Chapter 16a: An Decisive End

Narration: Why? Why did all of this have to happen?

I…I never wanted this….any of it.

Three years ago Vana’diel time I was to be wed to none other than Milyah Crystari [1]. It’s funny because of all the adventures I had been on and of all the faces of evil I stood up to, I was afraid of marriage. Marriage meant starting a family and being responsible, but for me it meant giving up my life as an adventurer. So when the opportunity to go on another adventure to a world known as Abyssea arouse, I hopped on it without looking back.

Somehow I found myself joining Lord Exodus’ army[2] as one of his three generals[3] and fought against my friends, but in all truth it was those friends that fought to bring me back and helped me realize that I was running, that it was okay to be scared. Afterwards I married Milyah and ten Months later Milyah gave birth to our daughter, Nuvea Crystari.

Nuvea was my treasure, my everything. Through her, I was introduced to a new adventure….an adventure called fatherhood. When the Ixal took her and vanished into the cavernous maw, I thought I had lost her forever, but….I refused to give up.

Upon finally finding Nuvea, I realized some how I had missed fourteen years of her life and she had begun going adventures of her own.

It wasn’t until later that I discovered that Nuvea was host to an Elder Primal known as Ultima. And now…..

……I have to make a decision.

Must I put an end to that of which I sought to save?

Narration: As Evo came to, he bore witness to the destruction left in the wake of Ultima’s rage.

Ultima: Why do you continue to stand mortal?

Do you not yield?

Do you not fear me?

Evogolist: No…..

Narration: Says Evo as he struggles to stand back up. Amused by his shear will and determination, Ultima laughs and sends waves of aetherial blasts towards Evo. Ruki steps in and attempts to cast an Aeroga spell, but the energy from the aetherial blast is too powerful and knocks Ruki back.

Evogolist: Ruki!!

Narration: As Ruki is sent flying back towards Evo, Zephon runs in and catches Ruki.

Zephon: Gotcha Home-wrecker.

Ruki: Ugh…..thanks mate.

Narration: Zeph puts Ruki down and then stands in front of Evo and Ruki bracing for the next wave of aetherial blasts from Ultima.

Evogolist: Zeph you can’t!

Zephon: Don’t worry about me.
You guys do what you gotta do in order to save little Nu-Nu.

Evogolist: Zeph…..

Narration: Caireann then runs over to them and eases Evo’s worry.

Caireann: Don’t worry about him hun. He’s much stronger than he looks.

Narration: The next wave of blasts come towards the group and Zeph braces for it. At first Zeph is pushed back some, but somehow he is able to withstand Ultima’s attack.

Zephon: Grr….

Evogolist: Zeph!!

Zephon: Don’t worry about me!
Now go!!

Ruki: Better do what he says.

Evogolist: Grr….

Narration: Evo thinks to himself, strategizing a plan on how to get close to Ultima.

Evogolist: Ruki….Mily, can you two give us some leave way to get close to her?

Ruki: No problem.

Milyah: It’ll be risky, but yes.

Narration: Evo looks at Mily with a bit of concern not wanting to lose her again.

Evogolist: Be careful, I can’t lose you again.

Narration: Milyah looks at Evo assuring her safety.

Milyah: Don’t worry about me, I’ll be fine.
Just get our daughter back.

Narration: Evo nods to Milyah and then turns and looks towards Ultima while addressing Caire and Pos.

Evogolist: Caire and Pos when I give the signal we go. Caire you take her from the left flank, Pos from the right, and I’ll charge head on.

Caireann: Gotcha hun.

Poseidon: Hmph….we got this.

Narration: Evo gives the signal to Milyah and Ruki. Milyah steps up first using her special attack Wide Volley to shower Ultima with arrows. Ultima does just as expected and puts up a barrier to shield herself from Milyah’s attack. Ruki is up next. While Ultima is distracted by Milyah’s barrage of arrows, Ruki first casts Stonega pinning Ultima between two Boulders. As Ultima tries to keep the giant-sized boulders from crushing her, Ruki casts another aeroga spell giving Evo, Pos, and Caire the chance they need to execute their plan.

Evogolist: Alright you two, this is it.

Narration: Caire and Pos begin their attack rushing the Elder Primal from both sides. Caire attacks using her special attack Howling Fist while Pos, comes in from the right using his attack Doom Spike. Evo then charges in and uses on of his own.

Evogolist: I’m sorry Nuvea.

Rage of Halone!!!

Narration: As Evo and crew regroup, it’s as if their attacks were effective and Ultima herself is defeated. Unfortunately for then, Ultima still has one more fight left in her.

Ruki: Looks like we did it mate.

Evogolist: Yeah….
Zeph you okay buddy?

Zephon: Yeah….
Never been better.

Narration: Zeph falls to the ground and Caire rushes to his aid.

Caire: Zeph!!!

Narration: As Caire checks on her husband, Milyah looks towards Ultima knowing the battle is far from over.

Milyah: Evo!

Evogolist: Huh?

Ultima: You…..fools!!
Did you honestly believe that could defeat me? Ultima…..the High Seraph… Elder Primal!!!
Now you will all die!!

Narration: As Ultima begins powering up her most attack, from nearby in the forest the youngling Miqo’te Sangi continues to watches on.

Sangi: Almost time…

Narration: Suddenly another Miqo’te youngling comes running towards Sangi.

Neya: Hey!!

Sangi: Shhh!!!!
You tryna get us killed!
And what the hell are you doing here!!

Neya: I saw you running after Nuvea.
I wanted to make sure you didn’t hurt her.

SangI: You mean her?

Narration: Sangi points towards the battlefield showing Neya Nuvea’s current form as Ultima. Neya is shocked to see Nuvea in the form of a monster.

Neya: No!
You’re lying!!

Sangi: The hell would I lie for?!

Neya: NO!!!!

Narration: Out of disbelief that Nuvea was some monster about murder her family and friends, Neya breaks down in tears.

Back at the battlefield, Ultima has finished powering up her powerful attack and is about to lay waste to the wooded area killing Evo and crew at the same time. Sangi however sees this as an opening and takes it.

Sangi: This is it!!

Narration: Shouts Sangi as she leaps from the hill where she stood and drives her sword into Ultima’s back. Ultima ceases her attack on Evo and crew for a moment and knocks Sangi away into a broken tree branch mortally wounding the youngling. Not hesitating for a moment, Evo takes his sword and drives it into Ultima’s chest.

Evogolist: I’m sorry….I’m sorry…..l’m so sorry

Narration: Cried Evo as he watched Ultima slowly drop to the ground. All the while, Nuvea/Ultima cried out Evo and Milyah.

Ultima: Daddy….Mommy…..Daddy…..Mommy…

Narration: Milyah drops to her knees crying as well as Zeriah. Neya  comes running down from the hill and runs over to Sangi.

Neya: Sangi!!

Narration: Neya casts raise on Sangi hoping that the youngling isn’t too far gone.

Neya: Come on…work…

Narration: Suddenly Sangi comes to. Neya quickly and tightly hugs her, happy to see the Miqo’te youngling alive.

Sangi: *cough* *cough*
Huh?! What the hell?!

Neya: You’re alive!!

Sangi: Get off me!!
God, first you put me to sleep with a sleep spell and now you’re raising me and hugging all on me. You such fricking weirdo!!

Narration: Despite being pushed off of Sangi, Neya once again hugs Sangi happy to see the Miqo’te youngling alive. Zeriah looks up and notices the two younglings. She then runs over to the two.

Zeriah: Sangi! Neya!
What are two doing out here?!

Sangi: I did it…I finally avenged Chyldie.

Zeriah: Avenged?
You did nothing of the sort.
Thank goodness Neya was here or else you’d still be dead.

Sangril listen to me, it was because of Chyldie’s death that Nuvea became that monster. She grieved so much that the pain of losing her best friend caused her to awaken such a dark power.

Narration: Not believing a word, nor wanting to hear what Zeriah was saying, Sangi runs off.

Meanwhile Louisiox makes himself known to the others.

Louisiox: I can help her, but we must act fast.

Evogolist: You!!
Why did you do this to her?!!

Louisiox: Because it needed to be done.
Had I not provoked Ultima into awakening and had you to slay her, surely at some point she would have awakened and destroyed all of Hydaelyn.

Milyah: You said that you could save her…how?

Narration: Instead of explaining everything, the Sharalayn scholar begins an extraction and sealing process removing what remains of Ultima’s essence from Nuvea. He then casts a powerful raise spell, reviving Nuvea.

Evogolist: Nuvea?
Sweetheart can you hear me?

Narration: It takes a minute or two for Nuvea to come to, but then she finally awakens.

Nuvea: Mom….Dad?

Evogolist: Nuvea!

Narration: Milyah drops her bow and at first slowly walks over to Nuvea. For both Nuvea and Milyah this is the first time they’ve met since Milyah succumbed to her woodsin.

Milyah: Nu…Nuvea.

Nuvea: Mom….

Narration: Nuvea stands up and makes her way to Milyah. Both mother and daughter run towards one another until they’re both in each others arms.

Milyah: Oh my daughter….
My dear sweet Nuvea, can you ever forgive me.

Narration: Nuvea doesn’t say a word. She continues to hold Milyah tighter and tighter not wanting to let go.

Ruki: Ah, finally a happy ending for those three.

Caireann: They deserve it, especially after everything they’ve been through.

Ruki: Yeah, I guess you’re right.

Zeriah: What about Ultima?
Is she…..?

Louisiox: She’s gone.
I’ve used ancient Sharalyn power to seal her away and to never bother you nor this realm ever again.

Milyah: So Nuvea is free of her?

Louisiox: Yes.

Milyah: Thank you.
Thank you so much.

Evogolist: Who are you?

Louisiox: You’ll find out in due time. But it seems as if you have other pressing matters to attend to. When the time is right and you’re ready, look for me in Gridania.

Narration: Both the elder scholar and the cloaked man make leave for Gridania. Meanwhile Evo receives a call on his Path of The Twelve linkpearl.

Evogolist: Hello?

Minifilia: Evogolist is Starsabre with you?

Evogolist: Actually, no she left ahead of me awhile back.

Minfilia: I was hoping you wouldn’t say that.
Please report back to the Waking Sands immediately

Narration: Worried that Starsabre might have involved herself in matters outside of the path of the twelve, Minfilia advises Evo to report back to Ul’dah so that they can figure things out before it’s too late.


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