Chapter 4: Life of a Thief

Final Fantasy XI: WIngs of The Goddess

Chapter 4: Life of a Thief

Narration: Across the ocean in the capital of Aht Urghan, there is a place known as D.V. Corner. Inside a long and difficult battle has come to an end. With the mithran assassin Eveie emerging victorious.

Eveie: Sird…it is done.

Sirdonis: Good job Eves.
Welcome to the ranks of Divine Valors.

Motokochan: Sird, Al Zhabi has been taken by all three beastmen hordes.

Sirdonis: Why should I care?
Let the Serpent Generals handle it.

Motokochan: That’s just it….
All five have been defeated and the beastmen are about to take the Astral Candescence.

Sirdonis: Hmm…
With the Astral Candescence I could have everlasting power.

Motokochan: What should we do Sird?

Sirdonis: I’ll tell you what we do.
We gather the troops and we go take the Astral Candy for ourselves!!

Narration: As Sirdonis and the others head off to fight the beastmen hordes, elsewhere the unaffected and remaining true D.V. members spot a mortally wounded Rob.

Elvampiro: Guys over here!

Venjegol: Oh no Rob!
Rob can you hear me?!

Rob: Venj….egol.

Venjegol: Rob what happened?

Rob: Sird…Eveie…must find…

Elvampiro: Rob…

Venjegol: Dammit!
We can’t let Sird get away with this!

Elvampiro: What do we do?

Venjegol: We stop him at all cost.

Narration: An angry Venjegol sets off to confront Sirdonis. Elsewhere, in Jugner Forest, Nephrial and Stagga continue their pursuit of the three kidnappers.

Shinra: Damn they’re still on us.

Wedge: We have to lose them.

Biggs: We’re coming up on the base entrance.

Shinra: Good.
We’ll lose them in the catacombs.

Nephrial: Stay on them Stagg.

Stagga: Don’t worry I’m on them.

Narration: Far behind, Zeriah has lost sight of the two parties and has become lost.

Zeriah: Oooh….stupid chocobo.
I know I should’ve trained you alittle harder.
Now where exactly am I?

Fraelisa: Mmm….

Zeriah: Huh?
Hey! Kaiserinblack! You come back here!

Narration: Unbeknownst to Zeriah, a giant walking tree known to many as Fraelisa has awaken and decided to make the young hume female a part of the forest.

Zeriah: Huh? Oh great.

Narration: Zeriah prepares to face off against the giant tree as she preps her strongest spells for use.

Inside the thieves’ guild base…

SIlvermane: Okay, just where the heck are we and where are those two scum bags Biggs and Wedge?!

Esca: We’re in Carpenter’s Landing secret Thieves Guild base.

Silvermane: Why the heck are we here?!
I thought that you said you were gonna take me to….

Esca: Will ya shut up already!!
God….what the hell did I do to deserve this?!

Jinx: My, my, Esca look what the cat dragged in.

Silvermane: Hey what’s that suppose to mean?!

Shinra: Boss we’re back!

Laeger: About time.
Where is she?

Biggs: Right here.

Laeger: Ah, let me get a good look at her.

Silvermane: Biggs! Wedge!
Why you dirty rotten lowdown….!


Biggs: Silver?!

Wedge: No it’s that shadow!

Biggs: Run away!

Silvermane: Okay…fun time is over.
Now get over here so I can bash your heads in.

Narration: Laeger, leader of the thieve’s guild is less than pleased with SIlver’s interruptions.

Laeger: Just who the hell do you think you are coming here and causing such a ruckus?!

Silvermane: Stay outta this old man.
Biggs…Wedge…what’s the big idea painting me fur black?!

Biggs: Uh…..we never painted your fur.

Wedge: I don’t think she remembers.

Silvermane: What are ya two yappin’ about?!
What don’t I remember?

Narration: As Biggs and Wedge explain the events that transpired in the past, Silvermane remembers what happened before her shadow transformation.

Silvermane: I can’t believe it.

Laeger: Are we done with this little family reunion?

SIlvermane: Go ahead and do what you want.

Laeger: Fine….
Now where was I?

Narration: Nephrial and Stagga peep around a nearby corner as Laeger continues to taunt Myriah.

Stagga: So that old guy must be Laeger.

Nephrial: Yeah, that’s him.

Narration: As Neph scopes out the area, he spots Silvermane and is surprised to see her still alive.

Neprhrial: Huh? That Shadow?

Stagga: Well, what are we waiting for?
Let’s get out there!

Nephrial: Stagg wait!

Laeger: Ha, ha, ha….
What a coincidence, the master of thievery and the Queen of dance…..
Perhaps it is fate that we are together.

Stagga: Oh god I can’t stand it anymore!

Laeger: Grrr…
Why do I Keep getting interrupted?!

Nephrial: Hello…Laeger.

Laeger: And just who the hell are you?

Biggs: Boss…it’s him…Evogolist!

Laeger: What kind of games are two playing?!
He’s a damn Elvaan for pete sakes!

Jinx: Damn…of all places….why here?

Nephrial: Oh it’s me alright.

Laeger: Hmm…so it is.

Stagga: Let her go!

Laeger: You’ve interrupted me for the last time boy.

SIlvermane: Rawr!! Murderer!!

Narration: Out of no where, the mithra charges at Nephrial with nothing but revenge in her eyes.

Laeger: What the…?!

Nephrial: Huh? Shadowbane?

Silvermane: The scent….the smart remarks…no matter the look, it’s all still you!

Laeger: So what you gonna do boy?

Narration: Stagga looks at Laeger with a stern look and says…

Stagga: One last time…let…her…go.

Laeger: Hmph…Show me what you got boy.

Narration: Stagga grabs his Greataxe as Laeger challenges him to battle. Jinx and Esca join in the battle as well.

Wedge: I guess this is our cue to get out of here.

Shinra: I agree.

Laeger: You three nitwits get your hides over here or you’ll deal with me after I finish with this kid!

Shinra/Biggs/Wedge: Yes boss!

Nephrial: Silver stop!
I don’t wanna fight you!

Silvermane: Stop lying!

Narration: Nephrial tries his best to fend off the vengeful mithra without hurting her, but Silvermane continues her relentless assault against him.

Outside back in Jugner Forest, Zeriah struggles with the notorious monster.

Zeriah: I can’t keep this up for much longer.
Oh great here it comes again.

Narration: As Zeriah braces herself for the Treant’s attack, suddenly….

Zeriah: Huh?

Duelmaeux: Pardon me for my intrusion, but do you mind if I cut in?

Zeriah: …..

Deulmaeux: Hmph.

Narration: A mysterious elvaan knight dressed in Sand’Orian Temple Knight armor blocks the giant Treant’s attack with his shield. Zeriah look at the mysterious elvaan in awe.

Elsewhere in the Jugner Forest, the cavernous maw in the area activates and two familiar faces come through.

Amerita: You okay Lu?

Lumineux: Aargh!!

Amerita: Now just where are we?

Lumineux: Aargh!!

Narration: As the wyvern Lumineux catches the scent of Zeriah, she heads off into the direction of where Zeriah and her new friend are.

Amerita: Huh?
Lu wait up?!

Narration: Back in Al Zhabi with the power of the Kindred increasing, Sirdonis along with the other members of Divine Valors defeats the invading beastmen hordes. Sird then sees the perfect opportunity to acquire the Astral Candenscence for himself.

Sirdonis: Aah…..There it is….all mine.

Narration: Just as Sird grabs the Astral Candensence, Venjegol along with his brothers and the remaining members loyal to Raigon appear to confront Sird.

Venjegol: Sird you’re gonna pay for what you did to us and what you did to Rob!

Sirdonis: And just who’s gonna be my punisher? You?

Venjegol: Grr…..

Sirdonis: Feck! Verik! Take care of these pest will ya.

Narration: Venjegol prepares to face his former friends and team mates Feck the redmage and Verik the warrior.

Meanwhile back in the thieves guild lair, Stagga continues to battle with Laeger while Nephrial continues to try to reason with SIlvermane while…still staying on the defensive.

Laeger: Not bad…for a kid.

Stagga: When I’m finish, this kid is gonna make you think twice about being a thief.

Laeger: Is that so?

Nephrial: Grr…Silver….if you…..would just…..listen.

Silvermane: But I don’t wanna listen to you!!
You killed my friends….you killed my only best friend….Karu.

Nephrial: Damn…why do you have to be so difficult?!
Fine, if you won’t listen to me, then I’ll have to make you listen.

Narration: Nephrial now takes to the offensive as he goes blow for blow with the mithra. While everyone is busy in battle, the moogle Snow sneaks and helps her friend Myriah escape.

Snow: Kupo-master Myriah!!

Chabu-Wabura: Oh my….Lady Myriah!

Myriah: Snow…Chabu…how did you find me?

Snow: I always know where you are kupo.

Chabu-Wabura: My lady we must hurry and get you out of here.

Myriah: Wait…someone is in great pain.

Chabu-Wabura: How do you know?

Myriah: I…I don’t know.
But some how, I can sense it.

Narration: At that moment….

Nephrial: Now are you ready to listen to me?

Silvermane: Rawrr!!

Nephrial: You’re still snarling. -.-

Silvermane: Rawrr!!!

Nephrial: Silver….

Silvermane: Ra…wrr…

Narration: Tears begin to stream down Silvermane’s face as the pain and anger that built up inside of her finally surfaces. Nephrial stood there as his one time friend drops down to her knees and begins to cry.

Neprhrial: Silver….

Silvermane: Why? Why did you take away everything that was important to me?

Nephrial: Silver…listen to me…

Narration: As Nephrial explains the tragic story of what happened to their former teammates, Silvermane continues to cry in disbelief.

Silvermane: No…no I don’t believe you.

Narration: Myriah makes her way over to comfort Silvermane.

Myriah: There…there child.

Narration: Suddenly once again a light emanates from the hume girl and what happened next, no one could have expected.

Nephrial: Huh?

Laeger: What the hell?!

Snow: Master….?

Chabu-Wabura: My…My lady.

Jinx: By the Goddess.

Narration: That’s exactly what it was as Myriah goes through somewhat of a Divine transformation. The divine light engulfs the entire catacombs area of Carpenter’s Landing.

Nephrial: No way! She’s….

Stagga: Myriah….?

Silvermane: Al…tan…a?

Myriah/Altana: Shh…hush my child.
Allow me to take away all of your pain.

Narration: As the now awakened Goddess wraps her arms around the hurt mithra, she uses her divine love to shed the mithra of her shadow form.

Elsewhere, the True Kindred become fully aware of the now awakened Goddess’ presence.

True Kindred: Ah…so she’s awakened.
Ha, ha, ha, ha!!!

Narration: Even the evil Hybrids sense the Goddess’ presence.

Hybrid-Luna: Do you sense that?

Hybrid-Eclypse: Oh yeah. Let’s go!

Snow: Master….you’ve finally awakened.

Myriah/Altana: Yes…thank you for all your help.

Silvermane: Wha…What have I done?
My friends…I…killed them.

Nephrial: Silver, it’s not your fault. You weren’t in control…
You weren’t you.
Silver…look at me!!

Silvermane: Leave me alone!!
Get away from me!!

Nephrial: Silver….wait?!

Myriah/Altana: Let her be for now.

Stagga: Myriah….?

Myriah/Altana: I…am so truly sorry my friend.

Laeger: Dammit…will you quit all the chit-chat nonsense!!
Now my dear sweet Goddess, how about….Umph!

Jinx: God!
I just couldn’t take it anymore.

Narration: Laeger falls to the ground as the female hume thief known as Jinx knocks the self-righteous master thief out cold.

Jinx: I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m out of here.

Esca: Why you sneaky little bitch!

Nephrial: Oh no you don’t…

Narration: The blue mage floods the area to hold off the thieves as he and his make their escape.

Nephrial: Let’s get out of here.

Stagga: Yeah.

Shinra: Biggs…Wedge…get the boss!

Biggs: Get the boss…right.

Wedge: <gulp> <gulp> I…I…Can’t swim.

Esca: Idiots.

Narration: Back outside, the mysterious elvaan knight and Zeriah continue to fight the giant treant.

Duelmaeux: Grr….
I won’t let you best me.

Zeriah: I thought you said that you could handle this?!

Deulmaeux: I can handle this…
I’m just toying with it.

Zeriah: Oh really?!

Amerita: Huh?
Little Sister?

Narration: Amerita spots Zeriah and the mysterious elvaan battling the treant.

Lumineux: Rawwr!!

Zeriah: Huh?

Deulmaeux: By the goddess….a wyvern!

Narration: The wyvern known as Lumineux swoops in to attack the treant.

Zeriah: No…it can’t be…Lu?

Narration: In a move of desperation, the notorious monster Fraelissa fires off a Pinecomb Bomb, but it’s suddenly stopped by Amerita.

Amerita: Hey little sister.

Zeriah: Amerita!

Deulmaeux: Do you mind…?!

Amerita: Who’s the elvaan?

Zeriah: I…I…don’t know.

Deulmaeux: I’ll introduce myself later.
Can we please kill this thing?!
Grr…Swift blade!!

Amerita: Lu…Spirit Surge!

Lumineux: Rawr!!

Amerita: Blessed Radiance!

Zeriah: And now my turn.

Narration: The three deliver a devastating blow dispatching of the treant.

Zeriah: Big Sister! Lu!
You’re back!

Amerita: It’s good to see you too lil sister.

Lumineux: Aargh!!

Zeriah: Where have you been?

Amerita: Its a long story.

Deulmaeux: <cough> <cough>

Zeriah: Oh right…
Amerita this is…wait, just who are you?

Deulmaeux: The name is Deulmaeux, noble and loyal knight to the Kingdom of Sand’Oria.

Narration: As the three celebrate their victory and catch up with each other, a strong wind breezes pass them.

Lumineux: Rawr!!

Amerita: Lu, what is it?

Narration: Unbeknownst to them, the three hunters known as the Hybrids are about to come face to face with their friends.

Myriah: Huh?
What happened?

Chabu-Wabura: My…my lady you don’t remember?

Myriah: Remember what?

Hybrid-Eclypse: That you’re dead.

Narration: The group looks on as the Hybrids make their appearance known. Elsewhere, a weakened and shaken up Raigon exits the Cloister of Thunder only to find the aftermath left by the young Mithra Kairie.

Raigon: Ugh….

Arcner: Lord…Raigon…

Raigon: Huh? Arcner….
What happened?! Where’s Kairie?!!

Kairie: Hehehe….hehehe….

Raigon: Kai…rie?

Kairie: RAWR!!!

Narration: As Raigon discovers what has become of the mithra, can he defend himself without harming his friend? Can he make it back in time to stop his former teammate Sirdonis before it’s too late?

(End of Chapter)

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