Stories of the Tenth Journey: Episode 3 – The Legend Returns

Episode 3 – The Legend Returns

The pilgrimage moves to the city of Luca, the second-largest city in Spira, where a blitzball tournament is taking place. Seymour Guado and the elder GrandMaester Yo Mika overlook the tournament, which is being held to honor Mika’s 50th year as Grand Maester.

During the first match, Yuna learns of Auron’s presence in Luca and has Tidus and Kimahri help her look for him. While Kimahri’s rival Ronso, Biran and Yenke Ronso, appear to harass him, Yuna is kidnapped by the Al Bhed Psyches blitzball team to force the Aurochs into surrendering the match. While Wakka handles the game, Tidus goes with Lulu and Kimahri to hunt them down. After rescuing Yuna from the Al Bhed ship, Tidus learns Yuna is half-Al Bhed. Lulu sends a signal to Wakka, who wins the game, ending a 23-year losing streak without Tidus’s help.

The next blitzball match is against the Spiran champions, the Luca Goers. After the match, a group of fiends attack the stadium. Tidus and Wakka fight the beasts, and are given the surprise aid of Auron; the rest of the fiends are dispatched by Seymour’s aeon, Anima. Yuna is among the spectators left in awe of the aeon’s power. Auron explains that Jecht, Braska and him defeated Sin ten years ago and claims that Sin is Jecht. Dumbfounded by this apparent impossibility, Tidus refuses to accept it.

*Disclaimer-I do not own the rights to this video all rights and credits go to dangs08. Please be sure to visit his channel and subscribe and thank him for taking the time to post these videos.


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