Stories of the Tenth Journey – Episode 5: The Indecent Proposal

There is a rumor that summoners on pilgrimages are disappearing. The party continues to the Moonflow, and while crossing the river on a shoopuf, Wakka points to the sunken ruins of a city as an example of what happens to people who use machina. An Al Bhed abducts Yuna into the water, but she is rescued by Tidus and Wakka, who destroy the machina holding her captive. Reaching the other side of the river, they run into Rikku, who was the pilot of the destroyed machina. Not wanting to upset Wakka, Tidus and Lulu keep him in the dark about Rikku and Yuna’s lineage. Rikku joins the party as Yuna’s sixth guardian, with Auron’s blessing, who is also aware of her race.

The party moves to Guadosalam, the city of the Guado of which Seymour is the leader. He invites the party to his mansion, where he tries to woo Yuna and shows them a sphere recording of what appears to be Tidus’s Zanarkand. Within the vision is the first summoner to defeat Sin, Lady Yunalesca and her husband LordZaon. Seymour proposes marriage to Yuna, but she avoids answering and instead takes her group to visit the Farplane, the land of the dead where pyreflies gather to form images of the dead from the visitors’ memories.

Rikku believes it to be nothing more than an illusion and chooses not to enter. Auron stays behind as well, though he does not give a reason. Inside, Tidus finds Jecht does not appear, meaning he may still be alive as Sin. Tidus accidentally summons the image of his mother, who, as Yuna explains, must have accepted death and entered the Farplane without needing a sending.

Seymour’s father, Jyscal Guado, leaves the Farplane as an “unsent“, a ghost created from a person who dies “an unclean death”. Yuna sends Jyscal, and during the ceremony, Auron falls upon his knees, greatly weakened. A sphere appears from the unsent, which Yuna snatches up. While Yuna enters the Guado manor, intending to discuss Jyscal, Seymour has already left for Macalania, where the group heads next.


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