Special Story Chapter VII: Army of Darkness

Final Fantasy XI: Wings of the Goddess
Chapter VII: Summary


Narration: Over the last six chapters, the dancer Myriah who was on the run from self proclaimed Master Thief Laeger and his group of thieves, was rescued by the Elvaan Blue mage known as Nephrial and the Hume Warrior known as Stagga. Unknown to them, back in the Northlands, five demon darklords summoned the entity known as the True Kindred and upon being summoned, spread their evil essence across the land of Vana’diel infecting both men and beast alike including members of the linkshell group known as Divine Valor.

Elsewhere, the leader of Divine Valor, Raigon…returned to his home in the Sanctuary of Zi’Tah where it was revealed that the Thunder Proto-Crystal had become unstable. When Raigon reached the proto-crystal, the Avatar Ramuh awoke and revealed to Raigon visions of the past, present, and future. However, outside the Cloister of Thunder, the Mithra known as Kairie became infected by the True Kindred’s evil essence and in turn attacked the Sanctuary Guards which in hand, unfortunately led to Raigon having to slay his own friend.

And…if things weren’t crazy enough, after being kidnapped by Laeger…it was discovered that Myriah wasn’t just any ol’ normal Hume girl, but in fact she was the Goddess Altana in mortal form. Upon discovering this, the True Kindred sent their three hunters, The Hybrids, a group of the nastiest and strongest warriors on the fact of Vana’diel.

Back in the captial of Aht Urghan, Raigon had gone mad and sought to bring Sirdonis to justice for his betrayl, but was almost infected instead. Unable to fight off the demon spawnling, Raigon was slew by non-other than his own father, Duke Tyreven.

Now…the True Kindred have the Astral Candensence and Altana. They now seek to awaken their evil army. Man oh man do we have our work cut out for us.


Silvermane: Hey!

Nephrial: Huh?
What’s wrong Silver?

Silvermane: What’s wrong?!
Whadda fricking mean what’s wrong?! You left out one of the most important parts….

Nephrial: Uh..

Silvermane: The part about me!!
I swear, even as an Elvaan you’re a total air head.

Nephrial: Uh…
Sorry everyone, please forgive my Mithran friend.
She can be alittle much at times.
And now everyone, here’s the final four chapters of our Adventures during the Wings of the Goddess storyline.


Chapter VII: Army of Darkness


True Kindred: Ah…finally the time has come.
The time that we…the True Kindred bring forth our mighty and powerful armies.

Bring to us the girl!

Hybrid-Crescent: Yes your lordships.

Narration: Myriah struggles to get away from her former manager, but is unable to break free of the Hybrid’s hold.

Myriah: Let me go!

Hybrid-Luna: My…my…must we listen to her pathetic screams?

True Kindred: No harm must come to the girl.
Just as we have the Twilight God’s essence, we need the Goddess’ as well.

Hybrid-Eclypse: Don’t worry Luna, once they have what they need then we’ll get to have our fun.

Hybrid-Luna: Hmph.

Narration: The True Kindred draws in Myriah as they prepare to extract the Goddess’ essence from her.

True Kindred: Come here girl.
It’s been awhile since we last met.

Myriah: What do you want?

True Kindred: Ah…
Of course…you don’t remember.
Eons ago, you and the Twilight God banished us and sealed us away. We could only act through others, but repeatedly…we were defeated by the likes of your precious adventurers. But…no more!

Now we seek revenge…and now my fallen army will rise again and stake claim to that of which we’ve lost.

Now…you’re precious adventurers will be your very own downfall.

Narration: The still infected members of Divine Valor restrain the Dancer as the True Kindred prepare to draw out the Goddess’ essence.

Myriah: Someone…if you can hear me…help me?!

Narration: Unknowingly, Myriah’s thoughts transmit to Snow who awakens from being knocked out cold.


Snow: Kupo! Kupo! Kupo!

Myriah: *~Help me…someone please!!~*

Snow: Kupo!!

Narration: Snow flies off in search of Myriah and comes across Nephrial’s party.

Nephrial: Huh?

Snow: Kupo…Kupo…Kupo!

Nephrial: Snow.

Deulmaeux: I do say…does that thing only speak moogle?

Snow: Ku…po.

Narration: Frustrated and upset, Snow slaps the Elvaan knight twice.

Deulmaeux: Ow…that thing just slapped me!

Nephrial: That thing has a name.

Deulmaeux: My apologies fair moogle.
I did not mean to offend you. I am Royal Sand’Orian Knight…Deulmaux Franciou. And you would be?

Snow: Hmph!

Narration: The moogle turns her head, ignoring Deulmaeux for his rudeness.

Deulmaeux: Huh?

Nephrial: Her name is Snow and something seems to be wrong.

Narration: As Snow explains the situation, the party becomes more than determined to save their Dancer friend and put an end to the Hybrids and their masters the True Kindred.

Amerita: That would definitely explain why so many beastmen were gathered in the Northlands in the past.

Silvermane: Then what’re we waitin’ around here for?!

Nephrial: Let’s move out!

Narration: Nephrial, Stagga, Silvermane, Zeriah, Deulmaeux, and Amerita all set out to rescue Myriah from the True Kindred.



Laeger: My beautiful Dancer…gone!
Who would’ve thought that she was the Goddess Altana?

Biggs: There…there boss, it’ll be okay.

Wedge: Yeah, there’s plenty of fish in the sea.

Laeger: Get away from me you bunch of buffoons!!

Jinx: This is just pathetic.

Esca: Yeah.

Jinx: Let’s get out of here.
I hear there’s some mythic treasure in the Alzaadal Undersea Ruins.

Esca: I’ll race you there.

Jinx: You’re on!

Narration: While the self-proclaimed master thief Laeger cries over his lost. The two female thieves Jinx and Esca race off to find more treasure scattered across Vana’diel. What awaits them is a challenge unlike no other.

Back in the Kindred lair, Myriah struggles to hold on to the essence that lurks inside of her.


Myriah: Ow…stop!
Stop it please?!

Hybrid-Solar: She’s a stubborn one.

Hybrid-Crescent: What do you expect from the Goddess Altana?

True Kindred: It’s only a matter of time before she gives in.
It is then, that her essence will be ours.
At the moment there are some who seek to interfere with our plans.

Hybrid-Eclypse: Nephrial…I’ll go…

True Kindred: No…
Let the infected pawns go.
The four of you will stay here to assure the procedure is completed.

Hybrid-Eclypse: Yes…I understand.

Hybrid-Solar: Baby sitting duty…how fun.

Narration: As the Hybrids lie in wait, Nephrial, Stagga, Zeriah, Silvermane, Amerita, and Deulmaeux battle their way through Uleguerand Range as they attempt to save the Dancer…their friend Myriah.


Silvermane: Rawrr!
It’s so many of them.

Nephrial: Scared?

Silvermane: Yeah…I’m shaking in my boots!

Stagga: Why do I get the feeling the two of you are enjoying this?

Nephrial: Come on Stagg, what’s not to enjoy?

Silvermane: I’ll tell you what’s not to enjoy. I’m the only Mithra in a party of three Humes and two Elvaans. You guys are have your way with me aren’t you?

Narration: For a second, everyone stops and stares at Silver.

Silvermane: Ah, give me a break it was just a joke.

Deulmaeux: You talk too much rubbish girl.
Mithra isn’t even my type.


Narration: Just then Deulmaeux is sucker punched by non other than DV member, Motokochan.


Motokochan: Maybe you’d like to try me instead.

Zeriah: Motoko!

Motokochan: Hello Zeriah…

Narration: Motokochan charges after Nephrial, but is interrupted by Deulmaeux.

Motokochan: How dare you?!

Deulmaeux: How dare I?
You practically sucker punched me and you ask how dare I?


Narration: Deulmaeux lunges at Motokochan with sword and shield in tow. Soon after, the remaining three members of DV join the battle.

Relight: Didn’t anyone ever tell you it’s not polite to hit a woman.

Lady: <Rargh>

Amerita: Oh no you don’t…Lu!!

Lumineux:Β <Rargh>

Nephrial: Why is it that we always have to fight these guys?

Aerogamis: Well just be lucky that Taolos isn’t here to kick your ass…again.

Nephrial: You just had to bring that up huh Aero?

Aerogamis: Don’t worry I’ll more than make up for it.

Nephrial: Uh…but…you’re a White mage.

Aerogamis: Ha, Ha, Ha…damn I’m gonna have fun with you.

Nephrial: Uh…oh.

Narration: Nephrial regrets underestimating Aerogamis as he’s given the beating of his life once again. Aero casts everything from his strongest White mage spell to even a few summons.

Aerogamis: Nice job Carby.

Nephrial: Hey…I’m…not done…with you…yet.

Aerogamis: is that so?

Narration: Just as Aero prepares to strike down Nephrial, out of nowhere Zeriah casts one of her powerful Red mage spells on Aero.

Zeriah: That should slow you down a bit.

Aerogamis: You little bitch!
Was that suppose to hurt?

Zeriah: Uh…Nephy some help here.

Nephrial: Sorry Aero, but you asked for it.


Narration: With his Blue mage spell, Nephrial knocks Aerogamis unconscious.

Zeriah: Frypan?

Nephrial: Give me a break.
I wasn’t trying to kill the guy.

Narration: Meanwhile, Silvermane and Eveie battle each other. As the two Mithra’s face off against each other, they are more than a match for one another.

Eveie: Where’s your smart remarks kittiecat?

Silvermane: Sorry was that suppose to be an insult?
I didn’t notice from all the fun I’m having!

Eveie: Is that so?

Circle Blade!

Narration: Eveie uses the weapon skill Circle Blade, which sends the very land itself trembling towards it’s victim.

Silvermane: Meoow…okay…I’ve had enough of you!

Narration: Silver uses her special job ability Hide and then counter’s Eveie’s attack with an attack of her own.

Eveie: Why’d you sneaky little whench.
Where’d you go?

Silvermane: Right here…

Shadow Strike!

Narration: Eveie is knocked unconscious from SIlver’s newest attack.

Silvermane: Huh?
What the hell was that? Oh well…

Huh? Uh oh…

Narration: As Silver looks on, she catches a glimpse of an emerging dark army on the horizon. And as SIlver runs off to warn the others, back at the Kindred’s lair a weakened Myriah is unable to resist the True Kindred’s powers any longer. She finally succumbs to the essence extraction.

Myriah: Aaah!!

True Kindred: Ah…finally the Goddess’ essence is ours.

Hybrid-Luna: My she sure did put up a fight.

Myriah: Wha…what did you do to me?

True Kindred: Silence mortal…you are no longer needed.
Dispose of her.

Narration: No longer possessing the essence of the Goddess Altana, the Dancer known as Myriah is too weak to sustain her own life and passes out entering some sort of coma like state.

True Kindred: Ah…it is time.
A new Crystal War is upon us. And this time there is nothing that can stop us.

Narration: Back outside, the group of Nephrial, Zeriah, Deulmaeux, Stagga, and Amerita continue their fight against the remaining DV members Motokochan and Relight.

Deulmaeux: I do say…you’re not so bad.

Motokochan: And you talk too much.

Vorpal Thrust!

Deulmaeux: You test my patience lady.
So I’ll strike…Full of Pride!!

Narration: Not the best name for an attack, but Strike full of Pride is Deulmaeux’s personal weapon skill that delivers critical damage to it’s victim. The attack slows Moto down a bit, but doesn’t stop her.

Meanwhile, Amerita and Relight continue their fight.

Relight: I hope you’re at least some what good wit that sword.

Amerita: I stake my life…and my honor on it.

Relight: Then you’ll do good to die by it!

Narration: For every moment that their Great Katanas meet, the two Samurais read each other, looking for who’s sword is more honorable. Unfortunately for Amerita, the infected Relight isn’t concerned with honor.

Relight: Hey! I got something for you.

Tachi: Kasha!

Amerita: Huh?

Narration: Amerita dodges the attack, but is shocked to see that Relight has a second attack up his arsenal.

Relight: Try dodging this…


Amerita: Aaah!!

Narration: Amerita tries her best to deflect Relight’s attack, but is overpowered by the shear force of it.

Relight: And now to finish this.

Narration: Just then, Amerita catches Relight off guard with a blind spell.

Relight: Son of a Bitch!
Just wait til I can see again!

Amerita: Grr…

Tachi: Yukikaze!!

Narration: The attack from Amerita temporarily incapacitates Relight, buying her time to recover from Relight’s last attack.

Suddenly, a disturbed Silvermane tries to warn her friends of the oncoming threat.

Silvermane: Guys! Guys!!

Stagga: What’s wrong?

Silvermane: Look!

Narration: As Stagga look and sees the dark army, he is highly intimidated by its prescence.

Stagga: Uh…Guys…
I think we should go!


Narration: At the front lines of the army, stands the four Shadow Generals. Shadow-Horn and his Shadowhorn Stormers, Shadow-Eye and it’s Shadoweye Gnats, Shadow-Hand and her Shadowhand Cuirassers, and last but not least…Head Shadow General…Shadow-Fang and his Dark spirits.

Shadow-Fang: Dark spirits…let us fill the world in chaos!

Shadow-Eye: Shadoweye Gnats…we will spew wrath across the land!

Shadow-Horn: Shadow stormers…let us cause destruction!!

Shadow-Hand: ……!!

Shadowhand Cuirasser: …… O.o

Shadow-Hand: …….. -.-

Shadowhand Cuirasser: ……..? O.o

Shadow-Hand: ……..!!! >.<

Shadowhand Cuirasser: …….. O.o

Narration: A now irritated, Shadow-Hand casts Fire IV on the Cuirasser not forgiving the Cuirasser’s incompetence and then look towards the other Cuirasser’s to assure they get the message.

Shadow-Hand: ^.^

Narration: As the dark army prepares to go to war with the world, in Xarcabard, a Sand’Orian Outpost Guard sends a message to the Sand’Orian Royal Knights Headquarters.

Outpost Guard: This is Xarcabard to the Royal Knights…one of those…things has appeared in the Northlands. Legions of demons are spewing out of it!! Please, if anyone copies…send help immediately!

Goddess help us all.

Narration: In between time, dimensions, and space, a furry black and white feline struggles to figure out exactly what’s going on.


Cait-Sith: Meow!!
What’s this?

Everything is unbalanced….
Light is being extinguished….
Darkness overcoming the worlds…..
The balancer is no more…..

What to do?


Narration: Just then, Cait-Sith sees something he hasn’t seen in years.

Caith-Sith: It’s him again…
But why does he sleep at a time like this?

Narration: One can only wonder what it is that the feline speaks of. Meanwhile our heroes prepare to face the dark army.

Zeriah: Oh, come on Nephy…get up.
We need you! Nephy!

Narration: As Zeriah tries to awaken the Elvaan, unknowingly the true owner of the body once again resurfaces.

Nephrial: Asleep again…
I knew I was going to regret letting you keep this body.
Oh well…my turn.


Zeriah: Nephy? Nephy wait?!

Narration: The others look on as Nephrial races off to face the threat that approaches.

Deulmaeux: That is one crazy Elvaan.

Stagga: Evo’s always been crazy, but…this is just plain nuts.

Zeriah: <cries>
That’s because he’s not Evo…

Amerita: What do you mean little sister?

Zeriah: My brother’s gone and I think this time…for good.

I…I…don’t sense him anymore.

Narration: As Zeriah mourns the possible lost of Evogolist, Nephrial stands at the top of a slop staring down at the dark army. He prepares himself for what to him is perhaps his greatest battle ever.

Shadow-Fang: Huh?
What’s this? An Elvaan?

Shadow-Eye: Perhaps he looks to die.

Shadow-Fang: Then it is death we shall give him.

Army of Darkness…..Charge!!!

(End of Chapter)



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