Chronicles of Lightning – Episode 4: The Pulse fal’Cie

Hope has fallen into a panic.

In his single-minded pursuit of Snow, he has rushed into the lair of a fal’Cie and is only now recalling the terrible nature of the being that lurks within. The Pulse entity could use its power to curse them—to turn them into l’Cie.

Pulse l’Cie are the doomed servants of the fal’Cie who created them, despised and feared by the people of Cocoon.

Hope’s companion, Vanille, seems unconcerned by this dreadful possibility. Bemused by her indomitable cheerfulness, he nervously follows her in search of Snow.

It was Snow who convinced his mother to fight. It was Snow she was protecting when she died. And it is Snow who must be made to pay.

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