Chronicles of Lightning: Episode 1 – FFXIII: Defiers of Fate

Episode 1

Defiers of Fate

Lightning and Sazh are held aboard a military ‘Purge‘ train along with a group of civilians destined for exile. In a stark contrast to the uncertain and despairing people around her, Lightning appears determined and focused.

She seizes upon an instant of inattention to disable a guard, and her impressive display inspires Sazh and the other civilians to take up arms against the soldiers.

After clashing with army forces, the train crashes to a halt in the war-torn district known as the Hanging Edge.

Sazh attempts to figure out Lightning’s angle, but she shows little desire to share. The former soldier throws herself into battle without the slightest hint of hesitation — what could be driving her…?

*Disclaimer-I do not own the rights to this video the original owner of this is GameOXO, please be sure stop by his channel and subscribe to his Youtube channel and thank him for taking the time out to post these vids.


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