Stories of the Tenth Journey: Episode 2 – The Pilgrimage Commences

Episode 2 – The Pilgrimage Commences

The guardians head out with Yuna on her pilgrimage, a sacred journey across Spira to defeat Sin. Wakka takes Tidus along out of hopes somebody will recognize him at the blitz tournament at Luca. They set out on the S.S. Liki to reach Kilika, and Tidus and Yuna get a chance to talk. Yuna believes Tidus’s story, partly because ten years ago, a man named Jecht worked as her father’s guardian. Yuna is the daughter of High Summoner Braska, the last person to destroy Sin. During the journey Sin appears; the party fights it, but fail to stop it from leveling Kilika Village.

Yuna sends the souls of those lost in Kilika.

In Kilika, Yuna performs the “sending“, guiding the souls of the dead to the Farplane. Those who die in Spira can leave behind pyreflies, that, unless sent by a summoner, will become fiends, the primary monsters of Spira. The next day, the group enters Kilika Temple to gain the aeon Ifrit. Though Tidus was to stay out of the Cloister of Trials as he is not yet a guardian, he is tossed in by the guardian of the summoner Dona, who sees Yuna as a rival. Nonetheless, Yuna obtains Ifrit.

The pilgrimage moves to the city of Luca, the second-largest city in Spira, where a blitzball tournament is taking place. Seymour Guado and the elder GrandMaester Yo Mika overlook the tournament, which is being held to honor Mika’s 50th year as Grand Maester.

– Final Fantasy Wiki

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