Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn – After Fall



Narration: Dalamund….a calamity brought on by the Garlean Empire in their quest for total conquest over all of Hydalyn. Their plan….total annihilation…their way of cleansing the planet of what they considered to be its sickness.

Unwilling to let the Empire have its way, the three nations of Eorzea…Ul’dah, Limsa Lominsa, and Gridania joined as one to battle this new threat, but…it wasn’t enough….we….weren’t enough. Even with the help of the Sharlayan scholar, there was no way we could predict…let alone stop what was going to happen.

Flame Sergeant: Keep pressing forward men!!
We can’t let those damned Garleans have this land!

Narration: Yelled a Roegadyn member of the Immortal Flames. Along with the three Grand Companies, were a group of adventurers all fighting for the same goal. To put a stop to the Garleans once and for all.

Midlander Warrior: Aaah!!!

Narration: Yelled a midlander as he rushed in with his axe taking out a few Garlean soldiers. For a moment he stops and looks up at the giant red meteor known as Dalamund. Suddenly the midlander is grazed by a shot from the opposing side knocking his helmet off and temporarily incapacitating him. He’s then joined by a few other adventurers who shield and protect him while a lalafell white mage heals him.

Roegadyn Paladin: Are you alright lad?
Try to stay focused.

Narration: Said the hulking Paladin as he shielded the warrior. The Midlander then stands, and along with the Roegadyn Paladin they charge in towards the Garlean army. As the Paladin bashes soldiers left and right with his shield, all the while the Warrior uses a powerful technique known as Sturmwind to clear way swinging his Great Axe in a strong circular like motion almost creating that of some kind of wind storm. Backed by his friends and fellow adventurers, the Midlander continued their relentless assault against the Empire.

Suddenly, something happened…without warning a large piece of Dalamund fell to the ground…knocking some to the ground while crushing others. And it was with that the true form of Dalamund was finally revealed.

From it emerged none other than the Wyrm King known as Bahamut and as it took to the skies, it sought out to lay waste to all of Eorzea. In an attempt to stop it, the Sharlayn Scholar attempted to re-seal the wyrm away, but…it was too late. The wyrm had become too powerful and angered by the Sharlayan’s attempt to once again seal him away, Bahamut powered up a powerful flaring attack. Knowing full well the outcome and prepared to face death, the Sharlayan in a last-ditch effort somehow teleported the Heroes of Eorzea away.

Lousioux: It is done.

Narration: The Sharlayan looked on and faced his death knowing that there would be a future and that one day the Heroes of Eorzea would once again rise to protect not just Eorzea, but all of Hydalyn.

Somewhere in the now barren wasteland known as Mor Dhona, a young Miqo’te finally awakens. She’s a bit groggy and at first has trouble getting up. And as she clears her eyes, she looks at the area around her.

Starsabre: Ow….my head.
What happened? Evo? Evo?
Where is everyone?!!

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