Chapter 13a: A Friendship That Traverses Time and Space

Chapter 13a: A Friendship That Traverses Time and Space


Narration: Out in the Twelveswood, Evo and Star come across the pair of Caire and Zeph. At first Evo is at a stand-off not aware that the two are his best friends. Little did he know that he was about to receive the shocker of a life time.

Evogolist: Wait…hold it for a minute Star.

Starsabre: Huh? Okay.

Evogolist: See those two right there, be careful. We don’t know who they are or why they’re here. Could be Imperial Scouts so no sudden noises.

Narration: Just then Star trips over a small rock in the ground, causing Zeph to look around.

Evogolist: I thought I said no sudden noises?!

Star: Hehe…sorry.

Zephon: Huh?

Narration: Zeph looks around until finally spotting Evo and Star.

Zephon: Whoa!

Evogolist: Oh crap….the big guy spotted us let’s go!

Zephon: Whoa!!

Star: Whoa!

Zephon: Whoa!!!

Star: Whoa!!

Evogolist: Uh…why exactly are we screaming whoa?

Star: I don’t know.

Evogolist: <sigh >

Narration: Zeph then nudges Caire and directs her attention to Evo.

Zephon: Hey Hun….

Caireann: Yeah…?

Zephon: Look?

Caireann: Huh?

Star: Whoa!

Caireann: Whoa!!

Star: Whoa!!

Narration: Caireann then runs towards Evo and then jumps on him. Evo then finds himself the recipient of a Ginger-haired Miqo’te’s loving hug.

Evogolist: Uh….hi….

Star: Group hug!!

Narration: First Starsabre hugs both Evo and Caire, then suddenly Evo spots Zeph running towards them.

Evogolist: Oh god….this isn’t going to end well.

Zephon: Ha,Ha,Ha!!

Evogolist: Can’t breathe…Can’t….breathe….

Narration: Zeph then let’s go and Evo ponders who the two could possibly be.

Evogolist: The crud….who the heck are you two.

Zephon: Knock Knock…hello…any body home?!
It’s us….Evo-lution!

Narration: Evo then hears that nickname and realizes that only one person would ever call him that.

Evogolist: Z..Z…Zeph?!
Is that you?

Zephon: <nods >

Evogolist: Caire?

Caireann: <Smiles warmly at Evo >

Evogolist: Whoa!!!

Zephon: Whoa!!!

Caireann: Whoa!!!

Star: Whoa!!!

Narration: Starsabre then runs off into the Twelveswood playing and still shouting whoa. Meanwhile Evo, Caire, and Zeph catch up with one another.

Zephon: Er…right.
Who’s your friend?

Evogoliist: That would be Starsabre.

Caireann: Isn’t she a special little kittie.

Evogolist: Yeah…

Zephon: Long time no see, pal.
How’s the family life?

Evogolist: Er…um…

Caireann: You and Mily got into another argument didn’t you?

Zephon: Hey that would explain why she was crying to that Ruki guy.

Evogolist: Wait…what?!

Narration: Caire elbows Zeph for mentioning that Milyah was with Ruki.

Zephon: Uh…sorry.
You didn’t hear that from me.

Evogolist: Wait…you guys saw Mily?

Zephon: Maybe we did….maybe we didn’t.

Caireann: Zeph!!!

Zephon: What?!
Hey you just elbowed me for mentioning her and Ruki.

Caireann: Hun pay no attention to this big lug nut. Mily’s at the house.

Evogolist: House? Wait…she’s at your house?

Caireann: Yeah!

Evogolist: Let’s hurry!

Zephon: Whoa there Evo…you might want to get your kittie friend first.
She’s a bit…weird.

Narration: Evo, Caire, and Zeph look on as Starsabre spins herself around in circles until falling to the ground laughing. Evo walks over and helps up Star who is too dizzy to stand on her own. When they finally arrive home, Evo is happy to see his wife alive and safe. He rushes over, grabs her by her hips and lifts her up all the while kissing and hugging her. Mily, happy to see Evo cries tears of joy and apologizes for all that has happened up until now.


Milyah: I’m sorry…I’m so sorry.

Evogolist: Forget it…you’re here…alive and that’s all that matters.

Narration: Caire and Zeph look on happy to see the two reunited.

Caireann: I love happy endings.

Zephon: Yeah, I know what you mean.

Ruki: Are you…crying?

Zephon: No! I just had something in my eye.

Poseidon: Dad you were crying.

Zephon: I WAS NOT!!

Narrtaion: Everyone laughs and all is well in Eorzea…for now that is.


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