Special Story: Chapter 5: What Dreams May Come

Final Fantasy XI: Wings of The Goddess

Chapter 5: What Dreams May Come


Narration: Fifteen years ago, two young elvaans dreamed of being Royal Knights for the Kingdom of Sand’Oria. That is…until one tragic day while trying to best the other, one of the two elvaans became entraped in a block of ice. The plead of one saved the life of the other.

Hexamus: Somebody….help!!

True Kindred: Aw…
Why do you cry boy?

Hexamus: My…my brother…he’s trapped in the snow.
Can you save him?

True Kindred: Save from death…the boy we can.

Hexamus: Please hurry!

True Kindred: With a price of course.

Hexamus: I’ll do anything…
Just please save my brother?!

True Kindred: Very well…
You will take his place and become our servant.

Hexamus: Wait…No!!!

True Kindred: Ha, ha, ha!!

Narration: As the young elvaan emerges from the snow, he finds himself alone .

Nephrial: Hexamus? Hexamus?!!

Narration: Fifteen years later….
the two elvaan brothers meet again.


Hybrid-Eclypse: Hello…brother.


Nephrial: ….uh, are you talking to me?

Hybrid-Eclypse: Who else could I be talking to?
You’re the only elvaan here. Don’t tell me after all these years you’ve forgotten about your dear ol’ brother.

Nephrial: Uh…I think you’ve got the wrong guy.

Narration: Suddenly without notice, Nephrial hears a voice.

???: No…he’s talking to me.

Nephrial: Huh? Who was that?
Stagg did you hear that?

Stagga: Hear what?
Neph you okay?

Narration: Once again the voice makes itself known to Nephrial.

???: <sigh> Let me handle this.

Hybrid-Eclypse: Are we done?

Nephrial: Hello…brother.

Stagga: Neph…? Evo?

Hybrid-Eclypse: So…you’ve finally come around?
It’s good to see you survived.

Nephrial: Same here.

Hybrid-Eclypse: If I remember correctly, we have some unfinished business.


Nephrial: Indeed.

Hybrid-Luna: Eclypse? What about the girl?

Hybrid-Eclypse: You two get the girl…
My brother is mine.

Narration: An eminence battle begins as the elvaan brothers battle it out. Stagga tries his best to hold his own against the other two Hybrids, but is no match for the Galka and the female Elvaan.

Myriah: Stagga!

Stagga: Myriah…get out of here!

Zeriah: Guys up ahead!!
Oh no Nephrial…Stagga!

Deulmaeux: Friends of yours?

Zeriah: One is my brother and the other my friend.

Amerita: Wha…what did you say?

Zeriah: I’ll explain later…
We need to get in there.

Hybrid-Eclypse: Not bad Nephrial, but not good enough.

Sword of Gilgamesh!

Nephrial: Grr…Cocoon!
My turn….Disservement!

Hybrid-Eclypse: Ha, ha….you’re pathetic magic is no match for me.

Nephrial: Grr…

Hybrid-Solar: Grr…I’ll crush you puny hume!

Stagga: Not if I can help it.

Hybrid-Luna: Unfortunately for you….you can’t.

Narration: Luna, whose pair of chakram have the ability to change, transforms into a a spiked whip and she uses it to lash on to Stagga, slamming him to the ground. The Hybrids prove to be too much for the duel of Nephrial and Stagga, who try their best to fight off the trio of Hybrids.

Nephrial: You’re stronger than I remember.

Hybrid-Eclypse: Thanks to you….

Narration: Just then Zeriah, Amerita, and Deulmaeux run in to assist the duel, but Nephrial is less than happy to see them.

Zeriah: Nephy!!

Nephrial: Huh?

Hybrid-Eclypse: Ooh…so you have a girlfriend?

Nephrial: Stay back!! Jettatura!

Amerita: I…I can’t move.

Zeriah: Nephy what’s going on?

Nephrial: Stay outta this!

Narration: Zeriah is stunned to see the sudden change in attitude from her brother. Sadly does she know that the man that she calls her brother is not present at the moment.

Deulmaeux: Now is that anyway to talk to a lady?

Noble slash!

Hybrid-Eclypse: Grr…

Sword of Gilgamesh!!

Nephrial: Diamondhide!
I told you to stay out of this!!

Deulmaeux: Sorry my friend, but this is my business.

Nephrial: Grr…

Hybrid-Luna: Solar…Eclypse is out numbered.

Hybrid-Solar: Meh…He can handle himself.
Besides, I’m having way too much fun with this little red runt.

Hybrid-Luna: Fine you stay here.
I’m gonna go help Eclypse.

Narration: As the female Hybrid goes to assist Eclypse, elsewhere the Taru-taru manager of the dancer helps Myriah escape.

Chabu-Wabura: Lady Myriah….Lady Myriah!!

Myriah: Chabu.

Chabu-Wabura: Lady Myriah come on…we need to get you out of here.

Myriah: But…what about?

Chabu-Wabura: I’m sure they can handle themselves.

Narration: Unbeknownst to Myriah, the Taru isn’t who he says he is.
On the other side of the Vana’diel, Raigon continues to try to defend his life as he battles with his Mithran friend.

Raigon: Kairie, snap out of it!
It’s me….Rai…Rai.

Kairie: Rawrr!!

Raigon: Dammit Kairie don’t make me do this!

Kairie: Rawrr!!

Raigon: Grr…
Okay Kairie, you asked for it.

Holy Divine Valor Assault!!

Kairie: Aaahh!!

Narration: With his special attack, Raigon defeats the possessed Kairie, but with a heavy price.


Raigon: Kairie? Kairie?!

Kairie: Rai…

Raigon: Kairie?

Kairie: Rai…I’m sorry.

Raigon: Don’t worry, it’s not your fault.

Kairie: Rai…

Raigon: Yeah?

Kairie: Raigon….I’m cold.

Raigon: Kairie…Kairie!! No hold on, I’ll heal you!

Kairie: Rai…I…I…

Narration: As Kairie takes her last breath, Raigon’s eyes brim over with tears as his mithran friend fades away.

Raigon: I…I…love you too Kairie.

Narration: Raigon takes a few moments to mourn his friend and let’s out a loud yell. A now hurt and angered Raigon sets off to see if the events foretold by Ramuh are true.

Elsewhere, back in Jugner Forest, our heroes continue their battle with the trio known as the Hybrids.


Hybrid-Solar: Ha, Ha, Ha…
I hope you like eating dirt Hume!

Narration: The hulking Galka grabs Stagga by his face and then slams him into the ground.

Zeriah: Stagga!!

Narration: Zeriah then casts a tier 4 cure spell on the hume warrior.

Stagga: Ugh…What hit me?

Hybrid-Solar: I did!
Now come here you little runt!!

Zeriah: Watch out!

Stagga: Huh?

Hybrid-Solar: Rawrr!!

Stagga: Oh crap…oh crap….Raging Rush!!

Narration: Stagga hits the hybrid Galka with a three-fold attack, but it has no effect on the Galka.

Hybrid-Solar: Ha, Ha, Ha…
Was that suppose to hurt?
Hmph…and here I was just toying with you. Guess I need to get serious.

Stagga: Huh?
You weren’t being serious?

Narration: Hybrid-Solar posses two hand axes that he’s able to combine into one Great Axe. As he performs this gesture, he prepares for his special attack….

Hybrid-Solar: Behemoth Rage!!

Narraton: A move forbidden by the gods themselves for its six-fold attack. This attack can easily and instantly strike down it’s victims.

Zeriah: Stagga!
Hold on, I’ll raise you.

Hybrid-Solar: If i was you I’d worry about myself first.

Narration: Amerita continues her fight with the hybrid known as Hybrid-Luna.

Hybrid-Luna: Hmph…not bad for a Hume.

Amerita: Enough with the chit-chat.

Tachi: Kagero!!

Hybrid-Luna: Haven’t you learned yet?

Narration: Hybrid-Luna negates the attack with her two chakras and then once again reveals that her weapons are more than just mere chakras.

Amerita: Hmm…
Chakras that become bladed whips.

Hybrid-Luna: You like? Ha!!

Narration: Amerita tries her best to hold her own against Luna, but Luna is way stronger than she anticipated.

Hybrid-Luna: What’s wrong? Can’t keep up?

Moonlight Wave!!

Amerita: Shit!!

Narration: Hybrid-Luna sends a five-fold attack of lashes hurling towards the samurai. Try as she might, Amerita is unable to stop the attack.

Amerita: Tachi: Jinpu!!
Huh? Aaah!!

Narration: Amerita is knocked unconscious by the attack. Meanwhile the three Elvaans continue to battle it out.

Hybrid-Eclypse: Just like old times wouldn’t you say brother.

Nephrial: Grrawrr!!

Vertical Cleave!!

Hybrid-Eclypse: Hey Neph, I got a surprise for you.

Narration: As Eclypse dodges Nephrial’s attack, he jumps in the air as if he was a dragoon and then…

Deulmaeux: What’s this?
By the Goddess, his sword changed into a polearm!!

Hybrid-Eclypse: Correction, not just any polearm…

Spear of Odin!! Gungnir!!

Narration: As Eclypse uses the power of Odin to strike down his brother, Nephrial tries to reflect the attack, but is pushed aside by Deulmaeux.

Nephrial: Hecatomb…

Deulmaeux: Step aside! I’ll handle this.

Nephrial: What the hell are you doing?

Narration: Unable to stop the attack, the Hybrid’s polearm comes crashing into the ground knocking both Deulmaeux and Nephrial back onto the ground.

Hybrid-Eclypse: Ha, Ha, Ha….
Perhaps you should tell your friend to mind his own.

Narration: Elsewhere, in the forest….

Myriah: Chabu wait?! Where are we going? Chabu?

Narration: Chabu begins to chuckle with a sinister laugh as he reveals his true self.

Chabu-Wabura: I’m not Chabu…
Ha, Ha, Ha!!

Myriah: Oh no!!
Stay away from me!

Narration: The Taru-taru reveals himself to be a fourth Hybrid known as Hybrid-Crescent.

Hybrid-Crescent: You’re coming with me oh dear sweet goddess.

Snow: Kupo!
You let her go!!

Hybrid-Crescent: Annoying little moogle!
I always hated you.

Myriah: Snow!!

Narration: As Hybrid-Crescent knocks the moogle aside, he grabs Myriah and teleports her to his master’s the True Kindred. Back at the battle, the Hybrids receive news of the captured dancer and decide to end their battle.


Hybrid-Luna: It is done, we have the girl.

Hybrid-Eclypse: Aww…and I was just warming up.
Solar…get us out of here!

Hybrid-Solar: Gotcha, one escape route coming up.

Narration: The Galkan Hybrid roars as he transforms and reveals a second form…that of a Behemoth like creature.

Nephrial: Don’t you run away from me!

Hybrid-Eclypse: Huh? Hmph…

Narration: Eclypse once again draws his weapon to counter his brother’s attack. First deflecting the attack and then once again changing the form of his weapon to a bow to strike down the Elvaan blue mage.

Hybrid-Eclypse: Wings of Bahamut!!

Narration: The counterattack by Eclypse sends Nephrial crashing into the ground, knocking him unconscious. As the Hybrids escape, the Mithran thief Silvermane arrives to find the aftermath of the battle.

Silvermane: Grrr….
What’s the big idea disturbing me?!
Can’t you see that I’m in mourning!

Narration: As Silver looks around she sees the bodies of Nephrial, Deulmaeux, Zeriah, Amerita, and Stagga stretched out along the ground.

Silvermane: What the hell just happened?!

Narration: As Silvermane struggles to awaken the fallen warriors, Nephrial enters some what of a dream like state. In this world the two souls of Evogolist and Nephrial meet for the first time and battle it out for control of the Elvaan body.


Evogolist: Huh?
Where…Where am I?
Hello?! Hellooo?!!

Narration: Yells Evo. Suddenly without warning a elvaan like figure comes charging towards him.

Nephrial: Grr…

Evogolist: Huh?

Nephrial: Get out of my body!

Evogolist: Whoa! Wait a second?!

Nephrial: You have no place here!

Evogolist: (This Elvaan must be the real Nephrial. To him I’m the Intruder)
Hey wait?! Will you just listen to me?!

Narration: The Elvaan knight continues his relentless attack on Evogolist as Evo tries to reason with him.

Evogolist: Listen I’m not an intruder.

Nephrial: Liar!!

Evogolist: Man this guy just won’t listen to reason.
Guess I’m just gonna have to beat it into him.

Narration: Evo then takes to the offensive, charging in towards Nephrial. The sound of steel clashing echoes as the two meet. And as the two battle it out they find out that they are both evenly matched.

Evogolist: Hehe…
You’re…you’re not…so…bad.

Nephrial: Huh?
You’re not so bad yourself kid.

Evogolist: So what do we do?
Do we keep fighting?

Nephrial: No need.
This is my body…but…

Evogolist: Huh?

Nephrial: But I think I can entrust it to you a little longer.

Evogolist: What about you?

Nephrial: Oh I’ll be here just in case you mess up.

Evogolist: Oooh.
Will I ever see you again?

Nephrial: You can bet on it.
Now get out there…your friends need you.

Narration: As the two bid farewell, Evo regains control over the Elvaan body and awakens to his friends who are concerned and worried that the last attack might’ve finished off our hero.


Zeriah: Oooh…come on Nephy…wake up!

Nephrial: Ow…

Zeriah: Huh?

Stagga: Hey I think he’s coming around.

Nephrial: Man…it feels like a heard of Buffalo just ran me over.

Zeriah: You jerk!

Nephrial: Ow…Zee?!

Zeriah: I thought that you had left me again.

Nephrial: Aw…come on Zee…stop crying.

Amerita: So it is you? How?

Nephrial: Long story…
Hey Silver, nice to see you finally come around.

Silvermane: Yeah…yeah, whatever.

Nephrial: Hey who’s the Elvaan?

Deulmaeux: Show some respect if you please?!

Zeriah: Give it a rest already will you!
…His name is Deulmaeux, he saved me earlier from a treant N.M.

Nephrial: Thank you Deulmaeux for saving my sister. I owe you.

Deulmaeux: Y…Your…Your sister?
But you’re an Elvaan! And that other Elvaan called you his brother.

Nephrial: Speaking of which, where did he go? What happened?

Amerita: You don’t remember?

Nephrial: Remember what?
Last thing I remember is the red-haired Elvaan calling me his brother. Next thing I know, I kind of blacked out and woke up feeling like I had been trampled by a stampede of Buffalo.

Stagga: Well they’re gone and so is Myriah.

Zeriah: Wait…who’s Myriah?

Nephrial: It’s a really long story.

Narration: The two parties explain their past events, taking in as much information as they need to bring them up to speed with the current events. Back in the Northlands, the True Kindred are pleased with what has transpired as the Hybrids return victorious and with the Goddess in tow.


Myriah: Let go of me!

Hybrid-Crescent: Here she is.

True Kindred: Ah…finally we meet again…
My dear sweet goddess.
Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha!!

(End of Chapter)



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