit!!

Narration: At that moment the cloaked woman whose name is Myriah disappears from the two thieves’ sight via the dancer job ability Spectral Jig and she continues to make her way to her destination.

Thief #1: The boss ain’t gonna be too happy about this one Biggs.

Biggs: Yeah I know Wedge.

Wedge: Hey let’s grab a choco and head on to San d’Oria.
Who knows maybe we can catch one of them dancers at the Lions Spring Pub.

Biggs: It’s Lion’s Spring Tavern you stupid dolt!!

Narration: Wedge looks up past his partner Biggs and spots the notorious monster Bloodtear Baldruff.

Wedge: Uh……Biggs?

Biggs: Yeah?!



Narration: As the two pursuers become the pursued, Myriah looks on with laughter as she’s relieved that she can now travel in peace……….or so she thought.

Chabu-Wabu: Lady Myriah!!
The crowd is getting restless.
You need to get here immediately!!

Myriah: Oh…..alright!!
How much longer before the show starts?

Chabu-Wabu: My lady……….The show began 15 minutes ago.

Myriah: Damn……Guess I’d better use this Kingdom stables collar.

Narration: Myriah uses the Kingdom stables collar which teleports the dancer from La Thiene Plateau to the San d’Orian Chocobo Stables, but she just so happens to land on a nearby adventurer whom just so happens to have teleported to the chocobo stables himself.

Adventurer: Eh gad!
What is the meaning of this?!

Myriah: Sorry……..gotta go.

Adventurer: Why you?!!!

Myriah: Chabu….start the introductions.

Chabu-Wabura: But my lady?

Myriah: Just do it!

Narration: At the Lion’s Spring Tavern the crowd is becoming very rowdy and impatient due to the long wait.

Audience member: Booo!!
What’s the bloody hold up?!

Chabu-Wabura: Calm down……Calm down.

Myriah: And now for my Grand Entrance.

Narration: As Chabu-Wabura introduces the dancer, the crowd looks on in awe as
Myriah makes a dazzling grand entrance. And not a bad one if I do say
so myself.

<Final Fantasy XI: Online title appears>
Scene moves to Aht Urghan Whitegate

Narration: Halfway across the globe in the empire of Aht Urghan, there is a place which has come to be called DV Corner, home of the mighty Divine Valor. A group of some of Vana diel’s elite adventurers.

Raigon: Kairie!!
For the last time………
No you can not come with me!!!

Kairie: Aww…….come on Rai please?
If it were Tao-Tao he’d let me come.

Raigon: Then go be with Tao-Tao……..grrr…….Dammit
I mean Taolos.

Kairie: Please?!

Raigon: No.

Kairie: Please?!!

Raigon: Dammit Kairie No!!!

Kairie: Don’t yell at me you stupid fucktard!!
And fine………I’m not gonna beg you.
You can just go on ahead without lil ole Kairie.
I’ll just……….

Raigon: Kairie. -.-

Kairie: I’ll just……..

Raigon: Kairie…….-.-

Kairie: Go to my room and cry!!

Raigon: Dammit Kairie!!! >.<

Kairie: What?!!

Raigon: You……you……you can come.

Kairie: Ooooh……..thank you, thank you,,,,,,thank you!

Raigon: Kairie don’t blow it.

Kairie: Oh yeah right…….I’m sorry.
I’ll go pack my things now.

Narration: As Kairie rushes off, unbeknownst to Raigon, someone else was listening and watching from the shadows.

Sirdonis: Man O’man Rai does she have you on a short lease.

Raigon: Huh……oh hey Sird.

Sirdonis: Okay either you’ve fallen for Kairie or something’s bothering you. And since I highly doubt that you’ve fallen for Kairie…….what’s bothering you?

Raigon: It’s nothing really.
I’m going back home for a bit to take care of some business.
I’m just hoping that everything will be okay while I’m gone.

Sirdonis: Hey trust me you have nothing to worry about.
With me as one of the leaders of DV everything will be fine.

Raigon: Thanks Sird I needed that.

Sirdonis: So does everyone else know?

Raigon: Nope not really.
Just you, Kairie, and Rob.

Sirdonis: You are gonna tell them right?

Raigon: Of course.
Gee you make it sound as if I’m leaving for good.

Sirdonis: Well you know Rai……..things do happen.

Raigon: Ha, Ha, Ha………true, but I’ll be fine.
I am the leader of the best linkshell in Vanadiel.
No use of me being leader if I can’t handle a couple of mobs.

Sirdonis: Indeed…….
Well I’d better get going.

Narration: As Sirdonis turns and walks away he has somewhat of a
devilish smirk on his face. What does Sirdonis have planned?

Elsewhere in Rolanberry Fields, Evogolist now known as Nephrial and his sister Zeriah now live a peaceful life or at least try.

Zeriah: Nephy……..Nephy!!

Nephrial: You know………you’re lucky you’re my sister.

Zeriah: Blah, blah, blah……..the chocobos need to be fed and it’s your turn.

Nephrial: Alright….Alright!

Zeriah: After you finish could you run to Jeuno and do a little marketing?

Nephrial: But…….

Zeriah: No buts………unless you wanna starve.


Stagga: Hey guys…….

Nephrial: Stagga!! Hey bud.

Zeriah: Hello Stagga.

Nephrial: Okay enough with the formalities.

Stagga: Huh? O.o

Zeriah: Nephy!!
Nephrial you come back here!!

Stagga: Umm…..Dude you sure that was okay?
I mean……she seemed pretty pissed.

Nephrial: Naw…..she’ll be fine.

Stagga: You sure?

Narration: While looking back towards the farm, Stagga notices an angry Zeriah yelling in disgust towards Nephrial.

Zeriah: Ooooh Nephy………you dirty rotten good for nothing……..!!!!

Stagga: Umm….yeah right.

Narration: Back at Divine Valor Corner, Raigon and Kairie prepare for their departure.

Raigon: Well I’m all packed and ready.
What about you Kairie? Kairie?
Kairie what the fuck?!!!

Narration: Raigon spots Kairie with an overstuffed gobbiebag full of clothes, items, and weapons. And at some point you can even hear her mog house moogle.

Kairie: Rai….don’t just stand there.
Help me.

Eveie: Hey Rai……..Hey Kairie.
I see the two of you are finally going to tie the knot.

Raigon: Dammit Eves you take that back!!!

Eveie: Whoa……Rai take it easy.
God it was just a joke.
So where you two off to.

Kairie: No where special just Rai’s hometown.

Eveie: Oooh really?

Kairie: Yeah
<whispers> I think he’s gonna finally pop the question.

Raigon: Hey Kairie do you mind?!
This is your junk.

Kairie: Hold your chocobos will ya!!

Raigon: Grr……..

Narration: After saying farewell to their friends, Raigon and Kairie set off on their journey to Raigon’s home in the Sanctuary of Zi’tah. The journey is a long one indeed as hours turn to days.

Days later elsewhere……

Zeriah: Neprhrial!!!

Nephrial: Huh?

Narration: Nephrial goes to jump up and bumps his head on a shelf.

Nephrial: Ouch!

Zeriah: Nephy how dare you leave your clothes lying around the house after I just cleaned.

Nephrial: Gee…….I’m sorry.
I’ll get them later. Did you really have to scream like that?
I thought a Ochu was attacking us again.

Zeriah: Well I wouldn’t have to if my back from the dead brother wasn’t such a slob.

Narration: At that moment Stagga once again enters and finds himself in the middle of an argument between Nephrial and Zeriah.

Stagga: Hey guys……Oh no not again.

Nephrial: Come on Stag let’s go.

Stagga: Whoa!!

Narration: Once again Nephrial uses his best friend Stagga as a way to escape Zeriah’s wrath.
While traveling Nephrial and Stagga converse a little and plan on what to do for the day.

Stagga: So you and Z at it again huh?
It’s amazing how some things never change.

Nephrial: Yeah….I guess not.
So any luck getting back?

Stagga: No…….I tried every Cavernous Maw, but none of them takes me back to my world.

Nephrial: Don’t worry Stagg, we’ll get you back.

Stagga: Thanks Nephrial.
So where are we going today?

Nephrial: What’s the name of that pub in Southern San d’Oria?

Stagga: You mean the Lion’s Spring Tavern?

Nephrial: Yeah that one.

Stagga: Why there?

Nephrial: There’s a new dancer in town.

Stagga: A dancer?

Nephrial: Yeah her name is Myriah.

Stagga: Myriah huh?

Narration: Back in Southern San d’Oria, the Lion’s Spring Tavern is packed as men
crowd the tavern to see the newest sight in town.

Chabu-Wabura: Ladies and Gentlemen gather together as the Lion’s Spring Tavern brings
to you the most beautiful sight on this side of Vanadiel………..

Put your hands together and give a great big welcome to The Lady Myriah.

Narration: The tavern boasts with roars and cheers as Myriah takes the stage and gives a beautiful performance. As the show comes to a close, the crowd begs for an encore but due to scheduling issues the beautiful dancer must call it a night.

Unbeknowist to Myriah, the night has only just begun.

Chabu-Wabura: Lady Myriah…….Lady Myriah that was quite a performance you put on.

Myriah: I don’t know Chabu……..
Something was off.

Chabu-Wabura: Huh? I don’t understand.
Everything seemed perfect.

Myriah: Then why do I get the feeling that something horrible is about to happen.

Narration: Somewhere deep in the depths of Uleguerand Range, an evil presence begins to manifest.

Darklord #1: Pathetic mortals……..
Even with the help of the Kindred they fail.

Darklord #2: The Galka……
The Zilart……
Even the twilight god Promathia…….

Darklord #3: Then perhaps it’s time that the kindred handle things themselves.

Darklord #4: Yes perhaps it is.

Narration: An evil laughter echoes throughout the area as the demon darklords prepare to awaken the entity that is known as theĀ “True Kindred”.

Elsewhere, Raigon and Kairie arrive in the Sanctuary of Zi’tah.

Kairie: Are we there yet?

Raigon: Almost.

Kairie: Oooh Rai how much longer?

Raigon: I said we’re almost there, now hush or do you wanna wake the golem.

Kairie: You don’t have to yell…….
<sigh> Oh Rai I’m tired.

Raigon: Why did you even bother to come?
You’re just holding me back.

Kairie: Fine.

Raigon: Huh?

Kairie: Just go Rai! You said I’m holding you back so just go. I’ll find my own way home.

Raigon: Grr……..Dammit Kairie this is no time to be acting like a spoiled brat. You know more than anyone this place isn’t a good rest stop.

Kairie: Why do you care?
A monster might as well come eat me now!!

Narration: Not heeding Raigon’s warnings Kairie unknowingly wakes a nearby sleeping golem whom makes its way to the two and prepares to strike.

Raigon: Shit…
Kairie move!!!

Narration: Raigon pushes Kairie out-of-the-way as the stone golem attempts to nearly take Kairie’s head.

Kairie: Raigon you jerk!!!
You almost killed me!!

Raigon: Dammit!!!
Kairie are you a complete idiot?! I just saved your life.

Kairie: Whadda mean saved my life?! Look at me covered in……..

Narration: Kairie finally takes notice of the Stone golem as it’s shadow covers over top of her.

Kairie: Aaah!!! Raigon save me!!

Raigon: Nope……
I almost killed you remember.

Kairie: Come on Rai get serious.

Raigon: Serious huh……..
I’m always serious. Shield bash!!

Narration: The Stone Golem roars then uses his special ability Crystal shield to protect himself followed by his Crystal Weapon attack.

Kairie: Rai!!
Healer’s Roll!!

Raigon: Thanks Kairie.
Okay now for you to die! Knights of the Round!

Narration: The attack damages the golem but doesn’t kill him. Raigon is shocked to see it still standing.

Raigon: Huh?

Stone Golem: Rawwrr!!!

Raigon: Still alive eh

Kairie: Rai watch out!!

Narration: As the stone golem attempts to rid himself of the elvaan knight the young mithran girl Kairie jumps in and takes the hit causing her to be knocked unconscious.

Raigon: Huh? Kairie?!
Grr……Grand Destruction!!!

Narration: With a burst of anger Raigon uses all of his power and strikes down the golem for good. Raigon then looks down and then sees how badly hurt his friend Kairie is.

Raigon: Kairie…..

Kairie: Rai……D….d…..did we get him?

Raigon: Yeah……
Yeah Kairie we got him.

Kairie: Rai…..I’m……tired.

Raigon: I know Kairie…….I know.

Narration: The rest of the journey is pretty smooth as Raigon carries Kairie to a hidden
village in Zi’tah.

Elsewhere, Nephrial and Stagga arrive in San d’Oria only to be disappointed to find out that Myriah has cancelled tonight’s show.

Stagga: What?!!
Are you serious? No Show til tomorrow?!

Bartender: I’m very sorry sir.
Due to scheduling issues The Lady Myriah will not be performing until tomorrow.

Nephrial: Hey Stagg don’t look so bummed.
Let’s just get a couple of drinks and head home.
We can just catch her show tomorrow.


Nephrial: Stagg……Hey bro you okay?

Stagga: Hey Neph look.

Narration: As Nephrial and Stagga look down the alleyway, they notice that something suspicious is taking place. And then they hear a scream……

Myriah: Aaah!!
Somebody help me!!

Biggs: Stop that screaming and shut your trap before I shut it for you.

Wedge: Hey Biggs, we got company.

Nephrial: Hey you!!

Biggs: Take care of them.

Wedge: No problem.

Nephrial: Huh? Biggs? Wedge?

Biggs: What the?

Wedge: How do you know our names?

Nephrial: It’s me Evo…..
I mean…I look different a little different and all but……

Well if it isn’t Evogolist, the traitor. I don’t know how it is you became a Elvaan, but you really should learn to mind your own business.

Shinra: Yeah, it’s rude to meddle in other people’s affairs.

Nephrial: Really? Well it’s rude to take defenseless women against their own will.
Stagga, go after Biggs and get Myriah back.
I’ll handle these knuckle heads.

Stagga: Okay.

Narration: As Stagga runs off to rescue Myriah, Nephrial prepares to battle the thieves Wedge and Shinra. The three trade blow for blow, but the two thieves realize that they are no match for the bluemage elvaan.

Wedge: You’re quite the bold one aren’t you boy?
Gust Slash!

Nephrial: What the….?!

Wedge: Huh?

Nephrial: Gust slash? Why the hell would you use something as weak as Gust Slash?


Shinra: Alright smart ass, try this on for size.
Shark Bite!!

Narration: Nephrial makes an effortless attempt to negate the two attacks and then prepares to finish off the two thieves.

Nephrial: Meh……
Good, but not good enough.

Wedge: Aaah!

Shinra: What are you?!

Wedge: Let’s go!

Nephrial: That was too easy.
I wonder how Stagga is holding up.

Narration: As the thief Biggs made his escape with Myriah in tow, Stagga made sure to stay close behind him.

Stagga: Slow down will ya!

Biggs: Cool it gypsy or I’ll toss you from this chocobo.

Myriah: Gypsy?! How dare you call me a gypsy!! I’m a dancer!!
Snow, a little help here!!

Biggs: Huh?
Hey who the hell are you talking to?

Myriah: Snow?!

Snow: Kupo!!

Biggs: What the hell?! A moogle?!

Snow: Kupo…kupo!!

Stagga: Huh?
What’s going on up there?

Snow: Kupo.

Biggs: Is this thing gonna kupo me to death or something?

Myriah: Snow, show him what you can do.

Snow: Kupo!!

Biggs: Huh?

Snow: Take this….kupo
take that….kupo
And this and this and this and……

Biggs: Aaahhh……get this thing off of me!!

Stagga: Uh…okay he’s being bitch slapped by….a…moogle? O.o

Biggs: Oh god make it stop.
I give up.

Myriah: And now my turn.

Stagga: Uh….guess she doesn’t need my help after all.

Myriah: Huh?
Stay back or do you want to be next?!

Stagga: Huh?
Whoa…whow…I’m on your side!!

Myriah: On my side?

Stagga: Yeah, I was coming to rescue you, but seems like you have everything under control.

Myriah: So you thought that I was just a helpless woman waiting for her knight in shining armor to come and save her didn’t you?

Stagga: Uh…actually…yeah.

Myriah: Hate to burst your bubble hero, but I’m no damsel in distress.
Come on Snow, let’s go.

Stagga: Geez…you try to help a woman out nowadays and they kick you right in the nuts.

Narration: The following day, Kairie awakens in an unfamiliar place.
Unaware of the events that took place the day before, Kairie is a little frightened assuming the worst has happened to Raigon.

Kairie: Where am I?
And what the hell hit me?

Coran: My Lady, you are finally awake.

Kairie: Huh?
What the hell?! Who the hell are you?!

Coran: Calm down my lady, I am Coran.
I’ve been watching over you since the lord brought you here.

Narration: Kairie shudders at the thought of a strange old man watching over her.

Kairie: Umm….right….
Where exactly is here?

Raigon: Here is the actual Sanctuary of Zi’tah.

Kairie: Rai!! You’re alive!

Narration: Screams Kairie as she jumps up and runs to give Raigon a hug.

Raigon: Yeah.

Kairie: What happened?

Raigon: You were knocked unconscious by the golem that attacked us.
After I killed it, I brought you here.

Kairie: So…is this your home?

Raigon: Yes.

Coran: My lord, your father wishes a audience with you.

Raigon: Thank you Coran.
Please inform my father that I’ll be there shortly.

Coran: Yes my lord.

Narration: As Coran, the Sanctuary’s Stewart leaves, Kairie unleashes her curious side and tries her best to delve deep into Raigon’s story.

Kairie: Rai, what happened?
Why did you leave this place?

Raigon: It’s a long story.

Kairie: I have time.

Raigon: Well……

Narration: Just as Raigon is about to tell his story, Coran returns with another request from Raigon’s father.

Coran: My lord, your father askes for you immediately.

Raigon: Yes, thank you.
Well Kairie, guess it’ll have to wait till later.

Kairie: Later?! Hey! Rai!
<sigh> Alright fine. Was probably boring anyway.

Raigon: Come with me Coran.

Coran: Yes my lord.

Narration: On their way to the main hall, Raigon questions Coran about the seriousness of his father’s request to see him.

Raigon: So Coran, what’s going on exactly?
Why would my father call me home so suddenly?

Coran: Can’t a father call his only home simply just because he misses him?

Raigon: Coran….
This is my father we’re talking about.

Coran: Ha, ha, ha….
I do suppose you’re right my dear young lord.

Raigon: So what’s going on?

Coran: I can’t say much my lord, but it has something to do with the protocrystal of thunder.

Raigon: The protocrystal?

Coran: Yes, something is horribly wrong.

Narration: The worst has yet to come as Raigon makes his way to his father’s chamber. In Castle Zvahl Keep, the dark lords prepare to awaken the kindred. Could this the world of Vana’diel be in for a fate worse than anything ever before?

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