Special Story: Chapter 3: Demons Unleashed…Gods revealed.

Final Fantasy XI: Wings of The Goddess

Chapter 3 – Demons Unleashed…Gods revealed


Narration: With the awakening of the True Kindred, what once seemed like a time of peace, may very well soon become a time of chaos.

Elsewhere, a group of lowlife thieves must own up to their failure to capture the beautiful dancer Myriah.

Biggs: Lord Laeger, I assure you…we had her, but there was some interference.

Laeger: interference, huh?

Shinra: Yeah, boss….some interferance.

Laeger: You fools!
I told you to bring me the dancer and not only do you come back empty-handed, but then you dishonor me with this non-sense.

Wedge: But, sir…there was a bluemage who claimed to be Evogolist.

Laeger: Evogolist, huh?

Biggs: Yes sir.

Laeger: I guess I can’t be too upset.
Surely Evogolist is too much for the likes of you bumbling fools…
Especially if he’s a bluemage.

Biggs: Uhh….there was something else.

Laeger: Really?
Enlighten me.

Biggs: The dancer had a…. Moogle

Laeger: What?! A moogle?!

Wedge: But sir….

Laeger: Get out of my sight and don’t come back until you have the dancer!

Narration: On their way out, Shinra and Wedge scold Biggs for mentioning the moogle.

Shinra: Biggs you idiot.
Why’d you mention the moogle?

Biggs: Well Wedge mentioned Evo.

Wedge: Think about it, Evogolist makes more sense than the stupid moogle.

Shinra: Come on.
I have an idea.

Narration: With a sinister look on his face, Shinra along with Biggs and Wedge begin to scheme their latest plot.

In Jeuno, the dancer Myriah performs at the Merry Minstrel Meadhouse. Also in her company just so happens to be Nephrial and Stagga.


Stagga: You know Neph, I’m still a little taken back by this new look of yours.

Nephrial: I know, it’s still a little difficult for me as well.
Sometimes it feels like the real owner of this body is still alive and trying to take it back.

Stagga: Does it worry you that the real Nephrial will take over one day?

Nephrial: Yeah…
All the time.

Stagga: If you could go back to your original body, would you?

Nephrial: Hmm….

Narration: Nephrial thinks heavy on the question. On hand, Neph would love for nothing more than to go back to his original body….back to Evo. But on the other, he knows that by doing so he would lose all the power granted to him and fears that he wouldn’t be able to control his blue mage powers as Evogolist.

Just then Myriah has finished her set and makes her way over to where Nephrial and Stagga sit.

Nephrial: Hey look!
You have an audience.

Stagga: Huh? Myriah?

Myriah: Hi….
Give me five minutes.

Stagga: Huh?

Nephrial: Sounds like you have a date buddy.

Stagga: See…still the same ol’ Evo.

Narration: Five minutes later…

Myriah: Hey you two.

Stagga: Hello.

Nephrial: Well, well…If it isn’t the Lady Myriah.

Myriah: So you two are the ones that rescued me?

Stagga: Wow…whoa…Are we having a memory lapse or something?
If I can remember correctly, you didn’t need any rescuing.

Myriah: Yeah…um…sorry about that.
I just wanted to say….thank you.

Stagga: So who were those guys?

Myriah: Biggs, Wedge, and Shinra.
They’re a band of thieves under the leadership of a guy named Laeger.

Nephrial: Laeger…

Myriah: You know him?

Nephrial: Yeah…
Back doing his days with the Tenshodo.

Myriah: In that case, how about the two of you become my bodyguards?

Stagga: Umm….I don’t know.

Myriah: How about for 300k….a piece?

Nephrial: You got a deal.

Stagga: Now how about that moogle of yours?

Narration: At Divine Valor Headquarters, Sirdonis meets with Verik to discuss future plans for the group.


Sirdonis: Verik, I’m glad that you came.

Verik: So what’s up?
Why did you need to see me?

Sirdonis: I’m feeling good today.

Verik: Huh?

Sirdonis: I think it’s time for a few changes around here.

Verik: What do you mean?

Sirdonis: Gather the troops V!
I think it’s about time that we separate the boys…from the men.

Verik: Hmm….
Yes sir.

Narration: The events that follow change the lives of the Divine Valor members. With the help of the True Kindred, Sirdonis spreads the evil essence of the True Kindred to those who emerge victorious from the Trials and then create a pseudo group known as Divine Valors.

Elsewhere in D.V. Headquarters, Rob tries his best to defend himself from the attacks of the mithran assassin Eveie.

Rob: Dammit Eveie, what has gotten into you?!
Stonega III!!

Eveie: Rawrr!!
I have orders to eliminate you.
Now come face me and die like the coward you are!

Rob: She’s too fast.
I gotta think of a way to out smart her.
Raigon….hurry back.

Narration: Elsewhere deep in The Boyahda Tree, Raigon and Kairie make their way to the thunder protocrystal.

Zi’tah Soldier: Lord Arcner we’re almost to the cloister.

Arcner: Understood.
Lord Raigon sir, once we reach the cloister my guards and I can no longer follow.
Are you sure you’ll be okay?

Raigon: Yes…
Thank you Arcner.

Zi’tah Guard: My lord we are here.

Arcner: Very well.
Good luck my lord.

Raigon: Alright Kairie, let’s go.

Kairie: Huh?
Oh sorry.

Raigon: Umm…Kairie are you okay?

Kairie: Yeah….
Yeah I’m fine.

Raigon: Hmm…

Narration: Raigon, realizing that she’s been acting weird since they left becomes suspicious of Kairie’s state of mind.

Arcner: My lord, perhaps it’s best if she waits outside with us.

Raigon: I agree.
Kairie, you stay here and I’ll be right back.

Kairie: Right…
Stay here….be right back.

Raigon: Err…right.
Arcner, take good care of her.

Arcner: Will do my lord.

Narration: Back in Jeuo…..

Stagga: So why are these thieves after you?

Myriah: To tell you the truth…I honestly don’t know.
This Laeger guy shows up to one of my shows and the next thing I know he’s trying to kidnap me.

Nephrial: Hmm….

Stagga: So what do you think Neph? Neph?

Nephrial: Hold on….
Something’s going on outside.

Narration: Outside of the pub, there seems to be a lot of commotion as people run through the town screaming of a horrible menance.


Wolfgang: What in the Goddess is going on here?

Zauko: Sir, the beastmen from that shop have suddenly gone mad.

Wolfgang: Damn…
I knew those goblins couldn’t be trusted.

Brutus: Captain Wolfgang!

Wolfgang: What is it Brutus?

Brutus: The chocobos have gone mad.

Wolfgang: What in the name of Altana is going on here?

Narration: In front of the Neptune’s Spire, Aldo fights off a member of the Tenshodo who lost his mind and attempted to attack Verena and the other Tenshodo members.

Aldo: Verena! Stay back!

Wolfgang: Aldo! What is the meaning of this outrage?!

Aldo: One of my men has gone insane.

Narration: Nephrial, Stagga, and Myriah look on as they witness the people of Jeuno without any warning going mad.

Stagga: Myriah, you’d better stay inside.
Neph what’s going on?

Nephrial: Everyone in the city is somehow going berserk.

Fishheads: <Hiss>
Die mortal!!

Stagga: Neph look out!!

Nephrial: Huh?

Narration: While trying to avoid hurting the mithra known as Fishheads, Neph casts the low level blu spell Sprout Smack knocking the mithra to the ground and unconscious. Suddenly more come running towards Neph and Stagga.

Stagga: Look!
Here come more!

Narration: Back in Uleguerand Range, the True Kindred watches as their evil essence spreads and their plan takes shape.

True Kindred: Ah….yes it has begun.

Narration: Just then the True kindred sense a power that is familiar, but unlike their own.

True Kindred: Huh…?
What is this? It is him….
The Warrior of light…
He shall be no match for us….the True Kindred.

Narration: Over in the Empire fo Aht Urghan, things seem to be just as bad.

Imperial Soldier: Lady Najelith, Al Zhabi is under siege by all three beastmen forces.

Lady Najelith: Head to the capital and speak with Naji Saleem, we need as many volunteer forces as we can get.

Imperial Soldier: Yes ma’am.

Narration: As the Imperial soldier sets out to request more reinforcements, The five serpent generals stand in Al Zhabi preparing to face the oncoming hordes.

General Zazarg: So….you ready girlie?

General Najelith: Looks as if I have no choice.

General Mihil: Get ready, because here they come.

General Gadalar: Time for some fun.

General Rughadjeen: Let us go.

Narration: As the five Generals of the Serpent engage in an everlasting and gruesome battle with the beastmen hordes, back in Sand’Oria the shadowy Mithra arrives only to see that things aren’t what they seem.


Silvermane: Meow! What is that stench?!
Oh god!! I smell worse than a hume.


Narration: Just then Silver notices a young elvaan child staring up at her.

Hey! Whadda yer looking at?!

Elvaan Woman: Come on honey, it’s not nice to stare at…the…nice shadow creature.

Silvermane: Hey! Who yer callin’ a shadow creature?!
You pointy earred…..

Narration: The woman along with her child quickly run away. Silver, still not aware of her shadowy form, fumes at the woman’s remark. Silver then looks around and notices more groups of people staring, curious and frightened of the mithran shadow.

Silvermane: Huh?
What is everyone looking at?!


Narration: Back in Jeuno, Nephrial and Stagga finish off the last few adventurers infected by the True Kindred.

Wolfgang: T don’t know who you two are, but thank you.

Verena: Aldo, what happened?

Aldo: Verena, I thought I asked you to stay inside.

Monberaux: She asks a good question.
What exactly went on here?

Wolfgang: Monberaux.

Monberaux: A case of temporary insanity…..or perhaps something more sinister?

Wolfgang: Don’t worry, I will have my men look into it.

Narration: At that moment, a scream is heard coming from the Merry Minstral’s Meadhouse.

Nephrial: Myriah!

Narration: As they arrive to see what’s exactly going on, something unexpected happens.

Traveling Bard: Rawrr!!

Stagga: Myriah watchout!!

Myriah: Aaah!!

Narration: A beam of light gleams from the dancer, knocking everyone back.


Monberaux: By the goddess! What power!

Stagga: Myriah?

Wolfgang: Did that girl just do that?

Aldo: It would seem so.

Myriah: Snow?! Snow?!
Snow…are you alright?

Snow: Ku…po.

Monberaux: Don’t worry my lady, I will take care of her.

Nephrial: Huh?

Narration: Fearing Myriah’s power, Wolfgang and several Ducal guards place Myriah under arrest.

Wolfgang: Everyone stand back!!
For the time being we will take the girl into custody.

Stagga: You can’t!
She did nothing wrong!

Wolfgang: Anyone with that kind of power…can not be allowed to walk freely among the people. we will investigate this matter and see exactly who and what this girl is.

Verena: Aldo?!
Do something.

Aldo: It’s best that we don’t interfere Verena.

Stagga: You let her go!

Nephrial: Stagga no!

Chabu-Wabura: Oh deary Lady Myriah.

Narration: Back in Uleguerand Range, the unleashing of such power does not go un-noticed by the kindred.

True Kindred: What’s this? Impossible!!
Quite the interesting…conception.
So she is here…and…alive.
The mere mortals will not be enough for the warrior of light and that cursed goddess.

Narration: Knowing all too well the threat that Myriah’s power poses to their plan, the True Kindred call forth three dark warriors to do their bidding.


True Kindred: We the True Kindred…call upon the three….
and Destruction.

Narration: At that very moment three dark figures emerge from the tall ice statues.

Hybrid-Eclypse: We…the three Hybrids…are at your service once more.

True Kindred: The sleeping one…Bring her to us.

Hybrid-Luna: As you command.

Narration: As the Hybrids set off to acquire their target, back in Sand’Oria the mithra Silvermane has difficulty re-adjusting to life.


Silvermane: Geez, with the way everyone keeps looking at me and calling me a shadow, you would think that I was one.

Miene: Hey Ms. Cat lady….how come you look like one of those shadow monsters?

Silvermane: Why you little brat you!!


Altiret: Eh gad! Stop I do say!!
Someone stop that thief, she stole my glasses!

Silvermane: You just wait right here old man.
I’ll get those glasses back for you.

Altiret: I do say….was that….a shadow?

Miene: Yup.

Altiret: Eh gad! Guards!!

Silvermane: Gee, calm down old man.
I said I would get them back for you.

Narration: Silver chases the elvaan thief outside the castle walls, but she ends up losing her along the way.

Silvermane: Hmm…Now just where did you go you red headed elvaan thief?
<sniff> <sniff>

Narration: Silver eventually picks up on the elvaan’s scent at a nearby tower.

Silvermane: Ah…found you!

Esca: What the…?!
Just who the heck are you?

Silvermane: You’re worst nightmare.
Now hand over the glasses.

Esca: Gee, you sure do talk a lot for a shadow.
Now you stay back before I send you back to the land of the dead.

Narration: Silver, frustrated and angered, fumes as she tires of everyone calling her a shadow.


Silvermane: Rawrr!!

Esca: ……

Silvermane: Why does everyone keep calling me a damn shadow?!

Esca: …….

Silvermane: Just wait until I see Biggs and Wedge. I bet they painted my fur black or posted a sign on me that says “I’m a Shadow”.

Esca: Uh…you do know that you look like a shadow right?

Silvermane: I knew it!!
Just those two wait. Biggs and Wedge…I’m coming for you!

Esca: Uh…wait…they’re not here.

Silvermane: You know them?

Esca: Yes.

Silvermane: Can you…..take me to them?

Esca: Uh…yes.

Silvermane: Fine!
Take me to them ! Just you two wait, you are so dead now.

Narration: The Elvaan thief reluctantly leads the clueless mithra back to the thieves guild in Carpenter’s Landing.

Meanwhile, Myriah is escorted to her chambers in Ru’Lude Gardens where she will be held until further notice.

Zauko: Hey you three, make sure she doesn’t leave this room.

Ducal Guard #1: Sir yes sir!!

Zauko: Hmph…

Narration: As the galkan guard leaves, the three thieves, Biggs, Wedge, and Shinra prepare to put their plan in to motion.

Shinra: “Sir, yes sir?!”
Could you stand out any more?

Biggs: Sorry.

Shinra: Let’s just get the girl and get out of here.

Myriah: Huh?
Who’s there?

Wedge: Hello Ms. Dancer lady.

Myriah: Oh great….you three.
Help! Guar….mmmhmmm!

Shinra: Come on let’s go before anyone comes.

Narration: Shinra, Biggs, and Wedge escape with Myriah in tow. Not far, Stagga grows impatient.

Stagga: Grr…I can’t just leave her there Neph.
We’ve got to do something.

Nephrial: Calm down.
She’ll be out any minute. They’ll probably just ask her a few questions and then….

Narration: Before Nephrial can finish his sentence, he spots Shinra, Biggs, and Wedge with Myriah in tow.


Myria: Mmhmm!!

Shinra: Shut yer trap will ya!!

Nephrial: Myriah!!

Stagga: Them again.

Nephrial: Come on! They’re getting away!

Narration: As Nephrial and Stagga chase after the thieves elsewhere in Jeuno….

Zeriah: I can’t that good for nothing brother or mine. How dare him disappear without so much as a goodbye. And that Stagga is just as bad.


Narration: Zeriah looks and sees both Nephrial and Stagga running through the town.

Zeriah: Oh these two just burn me up!

Narration: Zeriah begins to chase after Nephrial and Stagga.

Meanwhile up ahead.

Wedge: Hey guys we got company.

Shinra: Damn those two again.
Quick…grab a chocobo.

Nephrial: We gotta catch them.
Indigo Blue let’s go!

Indigo Blue: Gwark!!

Zeriah: Oh no you don’t Nephy….
Kaiserinblack after them.

Narration: An ongoing chase ensues as the three thieves try to out run both Nephrial and Stagga. At the same time our two heroes are being pursued by Zeriah.

Meanwhile back in The Boyahda Tree….

Arcner: My lady are you alright?

Narration: Kairie begins to show signs of infection as she answers the Elvaan knight.


Kairie: I’m….just….FINE!!

Zi’tah Guard: Aaah!
Get her off of me!!

Kairie: Hehe…mmm…
I guess Elvaan really does taste good.

Arcner: Lady Kairie, I advise you to stand down.

Kairie: My mother always told me never to leave a half eaten meal.

Narration: Inside the Cloister of Thunder…

Raigon: What exactly is going on?
There appears to be no signs of tampering.

Ramuh: Raigon….

Raigon: Huh?
What was that?

Ramuh: Raigon….it is I…Ramuh….Spirit of Thunder.

Raigon: Lord Ramuh….what?
What’s going on here?

Ramuh: Listen my child and I will reveal to you everything.

Narration: In the events that follow, Raigon is shown the past, the present, and the future. The very sight of what he’s being shown nearly drives Raigon to the brink of insanity. What could be so horrible that it would drive someone such as the Elvaan knight to insanity?

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