Special Story: Chapter 8 – The Warrior of Light Returns

Final Fantasy XI: Wings of the Goddess

Chapter 8: The Warrior of Light Returns


Narration: The True Kindred’s dark army charges up the slope towards the Elvaan blue mage super soldier. For a minute, Nephrial stands there. The first army to approach is the Shadoweye Gnats. One strikes…and misses…and another uses its special attack Pandemic Nip. After reading each move carefully, the blue mage steps back, takes a second…then he charges.

Nephrial: Grr….
Mysterious Light!!

Shadow-Eye: Where’d he go? I can’t see!

Narration: Mysterious Light, a spell mostly used by Magic-Pots. The spell temporarily blinds its victims with an extremely bright light. Unable to see, Shadow-Eye and his legion of gnats try to locate the Elvaan blue mage, but he’s nowhere to be found. Suddenly, Nephrial emerges and the only thing Shadow-Eye sees is the edge of Nephrial’s sword as it penetrates his eye.

One Shadow-Gnats shouts…

Shadoweye Gnat: Master!!

Narration: Another Gnat signals the others to attack. One by one Nephrial cuts them down. Next up is Shadow-Hand and her cuirassiers.

Nephrial: Hmph…
Sound Blast!!

Narration: Shadow-Hand casts one of her most powerful spells, but it barely phases the blue mage. Back up top, Nephrial’s friends look on as the blue mage takes on the True Kindred’s army of darkness.

Deulmaeux: By the Goddess!

Stagga: Man look at him.
He’s a beast.

Silvermane: What are we waiting for?
Let’s get down there!

Narration: As Silvermane and the others rush to join the battle, a stunned Zeriah looks on as she watches the man she use to call her brother fight as if he was fighting the battle of his life.

Zeriah: Nephy…

Narration: Zeriah can’t help but feel sadness for fear that her brother may be lost for good.
Back at the Kindred’s Lair….

Hybrid-Crescent: My lords…Shadow-Eye and his Shadoweye Gnats have fallen in battle.

True Kindred: Impossible!

Hybrid-Eclypse: My lord…allow me to face my brother in battle.

True Kindred: No…your place is here.

Hybrid-Eclyspe: I’ve waited long enough!
I’m going.

Hybrid-Luna: Eclypse!

True Kindred: Leave him.

Hybrid-Luna: But…

True Kindred: I will allow him to go, but you three will not defy me.

Hybrid-Solar: Aww…I’m going to miss all the fun.

Narration: The remaining three Hybrids await their next assignment as they watch Hybrid-Eclypse race off to confront the Elvaan Blue mage Nephrial. Elsewhere, the friendly feline Cait Sith discovers a familiar face.


Cait-Sith: Huh?
What’s this? Is he sleep?
Oh my…maybe he’s dead.

Evogolist: ……..

Cait Sith: …….

Evogolist: Where….where am I?

Cait Sith: You’re….you’re awake!!

Evogolist: What the…?!
Oh…it’s just you again.
Wait?! Am I dreaming?

Cait Sith: No…no…this is no dream.

Evogolist: But, I’m suppose to be…

Cait Sith: But you’re not.

Evogolist: Okay…how did I get here?
I’m suppose to be out there. On top of it, I’m back in my body.

Cait Sith:….

Evogolist: Uh….

Cait Sith: ……

Narration: The mysterious feline gives a blank stare to Evo.

Evogolist: Oh come on!
What are you staring at me for?!

Cait Sith: Ah…I got it.

Evogolist: Huh?

Narration: Just like that, the feline known as Cait Sith disappears and then suddenly a heavy wind blows and Evo is lifted off of his feet and into the air.

Evogolist: Oh no…not this again.
Oh shiiiiittt!!

Narration: The Hume known as Evogolist is sucked up into the being known as Atomos. Where he will end up…no one knows.

Cait Sith: Huh?
He is gone.
<sigh> And I was going to tell him what happened.

Narration: Back on the front lines of battle, our heroes struggle to hold the kindred dark army.Unfortunately for them, the battle is about to become even harder as the Hybrid known as Eclypse arrives on the scene.


Hybrid-Eclypse: Wings of Bahamut!!
Mega Flare!

Narration: Yes the Elvaan Hybrid as his draws forth his tri-bow and uses his strongest attack. The attack almost hits Nephrial, but Neph is able to dodge it just in time.

Nephrial: Hexamus!!

Hybrid-Eclypse: Come on Nephrial…
Show me what you’ve got.

Stagga: Guys look, the fight just got a little harder.

Zeriah: Nephy!

Stagga: There’s too many of them.

Shadow Fang: Eliminate the pest!

Narration: The remaining forces of the dark army charges all at once and then sends out their most powerful weapon.

Silvermane: Meow…..guys we got trouble!

Deulmaeux: That isn’t good.

Silvermane: It’s a Behemoth, of course it isn’t good.
Why would a Behemoth ever be good?

Deulmaeux: According to the Sand’Orian archives, that isn’t just any Behemoth…that’s the Kindred’s special bred Behemoth, the Kaiser Behemoth.

Amerita: I’ve heard of it before.
Lu…we’d better sync up.

Lumineux: Raargh!

Amerita: Spirit Surge!
Now to eliminate some of these things.
Blessed Radiance!

Narration: Amerita is able to banish the remaining Shadowhand Cuirassers, but it wasn’t enough to eliminate the Shadowhorn and Shadowfang armies.

Zeriah: Uh…Big sister…they’re still coming.

Amerita: Everyone fall back!

Deulmaeux: Retreat?! I am a proud Sand’Orian…..

Silvermane: You’re gonna be a dead one if you don’t shut up and come on!

Narration: As Amerita and the others retreat, the dark army follows in pursuit.



Rahal: Your lordship….over there.

Prince Trion: By the Goddess, the dark army.

Rahal: Should we attack sir? Sir?

Prince Trion: Hmm….

Rahal: Sir, we await your command.

Prince Trion: Royal Knights of Sand’Oria…..ATTACK!!

Narration: The Knights of Sand’Oria roars with battle cries as they head into battle with the dark army. Two adventurers look in as the battle takes place.

Adventurer #1: Hey when did campaign battles start taking place in present time?

Adventurer #2: I don’t know….
Let’s go….free experience points!!

Adventurer #1: Fuck that….I just died. Any more and I de-level.

Adventurer #2: You noob….you don’t lose exp in campaign battles.

Adventurer #1: Oh, let’s go then.

Narration: As the two clueless adventurers head into what they believe is a campaign battle, a cavernous maw opens.

Evogolist: Ow…
Man I really hat that.
Huh? I’m back in the Northlands.

Etemmu: Mmmm….

Evogolist: Oh god!
Geez, you scared the crap out of me.

Etemmu: Mmm…..

Evogolist: Now where is everyone?

Narration: As Evo searches for his friends, he is unaware of the events that are taking place at the moment. Back in Uleguerand Range, the Elvaan brothers Nephrial and Hybrid-Eclypse continue their own personal battle.

Hybrid-Eclypse: Give it up Neph, you know I’m stronger than you.

Nephrial: Grr…never!

Hybrid-Eclypse: Fine…
Have it your way.
Circle of Flames!!

Nephrial: Huh?

Narration: Hybrid-Eclpyse unleashes a new attack that entraps it’s target within a circle of flames. And then he prepares to once again use the attack of Odin.

Hybrid-Eclypse: Spear of Odin!

Narration: As the energy filled spear comes crashing down to the ground, Nephrial frees himself from the entrapped flames. Then he counters with an attack of his own.

Nephrial: Sub-Zero Smash!!
And now my turn…

Ixion’s Horn…

Hybrid-Eclypse: Huh?

Nephrial: Hammer of Thor!!

Narration: Hammer of Thor, Nephrial’s personal attack. Used when he combines his two Kijis into one sword, thus creating what is called Ixion’s Horn. The attack is able to intercept Eclypse’s attack causing a huge explosion.

Evogolist: Huh?
What was that?
I’d better get going?

Narration: Elsewhere, the noise from the loud explosion causes some what of an avalanche.

Zeriah: Guys we’d better get out of here….look!!

Stagga: Yikes!!

Narration: As tons of crashing snow comes rushing down the mountain side, our heroes try their best to escape from battle. All the while, the two Elvaans continue their battle.

Hybrid-Eclypse: An avalanche huh?
Hey Nephrial, this time I won’t save you.
You’ll die the way you should’ve died fifteen years ago!

Nephrial: Hexamus….

Narration: Hurt to hear such words come from his own brother, Nephrial stands there and realizes that the Elvaan he once considered his brother, best friend, and rival is not the Elvaan that stands before him today. And so he let’s himself be buried in the avalanche.

Hybrid-Eclypse: Hmph…
I always knew you were weak.

Zeriah: Huh?
Nephy No!!

Amerita: Little sis, no…let’s go!
There’s nothing we can do for him now.

Narration: Unbeknownst to them, the Kaiser Behemoth emerges for the mist fo the snow.

Stagga: We’re trapped!!

Deulmaeux: Guess today is as good as ever to die.

Narration: Then…just when all hope seemed lost…

Evogolist: Shining Wave!!

Narration: With a wave of light, Evogolist attacks and wounds the Behemoth.

Silvermane: What in the…?!

Zeriah: It can’t be.


Evogolist: Grr…

Zeriah: Big Brother!!

Narration: The warrior of light returns as Evo battles the Kaiser Behemoth single-handedly.

Evogolist: Sorry guy…need to borrow this.

Sand’Orian Knight: Hey you! Give that back!

Narration: Evogolist grabs the lance from the Sand’Orian Knight and uses his special attack…

Evogolist: Been a long time, but here goes nothing.

Shooting Star!

Narration: Evo throws the spear into the air then jumps as high as he can.

Evogolist: Grr…
Lu, a little help if you please?!

Lumineux: ……

Evogolist: Aww come on Lu, I’m sorry for leaving you.
I promise a crap load of wyvern feed when this is over.

Lumineux: …..

Evogolist: Your own room…..

Lumineux: ……

Evogolist: Lu!!

Lumineux: Raargh!!

Narration: As the two are reunited, the power of the Holy crest is restored and Evo uses his powerful finisher.

Evogolist: Heaven’s Wrath!!

Narration: It’s as if the entire sky is falling as Evo delivers a devastating blow to the giant creature. causing it to crash down to the ground.

Evogolist: Hey Z, I’ll be with you in a sec, but first things first.
Now which one of you demons want some?

Narration: A distraught Stagga panics as he watches his best friend take on the army of darkness.

Stagga: Ahh….this is just too much!
A Dancer that’s the Goddess Altana, three demonic assassins, an army of darkness, not one….but two behemoths, and a giant avalanche! Oh not to mention a friend that suffers from multiple personality disorder.

Aaah…..I can’t take it anymore!

Silvermane: Will you shut up!
Gosh it’s bad enough to deal with a motor mouth Elvaan, but I gotta deal with a whiny Hume too!

Hey shadow monsters! I wanna be a shadow again!

Narration: Evogolist continues to battle the Kindred’s dark army fighting with all his might to dispose of the mobs. Far up ahead, more mobs make their way through the dark portal.

Evogolist: Damn they just won’t quit.


Amerita: Then maybe we should work together.

Evogolist: Huh?

Zeriah: No more running.

Deulmaeux: I’ll stand by your side always Lady Zeriah.

Zeriah: Shut up already will ya!

Deulmaeux: Lady Zeriah…

Zeriah: I mean it.

Stagga: For Myriah, we must prevail.

Silvermane: Meow….gee…such a wuss.
This is getting good!

Evogolist: Alright, let’s go team!

Narration: The momentum dies as everyone is turned off by Evo’s go get’em phrase.

Silvermane: O.o

Stagga: ……

Amerita: Let’s go….team?

Evogolist: What?!

Silvermane: What kind of go get’em cheer is that?

Evogolist: Uh…Go Go Power Team?

Deulmaeux: My friend, we do not say such thing in Sand’Oria.

Evogolist: So what do Knights of San…..
Wait a sec.

Deulmaeux: We say such things as “For Sand’Oria!!” or….

Zeriah: Shut up!!

Narration: Irritated by Deulmaeux’s constant chatter, Zeriah slaps Deulmaeux in the back of his head.

Evogolist: I got it!

Stagga: Guys…

Evogolist: The Holy Knights….

Stagga: Guys!!

Evogolist: ….of Altana!

All: EVO!!!

Narration: When the party finally gets the attention fo the adventurous Hume, he barely escapes a Shadowhorn Stormer crushing him into the ground.

Evogolist: Uh…
That was close.
Knights….time to go to work!

Narration: The Holy Knights take on the True Kindred’s dark army with each of them pairing up in twos. Evogolist and Amerita taking on Shadow-Horn and his Stormers. Zeriah and Deulmaeux facing Shadow-Hand and their remaining Cuirassers, and Stagga and Silvermane up against Shadow-Fang and his dark elementals.

One after another the kindred army falls, but with every member that is defeated, two more appear.

Further along….

Nephrial: Grr….
Heat Breath!

Narration: The Elvaan blue mage Nephrial blasts his way out of the heavy snow that had collapsed on him during the avalanche.


Nephrial: Hexamus!!!

Narration: He yells and then looks around. Then he let’s out a loud roar.

Nephrial: Rawr!!

Narration: With heavy panting, he looks around some more and notices the battle with the dark army still taking place. Needing to fill his thirst for his brother’s blood and the rage building inside of him, Nephrial runs off towards the battlefield and begins taking out any and every demon that stands in his way.

Deulmaeux: Seems like our blue mage friend has decided to join us again.

Zeriah: Nephrial.
(Something’s different about him. He seems…sad.)


Narration: Nephrial is on a murderous rage as he slaughters each and every demon, shadow, and gigas. He becomes possessed….his eyes are big and wide, but if you were to look into them, it’s as if no one’s there.

Zeriah: Nephy!

Narration: The young Hume girl cries out.

Zeriah: Nephy….Nephy stop please!

Evogolist: Zee!

Narration: Nephrial pushes Zeriah to the ground and continues on his rage.

Evogolist: Zee, are you okay?

Zeriah: I’m fine, Evo you have to stop him.

Evogolist: It’s the beast, it’s taken over. Don’t worry Zee, I’ll stop him.

Narration: As Nephrial prepares to strike again, Evogolist blocks his sword.

Nephrial: Grr…
Out of my way Hume.

Evogolist: That’s enough Nephrial.

Nephrial: Last warning, get out of my way.

Evogolist: You wanna go at it again, be my guest, but I’m not letting you go any further.

Narration: Nephrial looks at Evogolist as if to strike him down, then suddenly he let’s out a loud cry.


Nephrial: Grrr…..Aaaahh!!!

Narration: Zeriah looks at him and at that moment sees every inch of pain coursing throughout his heart.

Zeriah: Nephy…Nephy look at me.
It’s alright….it’s alright.

Evogolist: Hey Neph, don’t worry…we’ll save both Myriah and your brother. But we need you….here with us.

Zeriah: Let us…your friends help you.

Nephrial: My…friends?

Narration: Friends…something Nephrial haven’t seen nor heard since becoming part of an experiment that tied the fates of two of Vana’diel’s greatest warriors together. And now…for the first time in two years he has friends again.


Silvermane: So are we done with this sentimental crap?

Evogolist: Shall we?

Nephrial: Let’s go!

Narration: Today, one of Vana’diel’s greatest teams was formed under the name The Holy Knights of Altana. And now…as they head off to face the Hybrids and the True Kindred, will they be able to stop this evil terror and save both the Dancer Myriah and the Elvaan Hybrid Hexamus?




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