Chapter 13b – Haunting Dreams

Chapter 13b: Haunting Dreams


Narration: In a dark room sits Nuvea Crystari. Today she celebrates one of the most important days of her entire life, her nameday. Gathered around her are all of her family and friends each shouting Happy Nameday to her.

Fye: Happy Nameday Nuvea!!

Narration: Shouts Fye, soon after another one of the younglings askes Nuvea to make a wish. Nuvea then closes her eyes and makes the one wish that would make her happy for the rest of her days…to be reunited with her parents. Nuvea then blows out the candles and as she opens her eyes and looks around she realizes that she’s no longer in her home. As she looks around, lying scattered on the ground are the very same family and friends that were just at her Nameday party.


Nuvea: Huh?
Where am I? Wha….what is this?!

Narration: Nuvea then looks and spots her Aunt Zeriah lying on the ground unconscious. She runs over to her and calls out to her.

Nuvea: Auntie Zee! Auntie Zee wake up please!

Narration: As Nuvea continues to call out to Zeriah, standing behind her is a dark figure. The dark figure approaches and suddenly without warning strikes Nuvea. There’s a loud thump as Nuvea awakens from the worst possible nightmare. She looks around and wonders what the dream could have possibly been about. A crimson red moon? A dark armored figure? Nuvea couldn’t possibly make sense of it. As she tries to gather herself, without warning her bedroom door suddenly creeks open and she spots the head of her pet star marmot Mu. Still without any memory of ever having a pet Marmot, Nuvea squeals and slowly backs away a little.


Nuvea: Wha…what are you doing here?
I thought Auntie Zee got rid of you.

Narration: Mu then moves closer to Nuvea and as he runs up onto Nuvea, at first Nuvea is a little jumpy, but then she slowly calms down and looks at the small Star Marmot.

Nuvea: Hey…you’re not so bad.
Wait a sec….I know you don’t I?

Narration: Nuvea plays with Mu a little, but just then Mu runs and hides under the bed as Zeriah makes her way into Nuvea’s room.

Zeriah: Nuvea are you okay?!
I heard a loud bump and I was worried that something had happened.

Nuvea: Auntie Zee you worry too much.
It was nothing….just a bad dream that somehow caused me to….end up on the floor…hehe.

Narration: As Nuvea laughs her little mishap off, Zeriah holds her head all the while shaking it to Nuvea’s mishaps.

Zeriah: Child…whatever am I to do with you?
Come on…get up! Get up! You need to get dressed.

Nuvea: Dressed? Dressed for what?

Zeriah: Dear heaven’s did you bump your head and lose your memory in the process? It’s your Nameday. All the other younlings will be here soon for your party.

Narration: Nuvea’s a little taken back and slightly scarred after her recent nightmare.

Nuvea: Hey Auntie Zee, there aren’t any red moons in the sky as of late are there?

Narration: Zeriah wholeheartedly laughs at Nuvea’s question and walks out of the room. Nuvea stands there with a blank expression for a few minutes. She then shrugs it off and continues to get dress for her Nameday party.


Later that day, all the younglings of Gridania are gathered together to wish Nuvea Happy Nameday. Some of the younglings such as Aunillie, Powle, Sansa, Elyn, Fye, and even Khrimm were all there laughing and celebrating Nuvea’s special day.

Sansa: Happy Nameday Nuvea!

Elyn and Aunillie: Yeah…Happy Nameday Nuvea!

Narration: When it was time for Nuvea to make a wish and blow out the candles, Nuvea was a little worried. She remembered her dream and how things had turned out. She closed her eyes and made her wish and as she opened them again and blew out the candles, she was relieved to see that everything was as it should be and everyone was safe and sound.

Afterwards all the children gathered around Nuvea as she opened her gifts. One of her gifts was a homemade doll made by Powle and Sansa.

Sansa: Hey Nuvea…do you like it?!

Nuvea: Mmhmm….

Sansa: I made the doll and Powle added the mini bow and arrow.

Nuvea: I like it…it’s not too girlie and not too boyish. Just what I like.

Narration: Next she opened Fye and Khrimm’s gift. Inside was a custom-made mask with different designs on it.

Fye: I hope that you like the mask Nuvea.

Nuvea: Of course, what are the different designs for?

Fye: Well they mean brave. You really helped us back then and we were surprised at how brave you were doing that time. So as a thank you gift Khrimm and I made this. And Fufucha helped too.

Nuvea: Wow…me…brave? Really?!

Fufucha: They’re right you know. The other younglings always talk about you and seem to gather around you during recess. They all talk about how much they wish that they could join you on one your adventures one day.

Nuvea: Really?! Wow….hehe….thank you Fye….thank you Khrimm.

Fye: You’re welcome Nuvea.

Khrimm: Yeah…yeah…whatever.

Narration: Says Khrimm in his usual gloomy demeanor. When Nuvea looked up she couldn’t help but notice one youngling who shyed away from the others. A young Miqo’te by the name of Neya Kuchiki. Nuvea didn’t know much about Neya, except of course that they were in the same class together. As Nuvea made way over to speak to Neya she was a bit angered to see Elyn and Aunillie teasing Ney.

Elyn: Ney you’re such a weirdo!

Aunillie: Ney you’re such a freak!

Elyn: Why’d you come anyway? You don’t belong here!

Aunillie: She probably wants to scam stuff off of Nuvea like she does everyone else.

Narration: Ney held her head down, scared and ashamed of what everyone would say about her. Just then Nuvea comes over and scolds Elyn and Aunillie.

Nuvea: And just who gave you guys the right to talk down on her, huh?!
You’re no better than her!

Aunillie: We’re sorry Nuvea.

Elyn: Yeah we didn’t mean to upset you.

Narration: Nuvea turns and walks over to Ney and then takes Ney’s hand.

Nuvea: Hi!
I don’t believe we’ve met before.
I’m Nuvea what’s your name?

Narration: At first Ney is shy and continues to hold her down barely saying a word. Then after noticing Nuvea’s hand embracing her’s she slightly looks up and replies.

Neya: Ney…

Nuvea: Ney huh?

Narration: While still holding Ney’s hand, Nuvea turns and looks at the other younglings.

Nuvea: Okay everyone listen up!
This is Ney, my new friend.
I hope that all of us can become great friends in the future.
And anyone that doesn’t like just forget about being my friend.

Narration: Zeriah looks on amazed at how much Nuvea has matured over the last year. She then smiles warmly at Nuvea’s new friendship, but then like everyone else is shocked when another youngling speaks out against Nuvea.

???: No one wants to be friends with you…murderer.


Narration: The room goes quiet as everyone turns and looks at the mysterious dark youngling. Elyn and Aunillie approach the youngling and scold the child for her negative attitude towards Nuvea.

Aunillie: Hey just who do you think you are calling Nuvea a murderer?!

Elyn: Yeah…you must be really miserable to say such harsh things!

???: The rest of you may be fooled by her charms, but I will never forget what she did.

Narration: Nuvea walks over to the girl and is curious to know what it is that she speaks of.

Nuvea: Hey! What are you talking about?

???: You may have forgotten or blanked it out of your head, but I full as well remember what it is that you did to Chyldeluve.

Narration: Zeriah’s eyes open wide as she’s afraid of what’s to come next.

Zeriah: No! You mustn’t!

???: See…even your aunt knows exactly what I’m talking about.

Narration: Nuvea turns and looks at Zeriah and begins to question her about the young Miqo’te’s accusations.

Nuvea: Auntie Zee, what is she talking about? Who’s Chyldeluve?

Narration: Zeriah stands there terrified and too afraid to answer Nuvea’s questions. She knows that revealing the truth about what really happened could do more harm than could. Zeriah wonders what if such revelations were to awaken the power of Ultima. Nuvea once again asks Zeriah, but Zeriah is still too reluctant to ask.

Nuvea: Auntie Zee?
What is she talking about?

Narration: Zeriah still refuses to answer. She then turns her attention towards the young Miqo’te and questions her identity.

Zeriah: Just who are you and what gives you the right to disturb my niece’s Nameday with such accusations?!

???: My name is Sangiril Plainswalker.
Chyldie was my friend. She was…my only friend.
But that was all taken from me when she was killed.

Narration: Nuvea once more looks at Death Lok and tries her best to remember exactly who the youngling Chyldie was. Just then, no longer able to stomach any more of Sangi’s negativity, Nuvea’s new friend Ney casts a sleep spell incapacitating Sangi.

Nuvea: Huh?

Narration: Nuvea and the other younglings look at Ney shocked that she would do such a thing. Ney stands holding her staff and shyly looking up at the others.

Neya: I…I…I’m sorry.

Narration: Nuvea then walks over to Ney and gives Ney a big hug thanking her for what she had just done.

Nuvea: Serves her right!
Looks like we’re going to be great friends Ney.

Narration: Ney smiles as she begins to form bond with Nuvea. Later that evening, Fufucha escorts the other younglings home, including the still sleeping Sangiril. And Nuvea prepares to call it a night, she can’t but to continue to wonder who exactly was Chyldleluve and what connection she had to her. She looks at Mu and plays with the Star Marmot for a bit before dozing off to sleep. Outside of her room Zeriah sighs and worries that today’s event may be the start of a plan coming undone. She can only hope that Evo and Mily can find what they’re looking for before it’s too late.


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