A Player’s honest opinion and feedback on Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn


A Player’s honest opinion and feedback on Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

By: Evo X Syn


So it’s been, meh…..about roughly about a month and half…almost two months since A Realm Reborn launched and while it may not be the greatest massive multiplayer online game out there, it’s definitely worth checking out and trying. But before we get into the pros and cons of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, let’s take a trip back down memory lane and start from the very beginning.

Final Fantasy XIV, The MMO that would challenge and change a genre

Final Fantasy XIV first launched September 2010 and was a game with beautiful graphics and a gameplay that sought to challenge today’s standard modern MMO’s. The characters, while having different racial names, were similar to that of its predecessor’s Final Fantasy XI characters. Unfortunately, Final Fantasy XIV would be met with heavy criticism as players were met with a clunky User Interface, critical bugs that had been ignored during the beta phases, repetitive scenery that seemed to just be copy and pasted, and overall lack of content. And if that wasn’t enough, the game required high-end PC’s in order to run the game and so most players found themselves buying entirely new PC’s with some even building and customizing from the ground up just to play the game.
Following these unfortunate events, Square-Enix made a drastic change with the game’s producer Hiromichi Tanaka stepping down and Naoki Yoshida stepping up and taking on the role as producer. Square-Enix also issued a letter of apology to its fans for letting them down and promised that in the future they would do all that they could to not allow such issues happen again.




The Rise of Yoshi-P, the Garlean invasion, and the destruction of Final Fantasty XIV-version 1.0

In December 2010, fans of the Final Fantasy series saw a major change take place as Hiromichi Tanaka stepped down from his role as producer of Final Fantasy XIV and Naoki Yoshida took on the role as the game’s producer. For a guy that had been the scenario writer for the “Far East of Eden” series and later Director of the 2007-2010 half of the Dragon Quest series, the burden for Yoshi-P couldn’t be heavier. Square-Enix was in a dark time and instead of just throwing in the towel and shutting down FFXIV, they chose to resurrect it.

Over the coming months as Yoshi-P and his new Development team listened to the feedback left by the remaining players of the game, Final Fantasy XIV saw a huge change as the battle system, graphics, UI, and other changes were made. They also removed some of the less appealing parts of the game at the request of the player community. Along with these changes, a new storyline was introduced to help accommodate and explain the changes in the fictional world of Final Fantasy XIV. This storyline would come to be called, the Seventh Umbral Era.

As Yoshi-P and his team prepared for the shutdown of Version 1.0 servers so that they could begin transferring data and start development on Version 2.0, the Seventh Umbral Era storyline was introduced to help herald in the destruction of the world. The game’s main antagonist, Gaius Van Baelsar a.k.a The Black Wolf sorta took the back seat as another member of the Garlean Empire, Nael Van Darnus a.k.a The White Raven appeared and took on the role as the game’s main and final boss before the coming end. It would be Van Darnus’ “Project Meteor” that would herald in this end as the lesser moon Dalamund was pulled from the sky and was to eventually set to destroy and cleanse all of Eorzea.

On November 11, 2012, the Final Fantasy XIV community bore witness as the world seemingly came to an end and servers for Final Fantasy XIV Version 1.0 were shut down. Following these events the community was treated to a 8-9min FMV showing the battle of Carteneau and the events that followed. We (the FFXIV community) all watched as we saw the world that we had soon come to love come to a destructive end at the hands of an Elder Primal known to many as Bahamut, Lord of the Skies and King of Wyrms. It was also a tearful event as on of our fictional in-game mentors Louisiox met his untimely end, facing Bahamut who at the time was powering up his ultimate attack “Mega Flare”. However we….the adventurers of Eorzea were teleported from the battlefield and Louisiox faced his death knowing that we would be there in the future to save the world once more.

Square-Enix and Yoshi-P give rise to a new world

Starting February 25, 2013, players were able to begin testing Version 2.0 of Final Fantasy XIV, which had been renamed Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn. With beta test phases taking place three days per week for 3-4 test sessions and phase four of the beta test taking place a week before early access to the game was to begin. On August 24, 2013, service for Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn began for players of the previous version as well as for players who had pre-ordered A Realm Reborn. While it was a glorious day for many, it was also a week full of frustration as many were unable to log in. For those that were able to log in, they would occasionally get an 90k or 1701 error thus kicking them from the server and not allowing them back in.

Following early access, the servers were flooded once more as official service for Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn began on August 27, 2013 and more of the same problems arose with some new ones. Many players feared logging out and not being able to log back in and thus would remain logged in while in Real life they were afk (Away From Keyboard). To many who were unable to log in due to in either because of errors or because servers were full, this frustrated them even more. SE and Yoshi-P were met with heavy backlash from the player community as they plead for help and most notably and AFK timer. Over the coming weeks, Yoshi-P and the dev team were able to work out most of the bugs and errors, with very few remaining, expand the server capacity, and implement the AFK timer. And thus everyone lived happily ever after…..or did they?

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn-Pros, Cons, and Going Forward

So now that I’ve got you all up to speed on the history of Final Fantasy XIV, it’s about high time we take a look at the pros, cons, and everything else Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn. Below are some of the things that make up the current content of the game.

  • Ability to create and customize your character.
  • Ability to create up to eight characters per server.
  • A total of 19 classes (5 Disciples of War, 3 Disciples of Magic, 8 Disciples of Hand, and 3 Disciples of Land)
  • Ability to branch above DoW and DoM into 9 different jobs
  • Cross Class abilities.
  • Limit Break System
  • Main Story Quests, Side Quests, Class + Job quests, Levequests.
  • A total of 17 Instanced Dungeons (21 if you include all 5 turns of Bahamut’s Coil)
  • Three Primal Battles both easy mode and hard mode (Ifrit, Garuda, and Titan)
  • Duty Finder
  • F.A.T.E.
  • Guildhest
  • Crafting
  • Retainers
  • Tons of inventory space
  • Mounts
  • Companions
  • Minions

Now let’s look at some of the pros and cons of the above content.

While you are able to completely create and customize your character, unfortunately by choosing a particular class you’re locked to a particular starter City-State. Maruaders, and Arcanist are locked to Limsa Lominsa. Gladiator, Pugilist, and Thaumatarge are locked to Ul’dah. And last but not least Archer, Lancer, and Conjurer are locked to Gridania. Now while I have absolutely no gripe about this, it does bother me lore wise. Each player’s character is pretty much looked upon as being new to the land of Eorzea so for a place such as let’s say Gridania where the people of Gridania are not so welcome to outsiders, just appearing there with the intent to learn about the chosen class assuming that the people of the City-State will welcome with open arms is like me throwing a biker outfit going to a biker club/bar and expecting to be accepted into the club. But hey what do you know it works out after all and you’re allowed to train under your first class.

Moving on to the ability to create more than one character. Great idea for those of us that tend to carry more gear and crafting materials than we need or want to experience the story from another race’s point of view. The downside to this is at some point in the storyline you gain access to Retainers who are pretty much Final Fantasy XIV’s take on what a lot MMO players call mules. So along with the Armory Chest, 100 space Inventory Bag, Armoire within the City State’s Inns, and the 200 space you get from Retainers, there’s really no point in making a mule. As for experiencing the game through the eyes of another, unless you were a version 1.0 player and made it pass the Grand Company Quest “United We Stand” let’s be honest the story isn’t all that different between Legacy and Non-Legacy players. Even playing as a different race rewards you nothing different. There are a slight few differences in racial stats, but nothing huge that’s really game changing. Besides what’s the need to create a different just to play as another race if all you need to do is sub for 30 days and at the start of your sub you get a potion that allows you to tweak you appearance including race, the only thing that’s unchangeable is your character name. A perk that sets Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn different from other MMO’s is the Armoury System which takes me into my next topic.


Unique to the Final Fantasy Online series is the ability to play as multiple classes on character, something that a lot of MMO’s don’t do. With a total of 19 classes the players have the ability to play as any class and all it requires is that you change your weapon. The downside to that is classes are tied to that specific weapon so even with the ability to cross your class abilities, you simply can’t be a Gladiator running around hitting people with a can or wand or pair of knuckles, and you can’t be a conjurer running around trying to heal and attack people with a sword. The upside to the Armoury System is the ability to allocate your state post level 10 per class and with the unlocking of gear sets. Now while gear sets in itself is great, XIV however doesn’t follow in the footsteps of its predecessor Final Fantasy XI. In other words, you can’t switch out gear during mid-battle.

Moving on, once you reach level 30 on any one of your classes and complete the accompanying class quests, you’ll be able to unlock jobs that are pretty much the stable for the Final Fantasy franchise. Back in 1.0, prior to Yoshi-P taking over one of the player base’s biggest concerns was the lack of the traditional job system seen throughout the Final Fantasy series. Without things such as jobs and chocobos it just wasn’t a Final Fantasy game. So upon patch 1.21 some of the traditional Final Fantasy Jobs were introduced. Now moving forward into ARR, you have Paladin, Warrior, Dragoon, Bard, Monk, Black Mage, White Mage, as well as Summoner and Scholar which are the first two jobs to branch off of one class. Now here’s the deal with jobs. Jobs are activated when a player equips a corresponding soul crystal. From there players are able to use abilities exclusive to that particular job along with the abilities they learning from the class the job branched off from. The downside is, while you still can cross class abilities, once you take on a job you can only cross-class five abilities instead of the typical ten that you can when playing as a class. Also Jobs are geared towards party play and thus while they can be used for solo play, it’s not recommended and it’s even less than recommended to play as a class in a party post level 30.

Now when it comes down to job actions/abilities some jobs lack some of the essential things needed to properly play the role that it’s slated for. Paladin’s are considered amongst many as Tanks, those with the ability to take on most of the damage while protecting the rest of the party. Without a proper to hold hate, Paladins usually fall short of that role. Another issue falls with Black Mage, a few months and live letters prior to the release of ARR, Yoshi-P stated that he wasn’t too fond of AoE (Area of Effect) spells. It’s funny because Black Mage gets just that with Blizzard II and Fire II. The difference is that with Fire II you have to actually be targeting a mob while with Blizzard II you can cast with a target and hit anything with small (very small) area around you. This in itself contradicts what Yoshi-P stated earlier. Another downside is that Black Mage loses a bit of its usefullness with the lack of elemental weaknesses on mobs. Of course ARR tries to make up for this by adding debuffs to elemental spells, but without any form or need for a specific element to be used, Blackmages are pretty much your typical run of the mill magic casting damage dealer. Now I’m not going to cover every job, but one more job does in fact bother me. That being Dragoon. Now for those of us that played XI the dragoon job was an advanced class that paired you with a pet wyvern…not a dragon, but a wyvern. A lot of people already disliking the idea of the pet not being a dragon protested again the idea and even more was the fact that the wyvern was half of the dragoon’s strength and so without your pet you were hitting very poorly. Another issue was that as a dragoon you’re a slayer of dragons so being teamed with one just didn’t hold right with a lot of players. ARR attempted to make right with this by not including a pet for dragoon. The downside to this is with lancer pretty much making up for most of the abilities for dragoon, Dragoon by itself really doesn’t stand out too much. Okay so you get a few jump abilities such as Jump, Elusive Jump, Spineshatter Dive, and Dragonfire Dive. There’s no form of bonus to killing dragons or nothing making Dragoon just like Blackmage borderline useless except for putting out damage.

So I get it, I get that Yoshi-P wants everyone to be able to play together. That he doesn’t want anyone feeling excluded from participating in events or parties stating requesting for you to only come as a particular job. The problem is without the actions/abilities and traits that make some if not most of these jobs shine as they have in their previous incarnations there’s pretty much no point of playing them. I was browsing through the official forums one day and I came across a topic that for the most part as a wake up call for those of us that White Knight the hell out of this game. Once these jobs are unlocked aside from abandoning the class that you needed to unlock the specific job and using the job itself to level from 30-50, there is no actual leveling system for the jobs itself. so it pretty falls to play as said class til level 30, unlock a job and from 30 on up you have a choice to either level the remaining twenty levels as a class or as a job. The reason I said it’s a wake up call is because even in all it’s glory and greatness, this game lacks what it needs to stand out from your typical run of the mill “Modern MMO”.

I could stay on this topic all day, but after looking at the job system, I can kind of feel like I need to skip the remaining list for a moment and talk on what Final Fantasy XIV can do to last in a genre where most MMO’s have either gone under or gone free-to-play in order to survive. While some Final Fantasy fans will say that this is far from a World of Warcraft clone, players coming in from other MMO’s including big games such as World of Warcraft and Guild Wars 2 are comparing ARR to World of Warcraft and saying that it’s WoW with a Final Fantasy skin. Like I stated before, Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn lacks what it needs to stand out from the standard – modern MMO. Even with it’s F.A.T.E. system of which might I add at some point becomes a total fail being the effective means of leveling your DoW and DoM classes/jobs. All of the world’s Notorious Monsters (Elite Monsters in other games) are tied to F.A.T.E.’s and what’s worst is that some don’t even drop anything worthwhile. To put the icing on the cake, High level F.A.T.E.’s such as Behemoth and Odin pops are so rare and random that when they do pop, the area is flooded with players looking to get gold rank and the item needed to exchange for a special item. Another problem that arises from the F.A.T.E. system is that with this system being the only efficient way of leveling there are what are now called F.A.T.E. groups that grind off of these special events and because of such the mobs that spawn from these events tend to die fast. So a player running these F.A.T.E.’s solo has little to no chance of gaining max experience points unless they join one of these groups. Last but not least, just from F.A.T.E. grinding and doing the Main Story quest, most non-legacy players have reached max level within a week. Even more they’ve grinded endgame dungeons until they got the best gear and now sit around bored looking for another way to fill that missing void.

Another issue that players have an issue with is the limit break system. Now while it’s nice to have a bit of nostalgia in the game, I feel like ARR tends to overdo it, especially with the Limit Break system. While Paladin, Monk, Black Mage, and White Mage come off as great limit breaks for their class, Dragoon and Archer fall short of that. I wonder what the person who designed this system was thinking when they designed the limit break system for DPS classes? I mean really, even though Monk gets Final Heaven along with the one I’m about to mention, Monk along with Dragoon gets Cloud from Final Fantasy VII Limit Break. Really?! Omnislash?! I’m a Monk that beats things up with my fists and am totally bad-ass, but for a Limit Break I mysteriously and somehow unquestionably to my teammates and enemies a glowing giant Buster Sword hacking away at my enemy with a flashy animation. I’m sorry SE, but some one definitely overdosed on the Nostalgia effect. Poor Bard is even worse. As a DPS support class it doesn’t even get its own respectable limit break. Bard pretty much shares the same healing limit break as Summoner and Scholar healing the party upon use. No rain of arrows, no powerful songs to buff or protect the party, just healing.

One last gripe I have with the game is a lack of decent income. Now plenty of people will probably flame me and say hey take up a crafting class. My question to the dev team as well as the people flaming others who don’t know how to make any gil is essentially how can I make gil crafting if simply no one has any gil to buy what I craft? Sure you have your Allagan pieces and the money you get from during quests and leves, but honestly most people use that up in teleporting across the land and on gear repairs. To make matters worse, selling stuff on the Market Board is a nightmare. It’s a nightmare because I can put something on the market board for let’s say 500 gil, at any given time and i don’t know why people do this, someone will come along undercut me. And not by 100 or 200 gil, but by 300+ gil just in the hopes that their product sells faster and the cycle of undercutting continues from there until the item itself loses its value. This in turn makes crafting useless. Now dev team recently did a hot fix increasing the amount of mobs that drop specific crafting items as well increasing the amount of gil players received from mobs…..in dungeons. Yes, so now in order to make any form of income we all have to run dungeons several times a day. Once again I say, what is going on Square-Enix? At the end of version 1.0 we were on good terms with the newly revised dev team and praised Yoshi-P in all his glory. But now almost two months after launch and year and a half of planning and promises, it seems as if things have started to fall short

What can the Dev team do to fix this?

Now I’m no game dev, nor am I an IT tech, or graphic designer as most have so proclaimed to be when criticizing the dev team, I also realize that this game has only been out for a month and a half now, but if this game is to last another five – ten years like it’s predecessor there are a lot of changes that need to be made.









Open World Notorious Monsters

This…..oh dear god this!! By all means this game needs this. When Yoshi-P first said that he wanted this game to attract to both casual and hardcore gamers alike, I would’ve never thought in a million years that this game would lack any sort of challenge. I mean like at the moment the hardest piece of content in the game is Titan Hard Mode and perhaps Bahamut’s Coil. What’s even worse is that we have Notorious Monsters in the game and most offer nothing a few extra experience points and a minion via F.A.T.E.

Adding these really wouldn’t even be all that hard since we have the Hunting Logs. Adding an elite version of the Hunting Log and adding Open World Roaming Notorious Monsters would give players alike the challenge and content they need both pre-endgame as well as post-endgame. Of course you would need a way to combat the RMT issue, but that’s nothing that adding Unique and Untradable status to item can’t fix. And nothing gives a player bragging rights like walking around in gear that you acquired from killing a big bad. Just on thing SE, please implement enough where people aren’t battling for claim over one mob.


Class/Job Specific Limit Breaks

I can’t stress enough how important this is. The picture above explains it all. If a lance wielding Dragoon is able to bust out a giant sword for his ultimate attack, then a Paladin should be able to bust out a staff with his limit break and yell “YOU SHALL NOT PASS!!” Not only is ridiculous, but it completely goes against everything the armoury system stands for. If you tell me I’m only allowed to use one weapon per class/job, then I should be able to use an Ultimate attack corrosponding to that weapon and class. Even if it takes a few patches to implement, classes/jobs need their own Limit Break not some rehashed flashy Nostalgia event that even makes the in-game characters stand around and look dumb-founded. I mean really just look at the Monk and Paladin above, even Garuda is like what the hell.


Add more to Seasonal Events

Now in my opinion, the last two seasonal events have been second to awesome. They haven’t been all that great, but they haven’t been all that bad either. The Summer event, though while late gave player’s the chance to participate in a nice little F.A.T.E. where if they successfully helped and defended the npcs from the attacking mobs, they were rewarded an item that could be traded in for several pieces of summer gear. Following the summer event we now have the Halloween Event taking place at this very moment. I give SE and the dev team credit where credit is due. The decorations for these seasonal events has been overwhelmingly awesome. With the added in holiday music in this second seasonal event, player’s can easily find themselves immersed in the event itself. Now here’s where the problem lies. Many people complained about the Moonfire Faire because all there was to do was the one F.A.T.E. where you were practically spamming that for “Wet Bomb Ashs” so that you could acquire all the summer gear. But after that there was pretty much nothing left to do. This year’s Halloween event is no different. It involves a 20-30min quest just to acquire two new event robes, the first one you can even purchase at the event npc along with the pumpkin heads from 1.0’s Halloween Event.

Now must of us realize that we’re still in the first two months of A Realm Reborn’s lifespan, but by next year would like to see things a little more planned out with at least one or two more things to do as to actually enjoy the events. For the Summer event along with the F.A.T.E. taking place in different areas, SE please realize what you have geographically. Costa Del Sol is a beach resort. Utilize it!! A beach party of some sorts wouldn’t hurt. Even adding items that can be interacted with as little mini games for the event would be nice. Maybe even add a quest to go along with the event. As for the Halloween event, this is where there should have been sort of extravagant F.A.T.E. battle. Better yet, for Pete shakes SE you have a fricking Haunted House!! Haukke Manor, Hello!!! Aside from clearing the story quest, for those of us who have unlocked it, why not include a special instance? Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying restrict these events to a particular area. What I’m asking is that Square take a long hard look at what they have and expand on it, use their imagination. By during this, players alike won’t hesitate for a moment do these special seasonal events.


Mounts not being too ridiculous

I’m sure a lot players jaws dropped to the floor and possibly face palmed when they saw the above picture during yesterday’s live letter. One of Eorzea’s newest most feared creatures reduced to a simple mount. Not only does it not make sense lore wise, it doesn’t even make sense in real life. I mean come on…look at the sheer size of the game’s currently implemented Behemoth.


And Square wants to give this guy to us as a mount? You’ve got to be kidding me! Come on SE, when you guys gave us Unicorns, Coeurls, and Ahriman mounts we were like okay cool. We even felt the nostalgic feeling of a Magitek mount. But to downsize this guy from his fearsome size and give him to us a mere mount……yeah, I just don’t see the logic in that. Whatever happened to the Drake Mount you guys were working on? How about actually mounts for the other seven disciples of War and Magic?


Easy-more efficient way to level our companions

There has yet to be point where I haven’t sat here trying to level up my chocobo companion and I died of boredom. I mean it’s a great system and it even allows you to immerse yourself enough to believe that even after you dismount your Chocobo, it’s still right there with you and even willing to fight alongside you. The problem is that it just takes entirely too long to level our Chocobo companions. I mean since launch, I’ve leveled my archer/bard from level 1-50 within a matter of 2-3 weeks, ran Castrum Meriduim more times than I can remember, completed the Main Story Quest, most of my side-quests, half-way complete on my second set of Dark Light gear, gotten an Ifrit weapon, and yet still my Chocobo is only rank four out of ten ranks. And might I add, with the little bit of exp that I have left to get in order to level my choco to rank five, no matter how many times I check that bar, it just doesn’t seem to move.


Here’s a suggestion SE, increase the amount of experience gained from killing mobs. While a player shouldn’t be able to rush their choco to max level, it shouldn’t be a total snooze fest either.





Another downside to the companion system is the lack of an option to reallocate your chocobo’s stat points. I mean really why is this not in place? Also Chocobo barding, it was originally said that Choco barding would not come with any form of stats, but seriously, what pet/companion system out there allows you to equip your pet/companion with gear go to battle with your companion, but the gear offers no sort of bonus stats to your pet? Suggestions…..make barding worth having. Apply stats to barding such as the Artifact Barding so that if a player is out adventuring and leveling with his companion and he has his companion set to Defender mode with the added on stats the chocobo companion is able to withstand a certain amount of damage. One of my biggest gripes about XI’s adventuring fellow system was that while you guys give your fellow new weapons as they leveled, the items themselves didn’t affect the amount of damage that your npc fellow could either dish out or take. So once again, it comes down to why bother getting these items other than for show and tell? We’re not in some Kindergarten class and neither should you or this game be Square-Enix.


Leveling in A Realm Reborn Casual-Too Casual

Sigh….I don’t even know where to start with this one. I mean between F.A.T.E.’s being the overall best means to leveling, dungeons and open world mobs not giving nearly enough experience to supply another source of leveling outside of F.A.T.E.’s, or the fact that 85-90% of the server’s population is max level and has run endgame dungeons a bazillion times already. When Yoshi-P said that he wanted the game to appeal to both casual and hardcore players alike, I don’t think any of us saw coming what we have now. Now yes he did say that grinding off of mobs wouldn’t be the most efficient way to level, but really, the F.A.T.E. system should not be the end all….be all, this is the only way to go part of the system. The simple solution would be to nerf the experience received from F.A.T.E.’s, the downside is that the dev would receive a crap load of backlash from people who have somewhat become addicted to that particular form of leveling. Another gripe about leveling is that once you’ve leveled your first class off of the Main Story, Side-Quests, F.A.T.E., Instance Dungeon runs, and whatever else, your options of how to level dwindle down to pretty much nothing with F.A.T.E. becoming the only option to level.

How can SE possibly improve and counter this? For the love all that it is good raise the damn amount of experience received from open world mobs!! I can’t seemingly possibly stress this enough. Yes, I admit, the days of long drawn out grinding on mobs just to level are gone, but if a game is designed to hold off the player base with enough content to last until your first big patch where more content is added, and instead that very player base has reached max level with a week or two of the game’s launch plus ran endgame more than enough, even if there is that one are that no one has yet to pass….than I’m sorry your plan back fired and like I said before you and your dev team need to go back to the drawing board and rethink your approach to the game, the community, and the genre itself.

Another thing would be the level sync system. Why is that even there? I’m sure all of us that at least played XI or heard of the level sync system thought that it would operate in the very same way it did in XI. We were wrong! It seems the level sync feature is only available during F.A.T.E. and is forcibly used in dungeon runs. So instead of being able to sync down and level with my friends….I…wait? See right there is where the problem comes in, F.A.T.E. seems to be the only thing this game has going for it at the moment. Almost everything that takes place that isn’t a quest falls into F.A.T.E.

I’m going to close this article before it becomes a “Everything is F.A.T.E. rant”, but before I go, let’s look at the facts. Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is Square-Enix and the franchises last saving grace. Even with games such as Lightning Returns, Final Fantasy XV, and Kingdom Hearts III right around the corner, Square really can’t afford another screw up. if there’s anything that Yoshi-P and Dev team should take from this, it’s that the MMO community is a community of people who look for longevity both casual and hardcore alike. Getting to endgame within only a matter of a week or two is the last thing that any MMO player wants, because it soon follows with boredom and then soon after people are jumping ship to the next big MMO. One of those next big MMO’s being The Elder Scrolls Online which is already building a reputation for itself before service begins. If ESO lives up to all the hype, no amount of flashy abilities, nostalgia, or rewards will be able to keep a bored player base. And no Yoshi-P…..not evening housing will work!








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