Chapter 13c – Captain for a day

Chapter 13c: Captain for a day


Narration: In the port town of Aleport, the head strong Pirate known as Silvermane along with her crewmates Biggs and Wedge dock. Their destination….Limsa Lominsa. Biggs and Wedge are less than pleased about having to walk all the way to Limsa from so far.

Wedge: Ma’am is this really necessary?
I mean couldn’t we have just docked at Limsa?

Silvermane: And what?! Get spotted by the Cudas in their ship?
No freaking way!

Wedge: Well couldn’t we just tele there then? I mean look at poor Biggs he’s dying of starvation.

Biggs: <moans> So hungry….<moans> must…eat…something.

Silvermane: Hey it’s not my fault you two wasted all of yer damn anima trying to get out of Coerthas. Do you have any idea what it’s like having to tele all around the place only to end up in a place like Mor Dhona?! And since I used all of my anima chasing you two down just to get us back to our ship, you two will have to suffer the long walk just like me. Now shut yer traps and get to walking.


Narration: When they finally arrive in Limsa, Silver, Biggs, and Wedge are eager to get to the drowning wench and do their best to avoid any Cudas patrolling the streets. Upon arriving at the Drowning Wench the trio are greeted by none other than Baderon who is delighted to see his favorite Miqo’te back for more of his finest Ale.

Baderon: ‘ells bells lass. If yer ain’t a sight for me sore eyes.
And here I thought I’d never see ye again.

Silvermane: Yeah well, had it not been for that scrag I’d been back ages ago.

Narration: Just then Wedge comes across an issue of Menphina’s Magazine and takes special notice of the headlines.

Wedge: Ma’am!! Ma’am ye gotta check this out fer yer self!

Silvermane: What the hell?! Can’t a girl enjoy her drink in peace?!
Give me that!

Narration: As Silver reads through the headlines, her face lights up with the brightest smile full of joy.

Silvermane: Keeper’s fend!!! Got dammit!! Baderon a drink on the house!!

Baderon: One drink on the ‘ouse coming up.

Biggs: Cap’n what’s the occasion?

Silvermane: Our freedom, that’s the occasion!
The spoiled down right rotten brat Captain Kilyah is now lying six feet under and the Commodore has resigned his position in the Thalocrassy.

Wedge: If that doesn’t call for a special occasion I don’t know what does.

Silvermane: Yer damn skippy it does!

Narration: Silver celebrates her freedom, drinking as many bottles of ale as she can. Not long after however, she’s approached by a rival pirate.


Death Lok: Well..well…if it isn’t the little kitten.

Silvermane: That voice…I know that voice!

Death Lok: And still just as dramatic as usual.
Nice to see you too Coppermane.

Silvermane: Grr….Silver! The name’s Silvermane!!

Death Lok: Yeah…yeah, so I see you finally upgraded that piece of garbage that you called a ship.

BIggs: Yeah…we got us a Cuda ship!

Narration: Both Silver and Wedge slap Biggs upside the back of his head for blurting out such a thing.

Biggs: Ow…that hurt!

Wedge: What are ye tryin’ to do? Get us arrested you stupid dolt?!

Death Lok: Hmm….a Cuda ship…not bad.
So you’re the ones who got away with our dearly departed Captain Kilyah’s grand ship the Siren’s Tear?
Not bad if I do say so myself.

Silvermane: Amazed huh?

Death Lok: What? That a little kitten such as yourself stole an over-zealous military brat’s ship? Oh please give me a break.

Silvermane: Well believe it! Because it’s all mine!

Death Lok: And yet you still run with those two idiots.
No wonder you’re still the laughing stock of the pirate community.
Running with a bunch of Garlean rejects that no one even wants as a part of their crew…I’m surprised you’ve made it this far.

Wedge: Garlean rejects?! Why I’d oughta!!

Narration: Silver takes another sip of her ale and then grips her axe. She then looks at Death Lok and prepares to take on the rival pirate.

Silvermane: Hey!!! No one talks about Biggs and Wedge like that!
Sure they may be a bunch of low down, clumsy, Garlean reject losers….

Wedge: (Gee Ma’am….way to make us sound any better).

Silvermane: ….but they’re my low down, clumsy, Garlean reject losers!!

Narration: Silver slams her bottle on the counter and then grabs her axe. The tension between her and Death Lok is intense. You can pretty feel the heated hatred between the two.

Death Lok: You wanna go at it sister?!
Well bring it on, but you should know that three of you are no match for the lot of us.

Narration: A group of at least 10-15 pirates step forward, all a part of Death Lok’s band of pirates known as the “Death Phantoms”. Silver grips her axe even tighter and grinds her teeth even harder as the group of pirates step forward. Meanwhile Biggs and Wedge begin backing away afraid of the large group.

Death Lok: Aw…what’s wrong little kitten?
Are we becoming a fraidy cat? Hehe

Narration: Just then a tall robed figure approaches Silver, Biggs, and Wedge. He then continues past the trio until he’s standing face to face with the Miqo’te pirate known as Death Lok.

Silvermane: Hey you! Get the hell outta the way!

Death Lok: Damn….why’d you have to appear?

Narration: Death Lok and her band of pirates slowly back away as the robed man stands there intimidating the group of pirates.

Death Lok: This isn’t over kitten, I’ll be back.

Silvermane: You’re damn right this isn’t over….get back here!

Narration: Silver then turns and begins yelling at that robed man.

Silvermane: The hells your problem jumping to other people’s business?!
Hey I’m talking to you!!


Narration: The robed man then removes his hood and Silver is shocked to see that he’s non other than the former Commodore, Onias Lunaire.

Silvermane: Uh….hey!

Onias: So…you’re the one that stole Kilyah’s ship?

Narration: Silver hesitates to answer unsure of whether or not it was a Thalocrassy trap.

Silvermane: ….um….

Onias: And you were the one that rammed the Military ship with Kilyah’s own ship am I correct?

Silvermane: Um…yeah…about that…no hard feelings right? Right?!

Narration: Onias laughs it off surprised that such a small group was able to not only still the esteemed Captain’s Ship, but also that the trio was brave enough to stand up to Death Lok and her band of pirates.

Onias: Ha, Ha, Ha!!
So I see. Not bad for a kitten, but you still have a long ways to go before you can be respected as a Pirate. And a Pirate Captain on top of it.

Narration: Once again an annoyed Silver grinds her teeth as she tires of being called a kitten.

Silvermane: The hell are you calling a kitten old man?!
And just what gives you the right to tell me how to be a pirate?! Huh?!

Narration: Onias walks over to Silver and stares her down with a dark glare and reveals to her the truth that only two other people in the world know.

Onias: What gives me the right you say?
I’ll tell you what gives me the right…I am the original Rostoft “The Black Pirate”!

Narration: The Drowning Wench clears as the Onias reveals his true identity. Biggs and Wedge are shaken to the core knowing full well the ruthlessness of the Legendary pirate.

Silvermane: Uh….well…that explains a lot.

Narration: Onias then walks over to the counter and grabs himself a bottle of ale. After pouring himself a glass, he then turns and once again addresses Silver.

Onias: So…it’s been brought to my attention that you recently attempted to make my son out to be the Legendary Black Pirate and take on the role of Captain am I correct?

Narration: Silver tries her best to keep her cool, but is intercepted by Biggs and Wedge who attempt to apologize to Onias.

Wedge: We’re so sorry oh great legendary black pirate sir!

Biggs: So…so…sorry!

Wedge: We didn’t know that the scrag was your son!

Biggs: Nope…not at all.

Onias: Hmm….is that so?

Silvermane: Screw them!
What’s it to you pops?

Narration: Onias once again stands up. He then grabs his personal sword “Flametongue”. And when he turns around answers Silver’s question.


Onias: Ha, Ha, Ha….I like you kitten…we’re going to have so much fun.

Silvermane: The hell you talking about old man?!

Onias: I’m going to be your Captain.

Narration: Silver balls her fist and grinds her teeth together as Onias laughs at the thought of turning Silver, Biggs, and Wedge into real pirates. Meanwhile, Biggs and Wedge shiver at the thought of working for the Legendary Black Pirate.

Onias: So what are you waiting for?!
To the ship you bunch of land loving scally wags.
The Trident is only days away we’ve naught much time to prepare!
Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha!!!

(End of Chapter)





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