Special Story – Chapter 9: Light of the Goddess Restored

Final Fantasy XI: Wings of the Goddess
Chapter 9: Light of the Goddess Restored

Narration: With the return of the Warrior of Light known as Evogolist, a new team forms calling theirselves The Holy Knights of Altana. Together they were able to put a halt on the True Kindred’s dark army. And now, they head towards the True Kindred’s lair to save the Dancer Myriah and now…the Elvaan called Hexamus.

Hybrid-Crescent: My lords, the dark army has begun to retreat and the dancer’s friends are on their way here.

True Kindred: Infidels!
Very well, the three of you….

Hybrid-Eclypse: The four of us.

Hybrid-Solar: How nice of you to join us Eclypse.

True Kindred: Eclypse, for defying us you will be punished.
Solar…Luna…Crescent…the three of you will make sure the mortals don’t make it pass the entrance.

Hybrid-Crescent: Yes your lords.

Narration: As the three Hybrids Solar, Luna, and Crescent leave to confront the knights, the Hybrid known as Eclypse is left behind for his insubordination.

True Kindred: Elvaan…for defying us you will be punished.

Hybrid-Eclypse: Hmph.

Narration: The Elvaan Hybrid kneels down and receives his punishment from a demon torturer, receiving a total of twenty lashes from a whip.

True Kindred: Remember your place Elvaan, you serve us.

Hybrid-Eclypse: Yes my master.

Narration: Back outside, the Holy Knights finally come upon the entrance to the True Kindred’s lair.

Snow: Kupo! Kupo!
This is it.

Evogolist: Well guys, this is it.

Silvermane: I don’t know…
It looks kinda creepy.

Stagga: And I’m the wuss?

Silvermane: Who asked you?!!

Nephrial: Hey you two get serious!
We got company.

Narration: Standing above them are the three Hybrids…Solar, Luna, and Crescent.

Hybrid-Solar: Well well…if it isn’t the runts from the other day.
Hmph…Ah so you brought another play friend.

Hybrid-Luna: Hello luv.

Amerita: Grr….

Stagga: Where’s Myriah?!

Hybrid-Crescent: The dancer is no longer any of your concern.

Evogolist: Huh? A Galka….A Elvaan…and a Taru?
Wait…is this the ark angel fight?

Zeriah: What is wrong with you?!

Narration: Zeriah slaps Evo from behind, agitated by his ignorance.

Evogolist: Ow Zee, I was just saying they resemble the ark angels.

Hybrid-Solar: Are we done talking?
I’m itching for a good fight.
Luna…Crescent…mind if I go first?
I can use a good challenge.

Hybrid-Luna: Be my guest.

Hybrid-Crescent: Very well then.

Hybrid-Solar: Okay get ready….
Cause here I come!

Narration: The oversized Galka charges at the knights. Fortunately for them, they are able to dodge the attack as the Galka comes crashing into the ground creating a crater like hole in the ground.

Evogolist: Gee…this guy is strong.
But we’re stronger…let’s go!

Narration: The seven knights battle Hybrid-Solar with Evogolist leading the assault. As each party member attacks and strikes, Solar matches them blow for blow. Suddenly he uses the same technique from earlier and combines his two hand axes and then unleashes a new powerful attack.

Hybrid-Solar: Behemoth Crush!!

Amerita: Everyone move!

Narration: Shouts the Samurai/Redmage as the ground begins to shake apart and break.

Zeriah: Someone help! I’m stuck!

Deulmaeux: Lady Zeriah!

Evogolist: Zee!

Narration: Unable to move and isolated to a lonely piece of the ground that has separated from the rest of the land, Zeriah screams for help and then just when she thought that this was the end for her, the Elvaan blue mage Nephrial swoops down and rescues the young girl.

Zeriah: Huh? Nephy?

Narration: She says, staring into the face of her rescuer. Nephrial looks at her and asked….

Nephrial: Are you alright?

Zeriah: Yes.

Narration: She replies shyly. Then with a stern voice Nephrial says…

Nephrial: Well stop day dreaming.
This fight isn’t done yet!

Zeriah: Mmm….right.

Narration: Back at the battle with the Hybrid…

Silvermane: Rawrrr!! Shadow Strike!

Narration: As Silvermane uses her special attack, Solar anticipates her move and catches her.

Hybrid-Solar: Uh..uh…Ms. Pussycat…it’s not nice to sneak up on people.

Deulmaeux: Then perhaps you should pay more attention to your surroundings.

Rushing Shield Bash!!

Narration: Deulmaeux crashes into the Galka breaking Solar’s hold on Silvermane. Then suddenly out of nowhere….

Evogolist: Frightful Roar!

Narration: Evogolist uses a spell used by Tarus’ to weaken their prey’s defenses. He then follows up with a powerful spell.

Evogolist: Hysteric Barrage!

Narration: Now showing signs of bruises, the Hybrid prepares to transform into his beast form, but is stopped by Nephrial.

Nephrial: Oh no you don’t.
Burst Affinity! Ice Break!!

Narration: The attack binds Hybrid-Solar to a pillar of ice, but it doesn’t hold him long as he breaks free.

Hybrid-Solar: Grr…Rawr!!!
Did you really think that your weak little blu spell would hold me?!

Nephrial: No….but it brought me enough time.

Ixion’s Horn!!

Narration: Nephrial once more forms his special sword and prepares to use his personal weapon skill.

Nephrial: Hammer of Thor!

Narration: Hybrid-Solar braces for the attack, but there’s one thing he didn’t expect.

Stagga: Payback mutha-fucka!!
Full Break!!

Narration: Riding in on Nephrial’s attack, the Hume warrior known as Stagga delivers a devastating blow to Solar defeating the Hybrid once and for all.

Evogolist: Whoa Stagg, nice attack.

Stagga: <blushes in embarrassment>

Narration: Hybrids Luna and Crescent look on terrified as the muscle and strongest of the three is defeated.

Hybrid-Luna: Solar!!

Hybrid-Crescent: Perhaps we underestimated the mortals.

Hybrid-Luna: Do you suggest we team up?

Hybrid-Crescent: The question comes to mind.

Narration: As the two Hybrids prepare to attack, suddenly they are stopped by the True Kindred.

True Kindred: Hybrids…return and let them be.
We have a special surprise for the mortals.

Hybrid-Luna: Very well…Crescent let’s go.

Hybrid-Crescent: Thank goodness. I actually thought I would have to do some fighting.
I’m a genius, not a fighter.

Narration: The Holy Knights are puzzled as they watch the two Hybrids warp out.

Silvermane: Yeah…go ahead and run home to momma you wuss.

Amerita: We’d better get going.
Who knows what else is waiting ahead of us.

Evogolist: Ame’s right.
Here’s the plan, Stagga and Zee, you two go and find Myriah and get her out of here. Deulmaeux you go with them. Nephrial, Amerita, and Silvermane…you three come with me. I think it’s time we find out exactly what’s been going on.

Narration: As the knights split up, both parties have no idea of what to expect.

Evogolist: Man it’s no wonder they’re called dark kindred…it’s so damn dark in here.

Silvermane: And it’s cold too.

Narratiion: A voice then calls out to Silvermane.

???: Shadow…

Silver: Huh?

Amerita: Silvermane, what’s wrong?

Silvermane: Did you guys hear that?

Evogolist: Hear what?

Silvermane: Meh…nothing, it was probably the wind.

Narration: As they continue walking, another voice calls out to the Mithra.

???: Shadow…you belong with us.

Silvermane: Hey there it is again!

Nephrial: We don’t have time for this!

Silvermane: Shut up!!
I know I heard something.
<sniff><sniff> Huh?

Narration: Silver looks and sees a familiar figure standing in a corridor.

Silvermane: You!

Evogolist: Silver wait!

Narration: As Evo calls out to Silver, the curious Mithra chases after the dark figure.

Amerita: Don’t worry, I’ll go after her.

Evogolist: Okay, but be careful.
Who knows what’s in this place.

Amerita: Don’t worry…I will.
Come on Lu.

Lumineux: Rargh.

Narration: As Amerita and Lumineux head off in search of their Mithran friend, elsewhere the moogle Snow leads Stagga, Zeriah, and Deulmaeux to where Myriah is being held.

Zeriah: Is this it?

Snow: Kupo.

Stagga: Over here!
She’s over here!

Deulmaeux: So that’s the lovely lady Myriah.

Stagga: Myriah!!
Myriah, can you hear me?!

Zeriah: Something’s wrong.
We gotta get her out of there.

Snow: Kupo!
Please allow me.

Narration: Snow digs into her travel bag and pulls out a lock pick.

Snow: A little here….
Push up there and….
Kupo!! I did it!

Deulmaeux: My…what a handy little Moogle you are.

Snow: Kupo.

Narration: As Zeriah and Stagga rush in to get Myriah, they notice that even though she’s alive…she’s unresponsive to their calls.

Stagga: Myriah, what did they do to you?

Snow: Kupo!!

Deulmaeux: Heads up!
We got company!

Narration: Our heroes unexpectantly are met by a few Kindred Guards who refuse to let them leave with Myriah.

Kindred Guard #1: Release the girl.

Deulmaeux: You two get the girl out of here.
I’ll handle these demon swine.

Zeriah: Wait?!
What about you?

Deulmaeux: Hmph…

Stagga: Come on Zee, let’s go!

Zeriah: But…

Stagga: He can handle himself.

Narration: As Stagga and Zeriah make their escape, Deulmaeux prepares to battle the Kindred guard giving Stagga and Zeriah enough time to escape.

Kindred Guard #2: You will pay for your treachery mortal.

Deulmaeux: Is that so?
For Sand’Oria!!

Narration: While the Elvaan knight battles the Kindred guard, elsewhere, Silvermane is about to confront her past.

Silvermane: Where are you?
I know you’re here Lunaris!

Shadowbane: Hello…Shadowmane.

Silvermane: That’s not my name.

Dark-Evo: You can’t fight it Shadow.
You know exactly where your place is.

Silvermane: No!!
Shut up! Shut up! Shut Up!!!

Dark-Evo: Ha, Ha, Ha!

Narration: Silvermane charges after Dark-Evo and Shadowbane, battling and confronting her demons. Just then Amerita shows up.

Amerita: Silver….
Huh? What’s this?

Narration: The two shadow warriors over power the Mithra and prepare to finish her off.

Dark-Evo: Sorry Shadow, it’s been fun.
Chaos Blade!!

Narration: But just then….Dark-Evo’s Chaos Blade is countered by Amerita’s powerful attack.

Amerita: Blessed Radiance!!

Dark-Evo: You dare interfere mortal?!

Amerita: You may look like Evogolist, but you can never be him.

Narration: A badly beaten and bruised Silvermane stands up and makes her final stand against the two shadows.

Silvermane: I won’t forgive you…..
I….can’t forgive you.

Shadowbane: What are you going to do Shadow?
Use your pathetic shadow strike attack?

Silvermane: For Cera….Karu…Silent Mynx…Lunaris…..and even those two idiots Biggs and Wedge…..I CAN NEVER FORGIVE YOU!!

Dark-Evo: Shut up and die already!!

Silvermane: Retribution!!

Narration: Retribution….Silvermane’s personal weaponskill. When used, it emits a powerful light based attack and is strong against demons, undead, and arcane creatures.

Silvermane: Sorry Lunaris….

Shadowbane: Grr….Rawrr!!!

Silvermane: Retribution!!

Narration: Relieved of the ghosts that haunted her….Silvermane sheds a few tears mourning her friends Lunaris, Karu-Shiba, Silent Mynx, and Cera.

Silvermane: Goodbye….Lunaris.

Amerita: You alright?

Silvermane: Y…Yeah.

Amerita: We should….

Silvermane: Oh my god!!

Amerita: What? What’s wrong?

Silvermane: No way I’m letting that scrawny little hume have all the fun!
Come on!

Amerita: Uh….

Narration: As Silvermane and Amerita race to meet up with Evogolist and Nephrial, elsewhere Deulmaeux continues his battle with the Kindred Guards.

Deulmauex: I’m…not…done….just…yet.

Kindred Guard #1: …….

Kindred Guard #2: This is just pathetic.
Just fall down already Elvaan.

Narration: Fall down and give up…these words are taboo to one such as Deulmaeux. The Elvaan knight would rather just fight and die in battle than just lay down and give up.

Deulmaeux: You dare to say such things to a royal knight of Sand’Oria!
I will not just lay down and die!
With this shield I protect those righteous and true.

And with this sword……

Narration: Deulmaeux holds his sword up and gazes at it and begins to laugh to himself.

Kindred Guard #1: ……?

Kindred Guard #2: What the hell is he babbling on about?

Deulmaeux: And with this sword……
I strike FULL OF PRIDE!!!

Narration: With his personal weaponskill, Deulmaeux defeats the two kindred guards.

Zeriah: Still talking too much?

Deulmaeux: La….La…Lady Zeriah?

Stagga: Guys come on!

Narration: Deulmaeux, Zeriah, and Stagga make their way back to where they parted way with Evo and Nephrial.

Far up ahead, Evogolist and Nephrial come across Hybrid-Eclypse…..but the Elvaan Hybrid doesn’t seem to be himself.

Nephrial: Huh?

Evogolist: Nephrial wait!
Something isn’t right.

Nephrial: What are you talking about?

Evogolist: I don’t know what it is, but something isn’t right about this.

Nephrial: Hexamus….
What’s going on here?

Hybrid-Eclypse: Huh? Hmph….
Nephrial….so you survived.

Narration: Suddenly, Nephrial charges at Hybrid-Eclypse and unexpectantly is thrown across the room by a powerful force emitting from the Hybrid warrior.

Evogolist: Nephrial!!

True Kindred: Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha!!!

Evogolist: Huh?

True Kindred: It’s finally a pleasure to meet you…Evogolist…Warrior of Light.

Evogolist: Who…are you?

True Kindred: We are the True Kindred.
We…have met before.

Evogolist: What? What do you mean?

True Kindred: The Shadow Lord…
Promathia the Twilight God….
even the two Zilarts were pawns of ours.
You yourself were one of our servants.

Evogolist: I’ve had enough of you.

Narration: Evo charges after the True Kindred, but is blocked by non other than Hybrid-Eclypse.

Evogolist: You again.

True Kindred: So you’ve met.

Evogolist: Yeah, we’ve met alright.

True Kindred: Hybrid-Eclypse is the new barer of the Forsaken Crest, just as you are the barer of the Holy Crest.

Hybrid-Eclypse: Firewing!
Spirit Surge!

Evogolist: Huh?
He has a wyvern….

Narration: Evogolist is stunned to see that the Elvaan hybrid has a wyvern and has just merged with it becoming even stronger than before. Suddenly Eclypse charges towards Evogolist.

Evogolist: Huh?

Lumineux: Rargh!!

Evogolist: Lu!!

Narration: Just in time to dodge Eclypse’s attack, Evogolist merges with his wyvern Lumineux and uses the dragoon’s ability to super jump.

Narration: Without notice, Eclypse uses the same dragoon ability and whilst in mid-air knocks Evo to the ground.

Evogolist: Ow…
Man he’s fast.

Hybrid-Eclypse: Spear of Odin!!

Narration: As Eclypse uses one of his personal weapon skills sending his spear hurling towards Evogolist, Zeriah and the rest of the Holy Knights appear.

Zeriah: Big Brother watch out!!

Evogolist: Huh? Right!


Narration: Evogolist is able to cast the two blue mage spells just in time to deflect the attack from the red-headed Elvaan. Disgusted by the interference, Eclypse uses his attack Circle of Flames creating a barrier of flames surrounding the other members of the party.

Silvermane: Hey what’s the big idea!

Zeriah: Where’s Nephrial?
I don’t see him.

Narration: While the Elvaan blue mage remains unconscious, elsewhere the black and white feline known as Cait Sith watches the events taking place.

Cait Sith: Oh my….what’s this?
Ah, I got it.

Narration: Cait Sith teleports to the Kindred’s Lair inside the barrier of fire.

Cait Sith: Huh?
I made it.

Stagga: Aaah!!

Deulmaeux: E’gads!!
i say what are you screaming for?

By the Goddess!

Cait Sith: No…No…you mustn’t yell…please don’t yell.

Silvermane: Just what do you think you’re doing?

Narration: Ignoring the Mithra, Cait Sith stares blankly at the comatose body of Myriah.

Silvermane: Hey don’t ignore me.
I’m talking to you!!

Amerita: Wait a minute Silver.
Can you help her?

Cait Sith: Her essence has been taken.
She will die without it.

Stagga: No! She can’t!
You can’t let her!!

Cait Sith: Hmm…
You love her.

Stagga: Huh?

Zeriah: Her essence….where is it?

Cait Sith: With the True Kindred.

Zeriah: The True Kindred?

Deulmaeux: That must be it over there.

Silvermane: Just how are we suppose to get to that?

Zeriah: …….
Hey big brother!!
The Kindred have Myriah’s essence.
You need to get it from them!

Narration: Still occupied with his fight with Eclypse, Evo is unable to fulfill the request.

Evogolist: I’m a little busy at the moment.

Zeriah: Don’t argue with me!

Cait Sith: How about him?

Zeriah: Nephrial.

Narration: Zeriah casts Raise on Nephrial, reviving him.

Zeriah: Nephy!!

Nephrial: Huh?

Zeriah: The Kindred have Myriah’s essence.

Nephrial: …….

Silvermane: Look just get us out of here and I’ll get the damn thing myself!!

Narration: Nephrial uses the blue mage spell Cold wave to set the others free and then heads off to battle Eclypse. Meanwhile Silvermane heads out to retrieve the essence held captive by the Kindred.

Siivermane: Meow!!
My turn!

Narration: Silvermane now posses an ability to switch from her current form to that of a shadow allowing her to get close enough to grab the Goddess Essence.

True Kindred: Meddlesome Mithra!

Zeriah: Silver!

Silvermane: Huh?
Just you try and catch me.

Narration: Silvermane makes her to the Goddess Essence ducking and dodging the True Kindred’s attacks at every turn. Meanwhile Evogolist continues battling Hybrid-Eclypse and eventually finds himself joined by the revived Nephrial.

Hybrid-Eclypse: Grrr….Rawrrr!!
Wings of Bahamut….

Nephrial: Hammer of Thor!

Evogolist: Huh?

Nephrial: Stay focused!

Evogolist: Oh right.

Hybrid-Eclypse: Grr…Rawr!

Narration: As Eclypse charges towards Evo and Nephrial, the two warriors stand ready. Both Evo and Nephrial begin casting blu spells Refueling to increase attack speed, Feather Barrier to increase evasion, and Memento Mori to enhance their magic attacks.

Eclypse strikes, but the two dodge out-of-the-way.

Hybrid-Eclypse: Grrawr!!
Sword of Gilgamesh!!

Narration: Eclypse changes the form of his weapon once more back to a Great Katana and continues his relentless assault against the two fighters. With each attack, Nephrial and Evogolist both cast some of their strongest blu spells.

Nephrial: Disservment!

Evogolist: Frenetic Rip!

Narration: The other knights stand looking on in awe as their two-party members battle the Hybrid Elvaan.

Stagga: Whoa!
Look at those two.
They’re insane!!

Zeriah: Go Big Brother!

Silvermane: Hey!
Can I get a little help here!

Narration: The Mithran thief shouts as she continues making her way to the Goddess’ Essence. Silvermane is almost struck down by the True Kindred spirit, but suddenly….

Silvermane: Huh?

Deulmaeux: I do believe you asked for assistance.

Amerita: Blessed Radiance!

True Kindred: <Hish>

Narration: Deulmaeux and Amerita both step in and provide Silvermane with both assistance and enough leave way to get to the essence.

Silvermane: Got it!
Oooh what’s this?

Narration: Silvermane grabs the Goddess’ Essence and then spots the stolen Astral Candensence, grabbing that as well in the process.

Deulmaeux: Now to get us out of here.

Narration: The Elvaan knight reveals himself to be a Corsair using the class’ special ability Wildcard.

Silvermane: What the?
You’re a fricking Cor?

Deulmaeux: Hey I gotta have some fun.
Now for my Grand attack.

Supreme Cannon!!

Narration: Supreme Cannon…Deulmaeux’s hidden attack that he rarely uses, but when he does use it, you’d better watch out for it delivers massive critical damage. The attack hits the True Kindred hard causing them to retreat.

True Kindred: Damn you mortals!
I am not defeated yet.

Silvermane: Here!
So how does this thing work?

Cait Sith: …..
I don’t know.

Narration: Silver and Stagga fall over as the feline reveals how clueless he is as to reviving the dancer.

Silvermane: What do you mean you don’t know?!
Give it to me.

Narration: Meanwhile Hybrid-Eclypse is over powered by the two blue mages, but reveals that the battle is far from over.

Nephrial: Give it up Hexamus.

Hybrid-Eclypse: Ha, Ha, Ha…..
Give up?!

Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha!!!


Narration: Eclypse transforms revealing a second form resembling a Cerberus like creature.

Evogolist: Eeep…….

Nephrial: Hexamus….

Narration: As the two prepare to face the now giant-sized Hybrid, Silvermane struggles to activate the Goddess’ Essence. Then suddenly…something unexpected happens.

Silvermane: Grr…
Work you stupid thing you!

Stagga: Myriah?

Zeriah: Oh…my…goddess.

Narration: A bright light fills the room as the essence is reunited with Myriah. Everyone is shocked and speechless as the Goddess Altana appears before them.

Cait Sith: Meow!
The light has been restored.

Altana: Thank you…..everyone.
I am ever grateful.

True Kindred: Hiss!
The Light!

Altana: Your reign of terror ends here Kindred.

Narration: The Cerberus Hybrid turns to attack the goddess, but is overpowered by her Immense light.

Altana: Forsaken beast! Begone!
Banishing Light!!

Narration: The remaining three hybrids look on as their leader is defeated.

Hybrid-Luna: Eclypse!

Hybrid-Solar: Grr….
Guess the fun’s over for now.

Hybrid-Luna: Crescent, get us out of here.

Narration: The Tarutaru Hybrid casts escaped on the three causing them to warp out of the dungeon. Back in the front lines, the True Kindred try attacking the Goddess.

True Kindred: You will not defeat us this time Goddess.

Altana: I may not be able to defeat you, but I can put a stop to your terror for now.

Avatar Guardians of Vana’diel, heed my call.

Aid me in banishing the evil that plaques the land!

Narration: With this, the avatars Carbuncle, Shiva, Ifrit, Ramuh, Titan, Garuda, Leviathan, Fenrir, and Diablos appear and aid Altana in banishing the True Kindred.

Carbuncle: Searing Light!

Shiva: Diamond Dust!!

Leviathan: Tidal Wave!

Ifrit: Inferno!

Ramuh: Judgement Bolt!

Titan: Earthen Fury!

Garuda: Aerial Blast!

Fenrir: Howling Moon!

Diablos: Ruinous Omen!

Narration: The combined attacks of all nine avatars are too much for the True Kindred and it seems as if the True Kindred is defeated. But are they truly defeated?

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