Special Story – Chapter 10: Eternal Souls

Final Fantasy XI: Wings of the Goddess

Chapter 10: Eternal Souls

Narration: Upon rescuing the dancer Myriah, our heroes received some help from the feline celestial being known as Cait Sith and were able to restore the Goddess’ Essence to Myriah. Doing so reawakened the Goddess Altana and with the combined powers of the nine celestial avatars, the True Kindred were defeated…..

…..or were they?

Silvermane: Woo!!!
We did it!

Deulmaeux: No….
I think you mean she did it.

Silvermane: Well we helped.

Stagga: Myriah…..

Narration: As Altana turns around to look at the ones responsible for her safety and her life, just then something horrible happens.

Stagga: Myriah behind you!

True Kindred: We the True Kindred….
We will not be defeated so easily!!

Stagga: Myriah!!

Narration: The True Kindred strike, killing the mortal body of Altana that is known as Myriah.

Evogolist: Myriah!!

Narration: Evogolist grabs the Elvaan hybrid’s weapon and charges toward the True Kindred.

Evogolist: Spear of Odin!!

Shooting Star!!


Narration: Evo jumps into the air leaping as high as he can and then after grabbing the spear, he comes crashing back down with his powerful light based attack.

Evogolist: Heaven’s Wrath!!!!

Narration: The True Kindred vanished before the impact of the attack could vanquish them. Evo drops the spear and joins his friends as they gather around Stagga and the lifeless body of Myriah.

Stagga: Myriah….why?

Zeriah: <cries>

Evogolist: Stagg…

Narration: A small bright orb appears from Myriah’s body and reveals to everyone that she is the true from Altana.

Altana: Stagga….Stagga…..

Stagga: Why?
Why did it have to be her?

Altana: I’m sorry Stagga.
Myriah was chosen as my host years before she was born.
It is unfortunate taht she had to perish at the hands of the True Kindred.

Stagga: Dammit!!
You’re suppose to be a God!!
Why didn’t you protect her!

Altana: I understand your anger and sadness.
There is no way that I can replace what you have lost.

She we be reborn anew.

Deulmaeux: Reborn?

Altana: Yes…and thus I must return to sleep as the cycle begins again.

Amerita: What of the Kindred?
They’re still out there.

Altana: For now the True Kindred live, but there will come a time when the crystal will shine bright over all of Vana’diel and when it does, light and darkness will come together to banish the evil of the land once more….

Just as Promathia and I did eons ago.

Evogolist: Will we ever see you or Myriah again?

Altana: Perhaps….
But now it is time for me to rest.
Farewell my Holy Knights.

Narration: As the orb vanishes, so does Myriah’s body along with any memory of the dancer once known as Myriah. Perhaps one day, our heroes will meet her again.

Cait Sith: Meow…..
I’m tired.
Time to go home.

Evogolist: Wait?!

Cait Sith: Hmm….

Evogolist: Wait….can you do me a favor?

Cait Sith: A…favor?

Evogolist: Yes….
I need you to take Stagga home….
to his world.

Stagga: What?

Evogolist: Here’s your ride home buddy.
You deserve it.

Cait Sith: Meow….
I’m tired…can we go?

Narration: As everyone says goodbye to Stagga, Cait Sith and Stagga vanish and Stagga returns home.

Elsewhere, the members of Divine Valors are freed from the True Kindred’s hold on them and in turn hold a memorial service in honor of Raigon, Kairie, and Rob.

Sirdonis: In memory of Raigon, Kairie, and Rob as well as those who are no longer with us….
I re-christian the name of this linkshell group….

Eternal Souls.

Narration: Over in the Republic of Bastok, the Holy Knights move into the old Bastok 9 headquarters.

Silvermane: Cozy….real Cozy.

Deulmaeux: I can’t believe I’m no longer a royal Sand’Oria knight and moving into a dump such as this.

Evogolist: Oh come on guys, give me a break.
it just need a little fixing up.

Zeriah: Evo, you’re such a slob!

Amerita: Somethings really never change.

Narration: Amerita looks and sees Nephrial standing over by a window.

Amerita: Are you okay?

Nephrial: No…Hexamus is still alive.
I feel him.
I won’t rest until he’s free from the True Kindred.

Narration: Up in the Northlands…..
Eclypse stands on a mountain top over looking the terrain, waiting for the day that he and his brother will face each other in battle again.

Hybrid-Eclypse: Hmph…..
See you soon Neph.

Narration: In another world, Stagga is reunited with his brother.

Stagga: Huh?

Laevithan: Stagg?

Stagga: Laev….

Narration: As the two brothers are reunited in the world named after the Wyrm King Bahamut, back in Unicorn…..

(Republic of Bastok, Bastok Mines)

Myriah: So this is Bastok, huh?

(South Gustaberg, Zegham Hill)

Kilyah: Hmph…….

(Scene fade to black)

The End.


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