Chapter 14c: Awakening

Chapter 14c: Awakening

Nuvea: Ah! Ahhhhhh!!!

Narration: Screamed Nuvea as the pain inside of her intensified. After being caught in a few incidents where she was nearly reminded of the little girl that she once forgot, Nuvea has recently experienced a horrible nightmare in which she watched that same little girl, her best friend Chyldeluve die at the hand of a cloaked being. This resulted in Nuvea falling on the verge of once again unleashing the powers of the dark Elder Primal Ultima.

Upon hearing her niece’s screams, Zeriah rushes to Nuvea’s room, and at that moment does her best to try to awaken Nuvea and calm her before it’s too late.

Zeriah: Nuvea! Nuvea sweetie listen to me, you have to wake up.
Dammit Nuvea wake up!

Narration: Zeriah’s pleas to her niece go unheard as Nuvea’s screams continue to intensify. Unable to awaken Nuvea, Zeriah contacts Brother E-Sumi Yan and upon his arrival, is taken back by the immense power emanating from Nuvea.

Brother E-Sumi: Nuvea, she’s going through an immense amount of pain. If we don’t do something, she very well unleash Ultima once more. How did such things come to be?

Zeriah: I…I don’t know.
When she went to bed everything was just fine.

Narration: Zeriah stops for a moment and remembers the incident from Nuvea’s Nameday party. She remembers how the youngling Sangi had accused Nuvea of being the cause for Chyldie’s death. For awhile Nuvea thought heavily on that and Zeriah stood there wondering if, just maybe…that particular incident could have triggered Nuvea’s transformation.

Over at Nuvea’s bed, Brother E-Sumi does his best to calm Nuvea.

Brother E-Sumi: Benevolent spirits…harken on to me. Surround thy child and quel thy primal’s furious wrath.

Narration: At first it seems as if E-Sumi’s incantation doesn’t work. Nuvea screams louder and then emits a violent energy from her body knocking both E-Sumi and Zeirah across the room and into the wall. And Just when it seemed as if all may have been lost and Ultima was once again awaken, Nuvea suddenly calms down proving that E-Sumi’s enchantment did work.

Brother E-Sumi: It seems as if the incantation worked.

Zeriah: What now? Will she be okay?

Brother E-Sumi: Only time will tell.

Zeriah: Nuvea…..

Narration: E-Sumi Yan and Zeriah stood by and waited in hopes that the transformation was halted before it was too late. Suddenly Nuvea awakens and as Zeriah makes her way over to her, she suddenly stops. Zeriah then takes notice of the tears streaming down Nuvea’s face and can’t help but be saddened knowing all too well that Nuvea has remembered the very things that had been wiped from her memory.

Zeriah: Nuvea….

Nuvea: Why? Why did Chyldie have to die?
I…I…it’s my fault.

Narration: Zeriah walks over to Nuvea and embraces her with a hug. At first Nuvea sits there crying, but then…..

Nuvea: You lied to me.

Zeriah: Huh?

Nuvea: You lied to me!
I remember everything. I remember Chyldie dying. I remember finding my mom and dad.
Why did you lie to me?!

Zeriah: Because we wanted you to be normal!!
Do you know how it felt walking around everyday, staring my little niece in the face and having to lie you? How much it hurt me knowing that you wouldn’t remember the two people most important to you? But your parents, your mom and dad wanted a better future for you.

Nuvea: And what about me huh?
Did you ever thing about how I felt? How it would have affected me?
To have the other younglings looking at me, talking about me behind my back…
Not remembering my best friend Chyldie nor Cera.

Zeriah: Nuvea….

Nuvea: I hate you!!
I hate all of you!!!

Narration: Just then Nuvea jumps up and runs off in the Twelveswood. Zeriah is heartbroken. She knew that one day this would happen, but had hoped that Evo and Mily would have returned by then in order to help and support her. At first she stands there and cries, but then rushes off to find Nuvea.

Nuvea continues running through the Shroud until finally coming to a stop. She stands there a for few and sheds a few more tears. She can hear her aunt calling out to her, thus so hides until soon after Zeriah passes by and is once again out of sight.

Nuvea: I’m sorry Auntie, but I can’t forgive you.
Not now.

Narration: Just then a mysterious cloaked Elezen appears and begins speaking of a dark prophecy that’s to come.

Urianger: Ne’er till land consumes sun can sea bear moons,Heavens spew crimson flame, hells seep black dooms.

Nuvea: Huh?

Urianger: Hearken unto me, ye seeker of truth, and through my words be saved! The senary sun yields the septenary moon─expelling the Astral, beckoning the Umbral. So saith the eternal wisdom of Mezaya Thousand Eyes.

Nuvea: Who….who are you? What do you want?

Urianger: A shadow hangeth o’er the realm, growing blacker with each passing day! Rise from thy waking slumber! See the nightmare for reality, and ready thyself for the coming chaos! Darkness descendeth, but surrender not to despair! For the future is forged in the flames of the present! Child of everlasting dawn, hast thou the courage to face the night?

Nuvea: The heck are you talking about? Are you trying frighten me or something?

Urianger: The foul taint of deceit corrupteth thine heart and wills thee to deeds most sinister. I have sensed the hand that guideth thee, and know of its intent. Full oft, truth lieth not in that which is spoken, but in that which is left unspoken. Refuse to open thine eyes and thou shalt linger in darkness for eternity. Or mayhap the dark shadow cast upon thy soul hath rendered it unable to accept the dawn.

Nuvea: Are you some sort of creeper? You’re really giving me the creeps right now if you didn’t notice.

Urianger: But first thou must cast off the shadow which defiles it…

Narration: Just then the mysterious Elezen summons a drake familiar and vanishes. As the drake familiar approaches, Nuvea is scared and unable to defend herself. The Drake roars and as its sharp teeth drip with saliva, it charges.

From afar, the mysterious Elezen watches as Nuvea faces his familiar. He’s more than interested in seeing how capable Nuvea is in handling herself and more inclined in seeing the power of the dark primal sealed within her.

Urianger: Showth what thou is capable of.

Narration: Nuvea let’s out a scream. From afar, Zeriah hears the scream and she knows that it’s none other than Nuvea. And just as Zeriah is about to rush to Nuvea’s aid. She’s blocked by a powerful barrier.

Zeriah: Huh? The hell?!
Nuvea hold on, I’m coming!!

Narration: Another Elezen stands in the distance and does what he can to hold off Zeriah.

Louisoix: I’m sorry, but I cannot let you interfere, If Eorzea and all the realm is to be saved, then the child must shed the darkness within.

Narration: Back at the battlefield, Nuvea stands there trying to gather herself. She looks around hoping to find a fallen tree branch or something to help fend off the drake familiar. With no way to defend herself, Nuvea wonders if this will be it for her. Suddenly without warning the drake familiar once again charges.

This time Nuvea dodges and as she lands of the ground, she spots a stick laying on the ground nearby. She tries her best to crawl to it, but just as she reaches it she turns over and finds the drake familiar standing directly overtop of her. And as the drake moves in, and Nuvea feels the heat from the drake breathing on her, she closes her eyes and hopes for somewhat of a miracle.

End of Chapter.

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