Special Story: Chapter 2: Dark Betrayal

Final Fantasy XI: Wings of the Goddess
Chapter 2: Dark Betrayal

Narration: Just as things seemed to be looking up and peace was once again restored to the land of Vana’diel, a dark shroud has taken cover over the sky of Vana’diel.

Elsewhere, the team of Divine Valor continues on their adventures without their leader Raigon There’s only one problem…

….Things aren’t so great in the D.V. Camp.

Rob: Sird, I don’t think you understand the importance of this situation.

Sirdonis: What’s there to understand….
Everyone’s happy right?

Rob: Maybe so, but I’ve been doing some calculations and our funds are lower than usual and what funds we do have are unbalanced. Not to mention there’s about 800k still unaccounted for.

Sirdonis: I assure you Rob, there’s nothing to worry about. I will check into it.

Rob: You’ll check into?

Sirdonis: Yes…is there a problem?

Rob: Hmm…No…no problem at all.

Narration: As Rob walks away, an angry and unsettled Sirdonis contacts the mithran assassin of the group, Eveie.

Sirdonis: Eveie…

Eveie: Yes?

Sirdonis: I need you to take care of a job for me.

Eveie: A job? What kind of job?

Sirdonis: Let’s just say that someone knows a little too much.

Narration: As Sirdonis plots an assassination attempt on Rob…the hume blackmage secretly listens outside of the room.

Back in Rolanberry Fields, Zeriah wakes up to a huge surprise.

Zeriah: Oh my god.

Nephrial: Good morning sis.

Narration: Zeriah is shocked and surprised to see the entire house spick and span clean.

Zeriah: Nephy….what is all of this?

Nephrial: Hey!! What’s that suppose to mean?

Zeriah: Nothing….
Just surprised that you actually cleaned…and…cooked.
Is this safe to eat?

Nephrial: Surprised huh? And yes that’s safe to eat. Just wait until you taste dinner.

Narration: In the depths of Uleguerand Range, the darklords of the Kindred begin the ceremony to awaken the “True Kindred”.

Darklord #1: We the darklords of the kindred have come here today to awaken the “True Kindred”.

Darklord #2: Yes…
We call upon those who brought upon wrath…

Darklord #3: ….Chaos…

Darklord #4: …and Destruction.

Darklord #1: Return to us oh great Kindred and purge the world from all of which is pure and good.

Narration: As the darklords finish the enchantment to awaken the “True Kindred”, the entire land of Vana’diel begins to shake.

Darklord #4: Yes…it’s working.

Narration: In the Sanctuary of Zi’tah…

Kairie: Rai! What’s going on?!

Raigon: I don’t know!

Narration: In Rolanberry Fields….

Nephrial: Zee get down!!

Zeriah: Nephy!!

Narration: At D.V. Headquarters….

Rob: What the hell?!

Motokochan: It feels like the whole world is shaking!

Sirdonis: Aero! What’s going on?!

Aerogamis: Scanners are showing something enormous up in the Northlands.

Sirdonis: The Northlands?

Eveie: That place again?

Sirdonis: Here’s the plan…
Relight, Aero, and Gala come with me. The rest of you stand by just in case.

Rob: Wait a minute?
Who made you leader?

Sirdonis: Got a problem…
I suggest you take it out with Rai.

Relight: Give him a break Rob. We’re just gonna go check things out then come back. If we need you then we’ll call you.

Rob: Fine, but first sign of trouble…you call right away.

Sirdonis: Fine by me.

Narration: Back in the Sanctuary of Zi’tah….

Coran: My lord are you alright?

Raigon: I’m fine.
Kairie are you alright?

Kairie: I…I…think so.
Rai what just happened?

Raigon: I don’t know.

Narration: Just then Arcner, retainer for Raigon’s father comes running in to check on everyone.

Arcner: Coran! Young Lord! Are you okay?

Coran: Yes, I do believe that we are all fine.

Raigon: Kairie?

Arcner: Lord Raigon, your father requests your immediate attention.

Raigon: Come on Kairie.

Kairie: Huh? Oh right?

Raigon: Kairie?! What the….?!

Kairie: Hey I wanted to be prepared just incase another one came.

Narration: Raigon and the others look on in awe as the young mithran girl walks pass covered in full Sand’Orian Knight armor.

Back in Uleguerand Range, the entity known as the “True Kindred” begins to awaken.

Darklord #3: Did it work?

Darklord #1: Of course it worked.

Darklord #2: Look!

Darklord #4: The crystal is resonating.

Narration: Somewhere along the outskirts of Xarcabard, a shadowy figure awakens from their long nap.

Shadowbane: Meeooowww…..
What’s with all the racket?
And why is it so cold?

Evil Eye: So you’ve finally awaken.

Shadowbane: Huh?

Evil Eye: The demon lords want everyone to gather in Castle Zhval.

Shadowbane: Is this thing talking to me?

Evil Eye: What are you doing?
Move it you worthless shadow!!

Shadowbane: Just who do yer think yer talkin to? Huh?

Evil Eye: Why you disobedient shadow!

Shadowbane: Rawr!!
Why do you keep calling me a shadow?!
Get away from me you stupid eye!!

Narration: Not aware of her current form nor her past as the shadow warrior Shadowbane, Silvermane strikes down the Evil Eye and then makes her way back to the last place she remembers being.

Silvermane: Guess I’d better head back to Headquarters before I have to listen to one of Lunaris’ lectures.

Still curious as to how I got out here though.

Narration: Meanwhile back in the Sanctuary of Zi’tah….

Duke Tyreven: Raigon…my son.

Raigon: Father what’s going on?

Duke Tyreven: Raigon, the reason I called you back home was because the protocrystal has been showing very strange signs as of late.

Raigon: Wow…and here I was beginning to think that you actually missed me.

Narration: Raigon leans over and whispers to Coran.

Raigon: Told you so.
Look it’s probably nothing, I wouldn’t doubt it if some summoner screwed up and got himself killed.

Duke Tyreven: Raigon, listen to me.
As my successor, you are the guardian of the protocrystal and this Sanctuary that of which is holy to our people.

Raigon: Fine.
I’ll check into it.
Let’s go Kairie.

Duke Tyreven: Raigon, take some of my guards with you.
Arcner…go with him.

Arcner: Yes my lord.

Narration: Back in Uleguerand Range…

True Kindred: We are the Kindred.
Why have you awakened us?

Darklord #1: We the five darklords, have summoned thee to rid the world of all that is good and righteous.

True Kindred: Good…Righteous?
We despise good and righteous.
We sense the imbalance in the darkness.

Darklord #5: Yes, the Vana’dielians have….

True Kindred: Silence!!
You have failed.
And so we have no use for the likes of you.

Darklord #1: Wait….No! Aaah!!!

Narration: With a powerful beam of light, the True Kindred annihilates the five darklords.
What happens next could destroy many lives.

True Kindred: We have no use for the failures.
We the True Kindred, shall take things back.
Take things into our hands.
Our essence into the bodies of others.
Through them…the world will be ours again.

Narration: All of a sudden what once used to be a shrine to the True Kindred, shatters and their plan begins to take shape.

Aerogamis: Sird!!

Relight: Sirdonis are you okay?

Sirdonis: Mmm…huh?
Oh…I’m fine.

Narration: Says Sird as he holds his head trying to gather himself.

Aerogamis: What just happened?

Sirdonis: I…I…don’t know.

Relight: Should we get you some medical help?

Sirdonis: No…no I’m fine.

Aerogamis: But Sird?!

Sirdonis: I said I’m fine!!
Now go get ready.
We got Sky run in a hour.

Relight: Sky run? But what about the situation up North?

Sirdonis: Forget about it.
It was probably nothing anyway.

Relight: Huh?

Sirdonis: Look, don’t question me alright!
I run this damn linkshell now understand!

Relight: Since when?
Last I recall, you were just a unit leader.

Sirdonis: Is that so?
Then maybe it’s time to for a change.

Galadrial: Sird.

Narration: The members of Divine Valor become infected with the evil essence of the True Kindred via the Elvaan Sirdonis.

Back in the Sanctuary of Zi’tah, unaware of what has happened to his teammates and friends, Raigon prepares to make his way to the thunder protocrystal, but all isn’t what it seems.

Arcner: My Lord, are you ready to depart?

Raigon: Yes.
Let me check with Kairie.
Kairie you ready? Kairie? Kairie?

Kairie: Huh?

Raigon: Kairie…you okay?

Kairie: Yeah…I’m fine…just a little tired.

Raigon: Maybe you should stay here then.

Kairie: Yes…maybe I should.

Raigon: Wow Kairie, that sounds nothing like you.

Arcner: My lord, we must go.

Raigon: Right…later Kai.

Kairie: Huh? Rai wait?!
Don’t you know when I’m joking?

Raigon: Grrr…Dammit Kairie!!

Narration: With the True Kindred awaken, what could this possibly mean for Vana’diel’s future?


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