Chapter 16b: La Resistance

Narration: Determined not to give up on his daughter, Evo along with his wife Milyah and their friends fought to defeat the Elder Primal Ultima of whom Nuvea had played host to. With the help of one of Gridania’s younglings, Evo and crew were able to defeat Ultima allowing for the Sharlayan scholar Louisiox to seal the primal away.

Now, just when everything seems to have quiet down, Evo receives a call via his Path of he Twelve link pearl.

Minfilia: Evogolist if you copy I need you to report back to the Waking Sands immediately.

Evogolist: Minfilia what’s going on?

Minfilia: I can’t explain the specifics, but your path companion may very well be in danger. It is urgent that you report back as soon as possible.

Milyah: Evo….hun…what’s wrong?

Evogolist: I have to go.

Zeriah: Go?! Go where?!

Evogolist: Starsabre, my path companion, may be in some sort of trouble.

Caireann: Hun if you need us you know we’re here.

Evogolist: I know….

Narration: Milyah sees how bothered Evo is by the situation and walks over to comfort him. She knows that the last thing Evo wants to do is abandon his family when they were finally able to come back together.

Milyah: Evo my love, go and see what’s going on with your friend. Meanwhile we’ll take Nuvea and the other younglings back home.

Zeriah: The first sign of trouble you call us okay?

Evogolist: Okay…..

Narration: Evo says goodbye to his family and uses a bit of anima to teleport to Ul’dah. Upon arriving in Ul’dah at the Waking Sands, Evo is greeted by Tataru and a concerned Minfilia.

Minfilia: Evogolist, thank the Twelve that you’re okay.

Evogolist: What’s going on?
What has happened to Starsabre?

Minfilia: After your last assignment we received a distress call from a group somewhere in the Shroud. I believe that your path companion may have intercepted that call and made her way to their location.

Evogolist: Why? Why would she do that?

Minfilia: That’s where your job comes in. Travel back to the Shroud and locate both Starsabre and the group that sent the call.
Evogolist: Gotcha.

Narration: Evo made his way back to the Black Shroud in search of Starsabre and to investigate the mysterious distress call.

Meanwhile, Zeriah watched over Nuvea as she rested from the most recent of events. Milyah, had at one point attempted to talk Nuvea, but Nuvea would not speak with her. As a matter of fact, she wouldn’t speak with anyone.

Nuvea was still hurting from the loss of both Chyldie and Cera and thus took shelter in her bedroom away from the rest of the world. As she laid under her covers, Nuvea wondered if Chyldia was okay. She wanted to speak with her once more, but of course that was impossible. Nuvea then got up and went to her dresser and from there she pulled out a diary of which she would write in from time to time. She then returned to her bed where she would then begin to write.

Nuvea: Dear Chyldia…..

Narration: Back in the Black Shroud, after searching throughout the Twelveswood for his Path Companion, Evo finally locates Starsabre. As he approaches, he couldn’t help but wonder who the suspicious looking group of people were surrounding her.

Starsabre: Mother…

Ala Mhigan Refugee: I’m sorry, we tried to…

Starsabre: No, it’s okay.
My mother knew the risks when joined the resistance.

Narration: Just then the members of the resistance spot Evo and draw their weapons.

Ala Mhigan Refugee: Halt where you are! That is unless you want to die.

Narration: Evo then grips his sword and just as a battle between Evo and the Refugees are about to break out, Starsabre stops the two.

Starsabre: Wait?! Please…stop?!

Ala Mhigan Resistance Captain: You know this cur?

Starsabre: Yes, he’s my path companion.

Ala Mhigan Resistance Captain: Path Companion?
I’ve no idea what that is, but if he so much as makes a wrong move he’s dead.

Evogolist: Starsabre what exactly is going on here? Who are these guys?

Starsabre: I’ll explain later, right now we have more pressing matters to attend to.

Ala Mhigan Resistance Captain: She’s right, one of own has gone missing somewhere in the Black Shroud. We were being pursued by imperial soldiers and thought that it’d be best to split up and maybe we’d lose them. The plan worked, but…one of my best scouts is still out there somewhere. That distress call you received, it was from her.

We have to find her, she has vital information on the size of our forces, the location of our headquarters, and the names of our leaders. If she’s captured by the Empire…

Starsabre: She won’t!!
We shouldn’t speak things that can very well be prevented.
Evo please, will you help us search for her, I promise the captain will reward you and if not then I’ll do my best to make it up to you personally.

Narration: Evo first takes a minute to think to himself. He couldn’t possibly turn down a person in need, especially if they’re being pursued by the Garleans. After what had happened to the Sylphs and Kilyah, Evo was determined not to let another soul suffer the same fate.

Evogolist: Very well…
Starsabre let’s go.

Starsabre: All right!
Evo I promise that you won’t regret it.

Narration: Evo and Starsabre then made their way through the shroud searching for the Ala Mhigan Scout. Soon after they came upon a cave. It was heavily guarded by a pack of wolves that had apparently been sent to hunt down the Scout.

Evogolist: Looks like these flea bags are gonna be a bit of a pain.

Starsabre: Oooh!

Narration: Starsabre casts a powerful blizzard spell taking out a few of the hounds and grabbing the attention of the remaining ones. Evo then unsheathed his sword and runs in to attack the remaining group of hounds. Evo does his best not to bring any severe harm to the dogs and thus so hits them with the flat side of his blade. Starsabre finishes up, casting a fire spell or two to scare the hounds off. Evo and Starsabre then rescue the Ala Mhigan Scout and return her to her party.

Starsabre: The resistance is saved!!

Evogolist: All in a day’s work for us adventurers, haha.
We should head back, Minfilia is probably worried sick about us.

Starsabre: Um…you go on ahead.
I’ll stay behind and help ease the Captain’s worries.
Not to mention I need to discuss some stuff with him.

Narration: Evo then made his way back to the Waking Sands to make a report to Tataru and Minfilia. He arrives only to learn that the members of the Resistance he met with earlier had made their way to the Waking Sands as well. Upon their arrival, The few that were injured were seen and taken care of. Meanwhile, Minfilia questioned the Resistance Captain. However…

Tataru: While we wait for the Antecedent to conclude her talks, there is something that she asked me to discuss with you. I do not wish to sound harsh, but-

Starsabre: Oh fuddle sticks!
Not this again?!

Evogolist: Starsabre?

Starsabre: Like me, you were about to be lectured on how we’re forbidden to act on behalf of the path without the Antecedent’s permission.

Tataru: You are correct.
We are the Path of the Twelve, not a group of vigilantes. You should do well not to forget that. While there are some of us who may be trained in the disciplines of war and magic, such skills do not represent our purpose which is to gather information and provide to those who are better prepared and better equipped to use it.

This time you were lucky. Had the Imperial party been any larger…

Starsabre: But they weren’t and we’re fine…see!!

Tataru: *sigh* It is unwise to place your faith in the Spinner’s pull, for she favors no one man more than another. Ah, but I shall chide you no longer. Your path led you to those in need, and you saw fit to lend them your aid. None can deny the worthiness of this act, and it would be foolish of us to let it go unrewarded. You have our thanks.

Narration: After receiving their reward from Tataru, Evo and Starsabre then speak privately to one another.

Evogolist: Star, what were you thinking?
You could’ve been hurt.

Starsabre: I’m sorry okay!
Evo…I probably should’ve told you earlier, but I am acquainted with several members of the Ala Mhigan Resistance. And when I led you to believe that I had intercepted the call first, I was actually discussing a highly ambitious operation in which the resistance will soon put into motion.

I…I have to help them…

For my mother…

Evogolist: Star….

Starsabre: Ah, you don’t know how much better I feel for having bared all to you…
We should make preparations, it won’t be long now until we’re called upon again.

Narration: Evo watches as Starsabre runs off. Just when he thought he could finally rest and be with his family once more, he finds himself dragged into a civil war. But…to face the Empire, to make them pay for the deaths of Sylphs and Kilyah…Evo would fight once more.

In the dark dreaded land of Mor Dhona, the Garleans have begun making preparations for their new base.

Imperial Sentinel: Is all ready?

Imperial Eques: Yes sir, supplies are coming in at a study pace and troops are scouting the grounds for any form of resistance.

Imperial Sential: Good, our lord will be here soon. We must be ready to begin his excellency’s campaign the moment he arrives.

Imperial Eques: Yes sir!

Narration: Saluting his superior, the Imperial soldier continues to make the final adjustments and preparations. And as the Garlean forces begin the final phase of preparation before their campaign to conquer Eorzea commences, will the Ala Mhigan resistance be enough to stop them?




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