Chapter 12b: Demons of the Past

Chapter 12b: Demons of the Past

Narration: In Quarrymill, down in a dark basement, the Elezen archer Ruki Trevek remained captive to a mysterious stranger. At this point Ruki was growing weak from starvation and thirst. The mysterious stranger was hell-bent on making Ruki suffer for his past sins….even if it meant death.

???: Wake up!

Ruki: Geez mate…do you have to yell like that?

???: Tell me Ruki do you remember anything of what happened three years ago?


???: I asked you a question, now answer me!
Do you remember the sins of your past?

Ruki: Of course I remember…I carry them with me everyday.

Narration: Ruki thinks back to a day when he along with his party of friends who had become like brothers and sisters to him were sent on a mission to the north-western reaches of the shroud. They had received reports of a lost child of whom had lost her way and stumbled into the territory of a few Lindwurms and Drakes. To the group of Ruki, Poseidon, Serenity, Vassago, Draik, and Quesse this was an easy mission. Run In, find the child, and then leave. Too bad it wouldn’t be that simple.

Draik: This looks like the place.

Serenity: Yeah, but where’s the kid?

Ruki: We should split up.
Should be able to cover more ground that way.

Vassago: You sure that’s a good idea?
The Lindwurms will definitely be on the hunt and the drakes….

Quesse: I agree, not to mention that this place gives me the creeps.

Poseidon: Okay Everyone listen up, we’ll pair up in twos. Draik and Serenity you take the west path. Vassago and Quesse you two take the East path. Ruki….you and I will take the northern path.

Ruki: Right.

Poseidon: If any of you guys run into trouble don’t hesitate to call on the linkshell.

Narration: From there the party splits up in search for the missing child. As the pair of Pose and Ruki make their way through the northern path, they come across a strange occurrence.

Ruki: Hold it Pose.

Pose: What?

Ruki: Look right there and tell me what you see.

Narration: Upon looking, Pose spots a Spriggan prancing around. Pose is surprised to see the spriggan so far up north from its original habitat.

Pose: A Spriggan? But how?

Ruki: Looks like the little guy got lost and ended up North instead of South.

Pose: We should tread carefully.
Who knows what trickery this thing could play on us.

Ruki: Perhaps we should follow it, it may just lead us to where we need to go.

Pose: Ruki wait?!

Narration: Ignoring Poseidon, Ruki followed the spriggan hoping that he would find some kind of answers. Unbeknownst, the events that would follow would haunt Ruki and Pose for years to come.

Serenity: I don’t get it. We’ve been out here for like two hours now and nothing.

Draik: You’re right, this far into the shroud, there’s no way that kid could have made it on their own.

Narration: Just then Serenity hears a noise. Her and Draik stop for a moment with their weapons drawn.

Serenity: Did you hear that?

Draik: Yeah.

Serenity: You think that it may be the kid?

Draik: I don’t know.

Narration: Serenity and Draik search around curious to find out where the mysterious sound came from. Just then, they come upon Ruki.

Serenity: Oh for heaven’s sake Ruki you scared us.

Draik: Stand back Serenity something isn’t right.

Serenity: Ruki are you okay? Ruki?

Narration: Somehow Ruki had become entranced by the Spriggan’s magic and upon seeing Serenity and Draik, mistaken them for a group of Ixal.

Ruki: Okay where’s the kid?

Serenity: Ruki…what are you doing? It’s us.

Draik: Ruki lower your bow man.
You’re under some kind of spell.

Narration: Ruki questions them again on the missing child’s whereabouts and upon not receiving an answer fires an arrow toward the two.

Ruki: The next shot won’t miss.
Now I’ll ask you one more time, where is the kid?

Serenity: Doesn’t look like he’s willing to listen to reason.

Draik: Guess we’ll have to beat some sense into him then.

Narration: Draik runs in to attack Ruki, but Ruki dodges Draik’s lance. Ruki then runs past Draik and heads towards Serenity.

Ruki: How about I take you out first.

Draik: Serenity!!

Narration: Ruki attempts to take out Serenity in order to keep her from healing Draik, but Draik is able to block the arrow just in time.

Serenity: Draik! You’re hit!

Draik: I’ll be fine.
We gotta snap Ruki out of this.

Serenity: Draik behind you!

Narration: Serenity pushes Draik to the side and casts an Aero spell to deflect the incoming arrows. When Serenity reopens her eyes, Ruki is nowhere to be found, but just then….

Serenity: Ugh….

Draik: Serenity!

Ruki: There…that was more trouble than it should have been.

Draik: Ruki…listen to me…you have to wake up.

Narration: Still under the effect of the Spriggan’s spell, Ruki ignores Draik and at that moment puts an end to the lancer’s life. Suddenly, Pose comes running and is horrified to see Ruki standing overtop of Draik’s and Serenity’s bodies.

Poseidon: Wha…what have you done?!
Ruki?! What have you done?!

Narration: Ruki then runs off and continues searching the child, still unaware of the spriggan’s hold on him. Poseidon mourns the loss of his friends and then makes his way after Ruki. Further up ahead, Vassago and Quesse continue their search for the missing child. The two come upon a small cave and upon entering it spot the missing child surrounded by a group of Lindwurms.

Quesse: There she is!

Vassago: Great…just our luck to run into a pack of raptors in process.

Quesse: I got a plan.
You distract them while I run in and grab the girl.

Vassago: Wait a second…how come I have to distract them?

Quesse: Because you’re suppose to be a gentleman.

Vassago: I swear at times I hate being the nice guy.
Well here goes nothing.

Narration: Vassago runs in and fires a wide volley of arrows at the small group of Lindwurms distracting them long enough for Quesse to grab the unconscious girl.

Quesse: There…there…younglin’. Let’s get you back home.
Hey Vass, I got her let’s get out of here.

Vassago: Yeah…about that…I could use some help.

Quesse: I swear I have to do everything myself.

Narration: Quesse draws her bow and just as she’s about to fire an arrow the remaining raptors are taken out by non other than Ruki.

Vassago: Whew…Ruki…man am I glad to see you.

Ruki: That’s strange…coming from a bird brain.

Vassago: ……
Um…what’s with the name calling?
Quesse….what’s with the name calling?

Quesse: Well he does have a point.
Anyways we have the girl now let’s get out of here.

Ruki: I don’t think so.

Quesse: Huh?

Vassago: Um…Ruk…you feeling alright man?

Narration: Ruki then raises his bow and aims it towards Quesse demanding that she hand over the girl.

Ruki: I don’t know what you two plan to do with her, but I won’t let you leave.

Quesse: Ruki what is wrong with you? It’s us…Quesse and Vassago.

Ruki: Your lies and trickery can’t fool me Ixali.
Hand over the girl now and I’ll let you leave with your miserable lives in tack.

Vassago: Looks like he’s serious Que.

Quesse: …..Ruki…

Narration: Not far hiding in the background is non other than the spriggan who was still working its mischievous magic on Ruki all the while dancing happily. To the spriggan, this was just a mere game.

After mourning and saying goodbye to Draik and Serenity, Poseidon hears the battle between Ruki, Quesse, and Vassago and he rushes to their aid before it’s too late. Unfortunately by the time he arrived it was in fact too late. With the help of the Spriggan’s magic, Ruki was able to overpower the duo. Vassago had been led to a small group of drakes and sadly found himself fighting off the drakes before becoming their meal. Quesse on the other hand was still trying to protect the girl and along the way, spotted the spriggan whose magic was controlling Ruki.

Quesse: <breathe><breathe>
Vass…I’m sorry…please forgive me.
Huh? A spriggan?

Narration: The spriggan stops and takes notice of Quesse. Upon seeing her, the spriggan casts a spell taking possession over the young child in order to protect itself from the Miqo’te archer.

Quesse: Wha…what is this? I can’t!! I won’t!!

Narration: Unable to harm the child Quesse slowly backs away with her bow drawn. At first she tries to aim at the spriggan, but the younglin stands in Que’s line of sight. As Quesse continues to back away, suddenly she finds herself the recipient of an arrow in her back. As she turns around the last thing she sees is none other than Ruki. Poseidon runs in and just as he reaches the them he bares witness to Ruki putting an arrow in Quesse’s chest.

Poseidon: Ruki!! Nooo!!!

Narration: Poseidon spots then spots the spriggan and uses the lancer attack Doomspike to put an end to the spriggan’s mischievous ways. Afterwards the younglin collapses to the ground and Ruki stands there distraught over the recent events.

Ruki: Wha…what have I done?!

Poseidon: I told you. I warned you….but you didn’t listen.
And now look what’s happened!
Quesse, Vassago, Draik, Serenity….they’re dead…and it’s all because of you!!

Narration: Pose removes his lance from the spriggan and aims it towards Ruki. He runs towards Ruki with the idea of avenging his fallen comrades, but…Pose is unable to take Ruki’s life. Ruki stands there, ashamed of the things that he had done. And as he stands face to face with Poseidon’s lance directly in his face, he prepares himself to face his punishment.

Ruki: Go on…do it.

Narration: Poseidon hesitates unable to strike at Ruki.

Ruki: I said do it!!!

Narration: Pose once again finds himself unable act and instead drops his lance and walks over to the collapsed girl. And as he picks up the younglin, Poseidon looks back at Ruki with a warning.

Poseidon: Leave….

Ruki: Huh?

Poseidon: Leave and never return.
I can never forgive you for what you did.
But know this, while I could not take your life this day, should you ever return to the Twelveswood I will without a doubt end your life on that very day.

Narration: Ruki watched as Poseidon left with the girl. It was from that day on Ruki became the adventurer he is today, carrying with him the sins of his past.

???: So tell me Ruki, do you remember what I said to you? That if you ever came back that I would kill you?

Ruki: So what are you waiting for?
Get it over with already.

Poseidon: Finally…we agree on something.

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