Chapter 8b: Trial of Darkness

Chapter 8: The Lord of Shadows
B: Trial of Darkness

Narration: As our adventurers made their way through Castle Zvahl Keep, they found themselves fighting off some the Shadow Lord’s top beastmen soldiers. Goblins, Orcs, Quadav, and Yagudo all stood in their way as they fought through the hordes of beastmen, hoping to finally reach the Shadow Lord’s Throne Room. And now, after passing through a series of chambers, only one trial…one obstacle remained…The Four Dark Lords. Each of which guarded the four teleports that would lead to the Shadow Lord’s Throne Room.

Silverstar: Whew!
So glad that’s over!!

Lightwind: Well, if it’s too much for you, you could always turn back and go home.

Silverstar: Huh?
Hey!! Wait?!

Blackstar: Yeah, no way the awesome Dragoon Twins will turn and high tail it.
We have reputation to protect.

Zeriah: And there they go, running their mouths again.

Amerita: Zeriah is right.
We can’t afford to slack off, not now.

Evogolist: So what’s next?

Lightwind: There’s four teleports.
Each one leads to the next, with the final one leading to the Shadow Lord’s Throne Room.

Evogolist: Sounds simple.

Amerita: It’s not, guarding those teleports are not only some of the Shadow Lord’s top demon soldiers, but the four Dark Lords as well.

Evogolist: And…not so simple.

Blackstar: Oh give me a break.
We’ll take them down, no problem.
Come brother! Let’s show them what the Dragoon Twins are made of!

Lightwind: And like idiots they rush off into battle…

Zeriah: Like the two bumbling idiots that they are…

Amerita: With no plan.

Evogolist: So, is it too late to back how much I admire them?

Zeriah: Oooh, come on!

Narration: And so Evogolist, Zeriah, Amerita, and Lightwind rushed off after the two dragoon twins. When they arrived at the first teleport, the two dragoons were already engaged in battle with the first darklord, Baron Vapula.

For a time, the two dragoons seemed to be fairing quite well against the demon darklord.

Silverstar: Ha!
This guy’s a total push over.

Blackstar: “Fear the darklords!” they said, oh please.

Narration: But as always, the two twins let their ego get the best of them.

Blackstar: Ready to give up Baron Vapoopoo?!

Silverstar: Uh, brother, what exactly are they doing?

Narration: Suddenly the darklord uses the black mage ability Manafont and with his three demon wizards, begin casting their most powerful spells.

Blackstar: Damn…this doesn’t look good.

Lightwind: Dammit, I warned them.

Amerita: Lightwind, I’ll need your help in order to negate the attack.

Narration: As the darklord and his wizard’s spells go off, Amerita and Lightwind shield the two brothers, taking the full force of the attack themselves.

Lightwind: Are alright?!

Amerita: Barely…

Lightwind: Good, now let’s return the favor!

Narration: Lightwind and Amerita use their special attacks Blessed Radiance and Blessed Judgement. The combined force of their attack is enough to defeat and annihailate the darklord and the three demon wizards. Afterwards, Zeriah heals up both Lightwind and Amerita, and then scolds the two twins before taking the teleport to the next area, where they would face the second dark lord, Count Bifrons.

Silverstar: I…don’t suppose the two of you can do that again can you?

Amerita: No we can not.

Zeriah: My turn then…
Blessed Arrow!!

Narration: Zeriah fires off her blessed arrow attack, however, the attack is shielded by his demon knights.

Count Bifrons: So you are the ones that defeated Vapula.

Blackstar: Yeah, so what?!

Count Bifrons: Such disrespect, you should know your place better Elvaan.

Lightwind: Way to piss off one of Vana’diel’s top strategists.

Blackstar: Pfft, he’s going to be a push over.

Amerita: I wouldn’t take him so likely, Bifrons has been present at almost every single major conflict in Vana’dielian history. He’s won countless battles and just as Professor Schultz has.

Silverstar: History…Smistory!

Zeriah: Sigh…do these two ever learn?

Narration: Blackstar and Silverstar both charge in towards the demon general, but are intercepted by his demon knight guards. Both dragoons jump backwards away from Bifrons and the three demon knights.

Count Bifrons: Did you honestly believe that it would be that easy to defeat me?

Silverstar: Uh…yeah.

Count Bifrons: Know this, your campaign ends here.
This place will be your grave.

Lightwind: We’ll need some sort of strategy in order to defeat Bifrons and his guards.

Amerita: What do you have?

Lightwind: I have enough energy to do one more Blessed Judgement.

Amerita: No…
We’ll need it to defeat the Shadow Lord.

Zeriah: Then me….let me use my Blessed Arrow attack again.

Amerita: But it’ll be too much strain on your body lil sister.

Zeriah: I’ll be fine.
Evo?! Evo?!
Why are you just standing there?

Evogolist: Hm,,,

Narraton: Evo himself divises a plan and runs in to attack Count Bifrons.

Lightwind: The hell is he doing?!

Zeriah: Being Evo…

Narration: Says Zeriah as she watches her elder brother take on the demon general.

Count Bifrons: You dare betray our lord and think that you can return and kill him?
Come and meet your death hume.

Narration: Evo runs towards the group of demons and just as the demon knights are preparing to block Evo, Evo himself shouts at the dragoon twins.

Evogolist: Hey you two!
Twin Dragoon Tornado!!

Silverstar: Huh?

Blackstar: Hey we don’t take orders from you!

Zeriah: Just do it!!

Blackstar: Fine…

Blackstar/Silverstar: Twin Dragoon Tornado!!

Narration: Two of the demons brace for the attack, leaving an opening for Evo to attack Bifrons. However, Evo jumps over Bifrons and attacks the third demon guarding the rear.

Evogolist: Amerita, Lightwind…take out those two now!

Amerita: You heard the man.

Lightwind: This is madness.
He’s insane!

Narration: Amerita and Lightwind attack the two demons guarding the front. Amerita uses her weaponskill Tachi: YukiKazi and Lightwind uses his weaponskill Soul of Ultima. Both attacks take out the two demons. Evo then takes and thrusts his lance into the third demon knight leaving only Count Bifrons left.

Zeriah: No…
He’s my brother.

Blessed Arrow!!

Narration: Says Zeriah as she fires a Blessed Arrow attack, striking the Demon general. Before the party can finish him off, the demon general manages to warp out and escape his fate. With two of the four darklords defeated, only two more stood in the party’s way of finally facing the Shadow Lord himself. However, the adventurers of Vana’diel weren’t the only ones in route to face and defeat the Shadow Lord.

Lion: Well those adventurers surely don’t waste any time do they?

Zeid: No, but will they be ready for him is the real question.

Lion: You know, you should really lighten up some big guy.
Not every girl like tall dark and gloomy.

Zeid: Hmph..


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