Chapter 15a: Breaking Barriers

Final Fantasy XIV: A New Beginning

Chapter 15a: Breaking Barriers

Narration: Following her Nameday party, Nuvea went to bed with a lot of thoughts weighing heavily on her mind. She wondered about the young girl Chyldie that the Miqo’te youngling Sangi had spoken. Did she really know Chyldie and if so. how in any way was she responsible or even connected to Chyldie’s death. Unfortunately, this in turn caused Nuvea to be haunted by dreams of both Chyldie and Cera until one night she found herself engulfed in the worse nightmare causing her to somewhat re-enact the events from a few months before hand.

Hearing her niece’s screams, Zeriah rushed to Nuvea’s room only to find that Nuvea had begun going through some what of a transformation, thus causing the sleeping sealed Elder Primal Ultima to once again awaken. Zeriah then sought out the help of Brother E-Sumi Yan in hopes that he could prevent Nuvea from completely the transition. Fortunately for them and the rest of Eorzea, E-Sumi’s incantation worked and Nuvea was able to awaken from her nightmare, but not without a price. Through her dream, Nuvea’s memory of the past events somehow returned and upon learning of the truth, lashed out at Zeriah for lying to her. Upset and feeling hurt and betrayed by the very people she loved, Nuvea attempted to run away from home only to find herself some where deep in the Twelveswood.

Nuvea would then find herself in the presence of a cloaked Elezen who had begun speaking of a dark age that was approaching. Curious to see what the young adventurer was capable of, the cloaked man summoned a drake familiar to test Nuvea’s abilities. And now, as Nuvea struggles with the drake familiar, she yells for help, but no one is around to hear her cries or so she thought.

Nuvea: Help!!

Narration: Not far back in Quarrymill, somehow…Evo and Milyah are able to sense Nuvea’s cries for help.

Milyah: What’s wrong?

Evogolist: You feel that? Something’s wrong.

Milyah: Nuvea!

Evogolist: Come on!

Narration: Caireann, Zephon, Poseidon, and Ruki looked on as Evo and Mily ran past them rushing to get wherever Nuvea was.

Caireann: What in the name of Nophica is going on hun?

Milyah: It’s Nuvea, she’s in trouble.

Zephon: What? How do you know?

Evogolist: No time to explain.

Narration: The others join Evo and Mily as they rush to Nuvea’s aid. Back somewhere deep within the Twelveswood, Nuvea continues to struggle with drake familiar. While she was to grab the nearby broken tree branch, unfortunately the drake familiar snapped it in two with its powerful jaws and strong teeth. And as the drake stood over top of Nuvea breathing heavily upon her, she screams for help once more.

Just then Evo and party arrive, but like Zeriah, they’re blocked by a powerful barrier.

Milyah: I see her!

Narration: Yells Milyah. Blocked by the barrier, Evo and the others look on helplessly as Nuvea tries her best to fend off the drake.

Unable to watch any longer, Evo begins pounding on the barrier hoping that some how he’ll be able to break through. It’s not before long that Caire and Zeph join him. Soon after Ruki, Pos, and Milyah join them with all of them doing their best to break through Louisiox’s barrier.

Evogolist: Nuvea! Hold on!

Narration: Yells Evo as he suddenly develops an idea on how to break through the barrier.

Evogolist: Please let this work.

Narration: Says Evo as he removes the shield from his back. He then steps back a few feet and then dashes toward the barrier hoping that with enough force the barrier itself will break.

Evogolist: Grr…..damn!

Narration: Shouts Evo as he was unable to break through. Evo then tries two more times, but yet there was still no luck on breaking through.

Evo then takes a minute to gather himself and then with all of his might, charges towards the barrier once more.

From a far Louisiox looks on surprised, shocked even as he watches Evo breaks through his barrier. Louisiox then quickly reseals the barrier not wanting to allow the others in.

Zephon: Come on let’s go!

Caireann: Um…hun?

Zephon: Not now

Narration: Just then Zeph runs smack right into the resealed barrier.

Zephon: Ow! What’s the big idea!!

Caireann: Well I tried to warn you.

Ruki: Is he okay?

Caireann: Yeah, just his pride is hurt that’s all.

Narration: Back inside the barrier as Evo stands and readies his sword and shield, to his displeasure Nuvea quickly notices him.

Nuvea: Dad!

Evogolist: Huh? Damn!

Narration: Evo then turns his attention to the drake. At first he whistles to try to gain the drake’s attention, but the drake continues to attack Nuvea.

Evogolist: Grr….

Narration: Evo then makes a quick decision and takes his shield and slings it towards the drake. The drake roars, it then turns it’s attention towards Evo.

Evogolist: Come on big fella let’s dance.

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