Chapter 12c: The Unusual Reunion

Chapter 12c: The Unusual Reunion


Narration: Three ago, a Wildwood Elezen known as Ruki Trevek fell under the control of a mischievous Spriggan. Because of such Ruki unknowingly murdered his teammates and upon awakening from the possession was banished by his now former friend and teammate Poseidon. This banishment however was not met without a warning. If Ruki was to ever return to the Twelveswood, he would be sentenced to death immediately.

Now…three years later…in a dark basement in the small village town of Quarrymill, one Lord Poseidon holds true to his warning and Ruki will face death.

Poseidon: So Ruki it seems that your day of punishment has come at last.

Ruki: Oh god please for the sake of Nophica stop with the melodramatic.

Poseidon: Very well then.

Narration: Pose once again grabs his lance and this time prepares to drive it directly into Ruki’s heart. That is until….

Ruki: Oh by the way Pose….

Poseidon: Huh?

Ruki: You might want to teach your new teammates, how to properly tie a rope.

Narration: Ruki breaks free and an all out battle ensues between Ruki and Poseidon. Poseidon attempts to strike at Ruki, but Ruki dodges causing Pose to strike the chair that Ruki was tied to instead.

Poseidon: Grr…
Coward!! Stand still and fight like a man!

Ruki: Sure mate.
Only problem is I’m at quite the disadvantage at the moment.

Narration: Pose tosses the chair and then swings his lance at Ruki, but Ruki jumps and dodges. As their battle continues, upstairs Caire and Zeph check in on Milyah who is still bed ridden.

Caireann: Hey hun how are you feeling?

Milyah: Better thanks.

Zephon: Here…it’s my special brew of Rolanberry 815.

Milyah: Thank you.

Narration: Just as Milyah finishes her drink, suddenly there’s a loud crashing sound.

Caireann: Well the hell?!

Zephon: Sounds like it came from downstairs.

Caireann: That boy of yours I swear.

Zephon: Wait…he’s your son too.

Caireann: Come on.

Narration: Caireann and Zephon make their way down to the basement and upon arriving are shocked to see the destruction caused by Poseidon and Ruki. Zephon then walks over and grabs Ruki while Caire tries to gain some kind of control.


Caireann: What the hell is going on down here?!

Poseidon: Uh…Hi mom…Hi dad.

Zephon: Looks like our boy caught himself a rat…a big skinny rat…with long arms and long…pointy…ears.

Narration: Says Zeph as he holds Ruki up by his neck collar.

Caireann: Just what was all that noise? And what happened to my basement?

Poseidon: Nothing…just me and an old pal catching up.

Caireann: Right…with broken rope lying around that chair?

Zephon: Son…I think we need to talk.

Poseidon: Oh boy…here we go.

Zephon: Now son, I know that you’re getting older and looking to experiment…

Poseidon: Oh god…for Menphina’s sake…Dad!!!

Zephon: Now…Now…hear me out.

Poseidon: Dad…I’m not gay.

Zephon: I…don’t know…you did have another dude tied to a chair.

Poseidon: I have a girlfriend.

Zephon: Oh.

Narration: Zeph then turns and looks towards Ruki.

Zephon: Hey you!!
You’re not trying to go all George Michael…Ricky Martin on my son are you?!

Ruki: Oh god I think I’m going to be sick!

Zephon: Hmm…
I don’t like you.

Ruki: Right…note taken.
Can you put me down please.

Narration: Just then Milyah walks in and is surprised to see Ruki.

Milyah: Ruki?

Ruki: Milyah?

Milyah: What are you doing here?

Ruki: I could ask you the same.

Zephon: Wait…you two know each other?

Ruki: If I say yes will you please put me down?

Zephon: No.

Caireann: Hun?!

Zephon: What?!

Milyah: Guys it’s okay.
Ruki is a good friend of mine.
He saved my daughter’s life.

Zephon: Oh…well in that case…here you go.

Caireann: What exactly were you two down here doing?

Poseidon: Nothing!

Ruki: He tried to kill me!

Poseidon: Snitch!

Ruki: Psycho.

Poseidon: Homewrecker!

Zephon: O.o
Uh…son you sure?

Poseidon: NO!!!

Ruki: Your mother’s a Sea Wolf.

Poseidon: Grrr…..

Caireann: Um…hun…I’m a Miqo’te…Zeph is the Sea Wolf.

Milyah: Enough already.

Caireann: I’m sorry hun.

Milyah: It’s okay Caire.
Ruki Can I speak with you for a few?

Ruki: Sure anything to get away from this madness.

Zephon: I really don’t like you.

Ruki: Right.

Caireann: Go ahead you two.
We need to have a conversation with our son.

Narration: Milyah and Ruki step outside and catch up on one another’s activities since leaving Gridania.


Milyah: So how…?

Ruki: Long story….don’t even want to talk about it.
How about you?


Ruki: That bad huh?
By the way where’s your over-zealous brother?

Milyah: Dead.

Ruki: Wow…you’re calm…for someone that just lost their brother.

Milyah: And how should I be? Should I just stop living?

Ruki: No, but you could show a bit of emotion.
You play the role of a strong warrior way too much.

Milyah: Ruki…I’ve lost brother only a few days ago, my husband hates me, and I can’t be within five feet of my little girl or else she’ll turn into a raging murderous Primal. So tell me…what should I do? Huh?

Narration: Ruki looks at Milyah as tears begin running down her face. He can tell by her saddened expression that she’s been trying to hard to remain strong and so as such he walks over to her.

Ruki: You can cry.

Zephon: Err…um…yup…he’s a homewrecker.

Caireann: Hun?!

Zephon: What?!

Narration: Milyah wipes her tears and then continues to talk to Ruki.

Ruki: You okay now?

Milyah: Yes…thank you.

Ruki: So what happened?

Milyah: We were attacked.

Ruki: By who?

Milyah: The Garleans.

Ruki: But why? Why would they attack a sylph village?

Milyah: I don’t know.
I just know that I need to find the ones that walk the path of the echo.

Ruki: The echo?
Wait…Evo….back when we landed on Moraby Bay…he experienced something called the power of Echo.

Milyah: Where is he? Is he still in Gridania?

Ruki: No…he said that he was headed to Ul’dah.

Milyah: Ul’dah? Should we head there?

Ruki: Yeah and maybe we can get to the bottom of all of this.

Narration: Just then Ruki stands there holding his stomach, embarrassed that such an event would happen.

Ruki: Uh…perhaps we should get some food first.
I’m starving.

Caireann: Um…give us just a few hun.
Zeph and I were just on our way out to gather some more food and ingredients.

Zephon: Yeah…the two of you go rest.
And Homewrecker….stay away from my son.

Ruki: Huh? Err….right.
No problem there.

Narration: Caire and Zeph make their way back out into the shroud to gather more food, but along the way a surprise awaits them as well as a certain adventurer.

(End of Chapter)

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