Project Rebirth: Chapter One

Final Fantasy XI: Adventurers of Vana’diel

Project Rebirth

Chapter One

Narration: It’s been months, three to be exact, since the true plight of the Immortals was uncovered. Many lives were lost, one of them being my brother Evogolist. After a long fight, Evo had finally succumb to the power of the beast within and sacrificed himself to save the world from a terror that was sweeping across Vana’diel.

But, for some reason…I feel him.

My brother…Evogolist…is still out there somewhere.

(In Rolanberry Fields)

Amerita: Well that should about do it.
Are you sure you don’t need me to stay?

Zeriah: Yes, I’m sure.
I’ve been a burden enough for you Ame, I don’t wanna trouble you any longer.

Amerita: It’s no trouble at all really.
Evo was my partner and in ways, like my brother.
It’s the most I can do to repay him for all that he’s done for me.

Zeriah: So what will you do?
Where will you go?

Amerita: Something is lurking over the horizon.
I’m going to set out and find out exactly what’s going on.
What about you?

Zeriah: I…don’t know.
I promised Evo I’d take care of our mother and go back to Windurst to finish studying white magic.

Amerita: Well, I guess you’d better honor his wishes, huh?
Just watch out for those little Tarus, they’re vicious, ha, ha, ha.

Zeriah: Yeah, hehe.

Narration: Both Amerita and myself stood there silently, neither wanting to say goodbye to the other. Following Evo’s passing, Amerita stuck around to help my mother and I cope with our loss. She even helped out on the farm taking over the choirs that were originally Evo’s. But now, Amerita was leaving, and I would be alone. Now would be the test to see if I could manage without Amerita or my big brother. As we both stood there, we both took a deep breath and then said our goodbyes to one another.

Amerita: Well little sister, I guess I’d better be off.
All right ol’ girl…shall we?

Lumineux: Rargh!

Zeriah: I’ll miss you too Lu’…goodbye.

Narration: That was the last I saw of Amerita and Lu. Since then, strange things have been happening all over Vana’diel. Really weird portals in the shape of strange-looking trees have been appearing all over Van’diel. Sometimes I wonder, can we ever really enjoy a moment of peace?

Back at the Divine Valor Headquarters in Whitegate, the members of Divine Valor were also suspicious of the events that were taking place.

Rob: Hey bro, what do you suppose that is?

Raigon: I don’t know, but whatever it is I sense a great deal of trouble.

Relight: I suggest we send out a team to investigate it.

Kairie: No! I totally forbid it!
I couldn’t possibly bear the thought of anything happening to Rai.

Raigon: Kairie, cut it out will ya.
Relight, you and Gala both take a team to investigate the situation. Report back as soon as you find something. Do not engage, I repeat do not engage.

Relight: All right, you got it bro.
All right team let’s move out!

Narration: The team of Relight, Gala, Shintax, Elvampiro, and Elsapo all make their way to the Northlands to investigate the strange activity taking place.

Somewhere deep in the depths of Aydeewa Subterrane, a group of Aht Urghan Imperial solders investigate the remains of what use to be the Immortals.

Glaring Owl: God I hate this place. All of these damned diremites and crawlers give me the creeps.

Nephrial: Pull yourself together soldier, the sooner we find something, the faster we can be out of here.

Jepkyah Melwyr: Captain!! Over here!
I…I found something!

Nephrial: By the Gods, what is that?!

Narration: Nephrial and the others investigate closer. As they examine the area they are shocked to discover a sight that would normally be uncommon for the area.

Glaring Owl: Looks like…


Nephrial: What the hell?!

Jephyah Melwyr: Aaah!!
Captain help me!

Nephrial: Everyone pull back!

Tobias: Captain, we’re surrounded!

Nephrial: Dammit!
…Oh well, guess it’s a good day to die.

Narration: The Elvaan Imperial Captain and his team find themselves surrounded by a group of Lamia. With all of their might, they try their best to fend off the attacking Lamia, but found themselves overwhelmed. Not far, an even more sinister plan was taking shape.

Mysterious Voice #1: Sir, preparations are almost complete.

Mysterious Voice #2: Good work, soon we should be able to proceed ahead with Project Rebirth.

Narration: As the two continue their work, the group of Lamia drag in the bodies of the felled Imperial soldiers. With body laid on the ground side by side, nearby the body of another fallen warrior lies on an experimental table.

In Lufaise Meadows, Caireann sit upon a lushful flowery hill mourning her dear friend, Evo’s death. She’s soon joined by her husband Zephon, whose a bit concerned about his wife.

Zephon: Hey beautiful, you been up for quite a while.
Are you okay?

Caireann: Huh?
Oh sorry hun…just thinking.

Zephon: About Evo?

Caireann: Yeah…
I just…
I just don’t understand why he had to go and do what he did.

Zephon: I wish I had an answer for you.

Caireann: What about Rai and the others?
They just go on like it’s nothing.

Zephon: Well everyone greaves in their own little way. I’m pretty sure Raigon and the others feel the same as you and I. Yes…Evo is gone, but we can’t stop living.

Evo wouldn’t want that.

Caireann: ….

Narration: Zeph holds Caire close as she begins to cry and mourn their friend. Back at the Northlands, Relight’s team continue their investigation of the area.

Elsapo: Ha!!
All hail Elsapo….The Tarutaru King!!

Relight: Shut it fucktard or do you want to give us away?!

Elsapo: Geez, to think you guys would have a sense of humor.

Elvampiro: I’ll give you humor, how about I toss you to them.

Gala: Will you two quit it?!
We’re suppose to be on a recon mission.

Shintax: Shh…
I see something.

Relight: What is it?

Shintax: What the hell?!
Looks like an Orc…but he’s different somehow.

Gala: Wait!
Remember those paintings in Chateau d’Oraguille?

Relight: Yeah, they’re of the Crystal War.
What about them?

Gala: Take a good look.

Relight: Shit, we need to get back to headquarters fast!!

(Later that night back at DV Corner)

Raigon: So you say there’s some sort of portal there?

Gala: Yeah, but it’s more than that.
Rai…there was an Orc there dressed as if he just fought in the Crystal War.

Rob: A time portal perhaps?

Shintax: Most likely.

Relight: So what’s next bro?

Narration: Rai thinks to himself for a bit and then comes up with a plan of some sort.

Raigon: Kairie, go to Chateau d’Oraguille and deliver a message to Rahal.
Tell him that something big is happening up north.

Kairie: Oooh, why do I have to be the messenger?!
Why can’t one of the Tarutarus go?

Rob: Seems to suit you well Kai, lol.

Raigon: Look Kairie, this is serious…now get going.
Everyone else, go gather supplies and equipment. Be sure to meet back here for team assignments in an hour.

Rob, Relight, and Gala…come with me.

Narration: The Divine Valor members make their preparations as ready themselves for whatever lies ahead. Back at Evo and Zeriah’s farm in Rolanberry Fields, Zeriah once again dreams of the day she lost her brother.

Zeriah: Evo…Evo no!
Don’t go!

Evogolist: Zeriah…I have to.
I have no choice.

Zeriah: There’s always a choice.

Evogolist: I’m sorry Zee…not this time.

Zeriah: Evo!
Big Brother!!

Evogolist: Zeriah…go!
There…there’s no time…left.
I…I..can feel…the beast…taking over…

Zeriah: No…I won’t!!
I won’t leave you!

Evogolist: Amerita…please?!

Amerita: Evo…

Evogolist: Zeriah…promise…promise me…that you’ll continue to live…live for us both.

Zeriah: Evo…how can you ask me to do such a thing?!

Evogolist: Promise me!

Zeriah: Yes…yes I promise!

Evogolist: Goodbye little sister…

Zeriah: Big brother!!

Narration: Through her dreams, Zeriah watches again as Evogolist casts the Blue Mage spell Self Destruct, sacrificing himself to save both his friends and family as well as the people of Vana’diel. When she awakens from her dream, Zeriah finds herself gasping for air and tears streaming down her face.

Zeriah: Oh Evo…why did you leave me?

Narration: Meanwhile in Aydeewa Subterrane, the two mysterious men continue with their work.

Mysterious Voice #1: Sir, when you’re ready, the subjects are ready and we can start the final phase of the experiment.

Mysterious Voice #2: Very well…begin.

Narration: The mysterious scientist begins the experiment and as his superior watches over him, he begins to laugh hysterically.

Mysterious Voice #1: Ha, ha, ha!!
Soon Project Rebirth will be in full motion and the immortals will rise again. Soon my child…you will live again.

Narration: Elsewhere, a warrior has stumbled upon a great discovery. Somehow she has become trapped in a world that has been forgotten. A time that has long since passed. She now wonders the land hoping to find a way back home. But…is there such a way?


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