Chronicles of Lightning – Episode 5: The Gift of Eternity

A legend on Cocoon states that if l’Cie complete the Focus given by a fal’Cie, they turn into crystal and gain eternal life.

And just as the legend describes, Serah, Lightning’s younger sister and fiancée to Snow, glows with an incredible light and turns into crystal. But has she truly gained eternal life? And what Focus has she completed?

This timeless crystal sleep seems nothing more than another form of death to Lightning, and she turns her feelings of grief and anger upon Snow.

Snow, however, refuses to give up hope of a future where Serah will return to him.

Just then, the Sanctum army begins its assault on the Vestige. Though it may mean sharing the Vestige’s imminent destruction, the group heads ever deeper into the complex.

Snow seeks to persuade the fal’Cie to release his fiancée, while Lightning and Sazh have other plans in mind…

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