Chapter 15b: Hateful Resentment

Chapter 15b: Hateful Resentment

Narration: Sensing Nuvea being in some sort of trouble, Evo and Mily quickly made their way to where ever Nuvea was. When they arrived, Nuvea was still pinned to the ground by the drake familiar. Unfortunately, they were blocked by a barrier preventing them from interfering with this trial.

However, Evo was more than determined to save his daughter and after ramming into the barrier several times, Evo was finally able to break through. And now…..

Evogolist: You messed with daddy’s little girl. Now its time go dance with big daddy.

Narration: The drake familiar roars loudly and then charges toward Evo.

Evo dodges and then takes to the offensive.

Zeph looks on, cheering on his good friend.

Zephon: Wow, so the old man still got it, huh?

Poseidon: What about you dad?
You think that you still got it.

Zephon: Of course!!
Who do you think taught ol’ Evo what he knows?

Ruki: Sure you did?
A big guy like you taught Evo how to move like that?

Narration: Asks Ruki sarcastically. Zeph yells back at Ruki…..

Zephon: Of course!!

Narration: Zeph then tries to demonstrate some of his moves, but unfortunately things don’t go as planned.

Zephon: And one….and two….and…..oh god my back!!!

Cairenann: Hun!!! Now you should know better!

Narration: Ruki and the others laugh continuously all the while Zeph is more than embarrassed. Back inside the barrier, Evo continues his fight with the drake familiar.

Evogolist: Man this thing is tough.

Narration: Evo stands there, breathing heavy and trying to maintain his composure. He’s too concerned about Nuvea to focus on the battle.

Nuvea: Dad!

Narration: Yells Nuvea as she tosses Evo back his shield. Evo catches it and just in time too. The drake familiar blows a breath of fire and Evo uses the shield to cover himself from the flames. The drake notices that Evo is still alive and thus once again blows another breath of flames.

However, before the drake can spew forth any more flames, Evo uses the shield to shield bash the familiar thus preventing it from using it’s flame breath attack.

The drake is stunned and thus takes a moment to gather himself. Evo would soon take advantage of this as he charges toward the drake familiar and then unleashes a powerful weaponskill……

Evogolist: Rage of Halon!!

Narration: Evo strikes the drake familiar five times with his blade. The drake finally falls and as Evo stands there to confirm that the drake has been put down, Nuvea looks on.

Evo then turns and looks at Nuvea and say….

Evogolist: Nuvea…..I….

Nuvea: Why do you keep saving me?!
Stop saving me!!!

Milyah: Nuvea!!

Nuvea: Since I was little all I every wanted was to be with the two of you again. But when I finally found both of you all you did was get rid of me again!

Narration: As Nuvea let’s out her anger and frustration with her parents, Zeriah comes upon the group.

Zeriah: Nuvea…they didn’t do it to hurt you.

Nuvea: Stop!!
Stop with the lies!!

Narration: With rage, anger, and pain all built up inside of her, Nuvea once again begins to exhert the power of Ultima.

Zeriah: Nuvea…..Nuvea honey listen to me, you need to calm down.

Milyah, What’s happening to her?

Evogolist: It’s Ultima isn’t?!

Narration: Zeriah looks on horrified as Nuvea continues to go through her transitional state. There is no Esumi-Yan this time and Milyah had not the power to once more reseal the elder Primal.

Caireann: Evo hun, what’s wrong with her?

Narration: Asked the ginger-haired Miqo’te.

Ruki: She’s losing control of herself. She’s too angered and upset by so much hurt and lost that if she isn’t stopped an Elder Primal known as Ultima will be unleashed.

Zephon: Let me guess, that’s not good is it?

Ruki: Far from it mate.

Narration: Not far an elderly Elezen watches on along with the cloaked Elezen that called forth the drake familiar.

Louisiox: Urianger this is what we’ve been waiting for.

Urianger: Should we let the girl unleash the primal?

Narration: Lousiox thinks to himself. He knows that by allowing the Elder Primal to be unleashed that he’s sentencing all of Eorzea to death, but what other choice is there.

Louisox: I leave this… you……Warriors of Light.


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