Chronicles of Lightning: Episode 2 – FFXIII: Another Rebellion

Another Rebellion

The peaceful citizens of Cocoon live in constant fear of invasion by the forces of Pulse — the world below and supposed home of terrors unknown.

Were even a single Pulsian agent to be discovered on Cocoon, panic and civil unrest would be sure to follow, threatening the very fabric of society. To prevent such a calamity, the Sanctum (Cocoon’s governing body) initiates the ‘Purge’ — a government initiative officially entailing the deportation of all those who may have come into contact with corrupting Pulsian influences.

However, the Sanctum army is now brutally slaughtering the civilians they were supposed to be deporting.

Realizing that the Purge is nothing more than a massacre in disguise, Snow leads the young freedom fighters of NORA in an effort to protect the Purge ‘deportees’ from the Sanctum soldiers.

*Disclaimer-I do not own the rights to this video the original owner of this is GameOXO, please be sure stop by his channel and subscribe to his Youtube channel and thank him for taking the time out to post these vids.

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