Chapter 15c: Striking Back

Final Fantasy XIV: A New Beginning

Chapter 15c: Striking Back

Narration: After an attempt to run away from home, Nuvea found herself somewhere in the Black Shroud fending off a conjured drake familiar. Nuvea struggled with the drake familiar that is until her parents Evogolist and Milyah arrived along with their friends to save her. A barrier, set up to prevent anyone from entering, blocked Evo and Mily’s way, but Evo refused to give up. With all his might Evo broke through the barrier and thus was able to defeat the drake familiar.

This however wasn’t met without its consequences. Nuvea remembered everything and seeing her parents once more only made matters worst. With a great deal of pain and anger in her heart Nuvea begun to fully unleash the powers of Ultima, a powerful dark primal.

Not far……

Sangi, a Miqo’te youngling , had spotted Nuvea as she attempted to run away from home. Sangi was still unable to move past Chyldie’s death and thus pursued Nuvea with the intent of getting revenge.

Sangi arrived and watched as Nuvea struggled with the drake familiar. She also watched as Nuvea’s dad Evogolist broke through Louisiox’s barrier and defended his daughter from the Drake familiar. And then watched as she witnessed Nuvea become the very thing that she believes killed the youngling Chyldie.

Sangi: So, that’s how you killed her.

Narration: Says Sangi as she patiently awaits the perfect chance to attack Nuvea.

Back in Limsa Lominsa, Biggs and Wedge were finally able to break Silver’s drinking habit.

Wedge: There…there….Cap’n isn’t that much better?

Silvermane: Better my foot!!

Onias: Aww….come on now kitten, it’s not that bad is it.

Silvermane: Look old man the only reason I’m going along with this is because I want to keep me ship!

Narration: Just then Onias spots a group of militants walk pass. The militants aren’t wearing the traditional Thalocrocy uniforms and are transporting supplies to a nearby abandoned building.

Onias: Hmm….

Narration: Onias approaches one of the militants and questions their motives.

Onias: What exactly is going on here soldier?

Barracuda Knight: Confidential information that is of no……..

Narration: Just then the Barracuda knight realizes who the stranger is and changes his tone.

Barracuda Knight: C…Com…Commodore….Onias sir!!

Onias: Confidential huh?

Barracuda Knight: Yes sir!

Onias: Hmm….Merylwyb what exactly are you planning?

Narration: Back in the wooded area of the Black Shroud, Evo and Mily’s worse nightmare came into fruition as Nuvea once again took on the form of the Elder Primal Ultima. And now in order to defeat her, they were left with only one choice…..

Milyah: Evo….as much as it pains me, there’s only one way we can defeat her while she’s still bound to Nuvea.

Evogolist: No!

Louisiox: You must, there is no other way!

Evogolist: Huh?

Narration: Evo then closes his eyes and asks Nuvea for forgiveness. He then once again unsheathed his sword and prepares to take down the Elder Primal.

Evogolist: Caire, Zeph, Ruki, and Pos….be on your guard. Ultima isn’t your typical run of the mill mob.

Milyah: Evo’s right…..we’re dealing with something far greater than anything we’ve ever encountered.

Poseidon: Note taken.

Narration: Nuvea/Ultima stands there waiting for Evo and company to strike. At this point there is no turning back. Suddenly, the group charges towards the Elder Primal.

Evo and Mily take the helm with Ruki, Poseidon, and Zeriah following suit behind them. As the group draws closer to Ultima, she braces for their attack, but just then Ultima rushes pass them and then stops in front of Caire and Zeph. Unbeknownst to Evo and crew the damage had already been done.

Poseidon: What the…..?!

Narration: Said Pos faintly as he and others fall to the ground after feeling the effects of Ultima’s attack. Caire and Zeph stood face to face with Ultima. Without a weapon to defend themselves with, Caire and Zeph slowly back away while all the while clinching their fists preparing to fight and defend both themselves as well as their friends.

Zephon: Uh….Caire if we live through this remind to kill Evo for dragging us into this.

Caireann: Hun!!

Zephon: Just a thought….

Narration: Suddenly Ultima is struck by Evo’s shield. As Ultima turns around the adventurer refuses to give up so easily. Not when it concerns his daughter.

Evogolist: Leave them alone Nuvea!
I’m the one you want!

Narration: Yells Evo as he attempts to gain Ultima’s attention. The others then stand to their feet and once again draw their weapons prepared to take on Ultima.

Ruki: You gotta do better than that luv.

Milyah: Nuvea if you’re still in there somewhere we’re not giving up on you…..not yet.

Poseidon: And now the real fight begins.



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