Happy New Year!!


Hello to all and from all us here at AoV Hunters (well me anyways) Happy New Year!!

I know…I know…I’m like four days late in wishing everyone a Happy New Year, but I’ve been recovering from the holiday season. But anyways, let’s get the ball rolling shall we.

Soo…how was everyone’s Christmas? Good I hope.  I’m definitely hoping that everyone got what they wanted for Christmas whether it be in real life or in game. How about New Years Day? I hope you guys didn’t get too drunk. Me…well let’s say I tried to stay away from as much Rolanberry as I could. Deulmaeux on the other hand….yeah…there’s nothing worse than sitting here having to listen to a drunken former Sand’Orian knight turned Corsair reminisce about his glory days and cry the entire time.

To make matters worse, Silvermane joined him and next I know…Silver, Deulmaeux, and Starsabre were all drunk and singing “Ninety-nine bottles of Rolanberry on the wall” .  Of course Kilyah was a party pooper as always and declined from joining in on the festivities.

Well anyways, moving on…

Currently in Vana’diel, we have the New Year event taking place with a bunch of Ixion like spirits galloping around the land. I haven’t really tried to catch one yet, but I might just give it a try when I get the chance with pics following soon. There’s also the Alter-Ego New Year Extravaganza Event taking place. Several of the more well known characters from across Vana’diel have decided to take part in the Trust Initiative, therefore allowing myself and others to summon a doppelganger/alter-ego of themselves. This year we got to recruit Sand’Orian Royal Valaineral R Davilles, Far East Samurai Tenzen, The Waterserpent General Mihli Aliapoh, and…Joachim…wait Joachim!! I got stuck in the world of Abyssea because of that guy…but, that’s a story for another time…hehe.

In Eorzea, the Heavensturn event is currently taking place. Some strange character from the Far East wearing a Uma Kabuto and calling herself Uma Bugyo has appeared trying to instill the ideal of horses to the people of Eorzea. Not sure how well that’ll work, but hey it’s better than some guy showing up with bells with little chances of winning an Usagi Kabuto (I missed the last two New Years Events). After watching both Uma and the Chocowacker duke it out, some strange guy appeared and talked about how fine a steed I was and how he would one day love to ride off into the sunset on me….wait that doesn’t sound right.

Well that’s it for your favorite adventurer. Once again everyone, Happy New Year and may Altana/Hydaelyn bless you many times over in the months to come.

Now…where did Nuvea go?


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