Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Wildlands trailer revealed and other goodies

Okay so we’ve been slacking when it comes down to Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII info, but no need to wait or worry any more because we’re here with a bag full of goodies just for you guys.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII was first revealed via an 25th Anniversary event for the Final Fantasy series. Since then Square-Enix has unveiled more and more info on the upcoming game providing us with gameplay demo trailers as well as the opening cinematic for the game.

Lightning Returns takes place five hundred years after the events of XIII-2. During this time of her return, the world is set to end in only thirteen days. Chosen as somewhat of a Savior, Lightening is tasked to resuce the souls of Nova Chrysalia so that they may be reborn in a new world. This however won’t be an easy task as Lightning sets out to try to recover her younger sister Serah’s soul not to mention the other half of the prophecy stating that Lightning will be the one that destroys the world when those thirteen days are up. Other characters from the series two previous titles make an appearance as well and Lightning at times finds herself at odds with them.

Now one of the many exciting features for the game is the ability to change Lightning’s gear during battle. Doing away with the party system for Lightning Returns, the game allows the player to switch gear during mid-battle and acts almost like the “Paradigm System” from the two previous games. In other words at one point Lightning can play a tank role being able to take extensive amounts of hits without dying and when you’re ready for some serious damage dealing you can switch her up and have perform as per say a class almost similar to a lancer/dragoon (see video @5:43).

Other special features set to come with the game are bonus items such as Cloud’s Buster sword and Soldier gear as a pre-order bonus. Also as a collaboration effort with the makers of the newly released Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn players will also be able to acquire the Miqo’te starter gear from A Realm Reborn for Lightning to sport. Players will also be able to customize the look of the gear’s color. In an effort to promote Lightning Returns, Lightning herself will be making an appearance next month on November 14, 2013 in the world Eorzea (FFXIV: A Realm Reborn) joining subscribing players in the form of a F.A.T.E. taking on various monsters from the XIII series. As a reward players will also be able to acquire Lightning’s and Snow’s outfits from Final Fantasy XIII as well as some really cool weapons from the XIII series.

I, for one am excited for the game and can’t wait.

Check out these pics our Lightning Returns Gallery


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