Chapter 14b: Secrets No More

Chapter 14b: Secrets No More

Narration: Back in the small village of Quarrymill, inside of Caireann and Zephon’s home, the adventurer Evogolist and his wife Milyah sit and talk. As the two talk and discuss their current state and the past events that have just occurred, Evo is at reluctant to tell her his true identity, nor that of Nuvea’s.

Milyah: Evo, what’s wrong?

Evogolist: Huh? Oh, nothing.

Milyah: You’re lying to me.

Evogolist: Ha, Ha….you could always tell that couldn’t you?

Milyah: Yeah…so tell, what’s wrong. What is it that you’re not telling me.

Evogolist: You wouldn’t believe me, even if I told you.

Milyah: Try me. I’m a true child of the crystal that was raised by Sylphs and our daughter is harboring a dark elder primal, so try me, you’d be surprised at what I believe in these days.

Evogolist: Okay, here goes nothing.
I’m not really the Evo of this world.

Milyah: Um…okay.

Evogolist: Okay, that was easy.
Here’s what else is wrong. The Nuvea here…now…isn’t the Nuvea of this world…at least I don’t think.

Narration: Milyah looks at Evogolist and laughs. While she’s able to accept that he may not be the Evo of her world, she’s less than accepting when it comes to Nuvea.

Milyah: Now that was funny.
How could you say that? I mean look at what she’s gone through.
All because of me.

Evogolist: Look, I don’t know how it is that she came to have the primal essence in her, let alone what happened to the Evo and Nuvea of this world. All I know is that is my little girl and I need to find a way for us to get back home.

Narration: Milyah places her hand on Evo’s forehead to see if he may be sick and possibly hallucinating, but to her disappointment he isn’t. She then looks Evo dead in the eyes and she sees how truthful his words are. She then stands up and takes Evo’s hand.

Milyah: I don’t care.

Evogolist: Huh?

Milyah: It doesn’t matter whether you and Nuvea are from another world or not. All that matters is that you’re here. She’s finally safe and one day we’ll be able to be reunited.

Narration: Evo then let’s go of Milyah’s hand and wraps his arms around her waist. He pulls her close and embraces her tight. Evo then stands up and the two begin to kiss until finally the both move to the bed.

Outside of the bedroom, both Caire and Zeph listen in on what’s going on.

Zephon: Wait, what? Evo isn’t Evo?

Caireann: Just what do you think you’re doing?

Zephon: Shh….I’m trying to hear what they’re saying. So far Evo just said that he and little Nu Nu aren’t from our world. Now all I hear is a bunch moaning and stuff.

Caireann: Hun!!! Get away from there!! They’re trying to reconcile with one another.

Zephon: Wait, are they doing what I think they’re doing?

Caireann: Yeah!

Zephon: In our house?

Caireann: Yeah!
Oh this so reminds me of the time when they first confessed their love for one another.

Zephon: Yeah, I’ve never seen Evo so mushy in my whole life, ha, ha!

Caireann: Oh shut up.

Zephon: Hey didn’t you just wash those seats?

Caireann: Hey!! Wait I did! Evo!! Mily!!! Try not to make a mess will ya! I just washed them seats….no thanks to a certain son of ours.

Narration: Not far in the dining area, Pos and Ruki sit and talk amongst one another.

Poseidon: Grr….could those two be any more shameful?

Ruki: Hey mate, they’re your parents.

Poseidon: Don’t remind me.

Ruki: I mean, so how does that work anyway? I mean, your mom is a Miqo’te and your day is a Roegadyn….

Poseidon: Don’t….you’ll hurt you little Elezen brain.

Ruki: Why you little….
Gah, come on you two, you sure pick a fine time to wanna play around in the bed.

Poseidon: In a bit of a rush ‘eh?

Ruki: Just a bit concerned that’s all.
Plus that other Miqo over there is giving me the creeps.

Narration: In a nearby corner, Starsabre talks to a mysterious person on her linkpearl.

Starsabre: Are you sure?
Okay, I’ll be right there.

Narration: Starsabre prepares to head out in response to the mysterious call sent over the path linkpearl. Elsewhere, Nuvea dreams a dream that brings to her the faces of those long forgotten.

Running through the Twelveswood, are non other than Nuvea and her best friend Chyldie. Accompanying them is non other than Cera who watches as the two girls one through the Shroud laughing and playing without a care in the world.

Nuvea: Okay, one, two, three, look out Chyldie because here I come!!

Narration: Nuvea searches and searches for Chyldie until finally finding her in a nearby bush.

Nuvea: Ha! Found it you!

Chyldie: Oh, you always find me Nuvea.

Nuvea: That’s because I’m the best hunter in all the Twelveswood.
Aren’t I Cera?

Narration: Says Nuvea as she looks up at Cera smiling.
Cera looks at Nuvea and nods smiling back at Nuvea.

Chyldie: Ok Nuvea let’s play something.

Nuvea: Like what?

Chyldie: I don’t know….you’re suppose to be the adventurer.

Narration: Suddenly from the shadows a dark cloaked man appears and suddenly shoves a blade through Chyldie’s back.

Nuvea: Chyldie!!

Narration: Nuvea then looks over to Cera and watches helplessly as Cera fades away into nothingness. She soon begins crying and it feels as if her whole is crumbling around her.

Back in the real world, Nuvea tosses and turns. Moaning and screaming at the same time.

Not far, Zeriah hears Nuvea’s screams and yells and she goes rushing towards Nuvea’s room. Upon arriving, Zeriah stands there petrified as Nuvea’s room lights up. Emitting from Nuvea is none other than the light of the Elder Primal herself. Zeriah rushes over to try and awaken Nuvea before it’s too late.

Outside of their home, two Elezen males look on from afar.

Mysterious Man #1: And thus the second act will soon begin.

Narration: The older Elezen walks off continuing to make his way through Gridania. The other follows behind. Inside Zeriah continues to try her best to awaken Nuvea from her nightmarish dream, but will it be enough? Soon the truth will be revealed and all will be known.

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