Chronicles of Lightning – Episode 6: Pulsian Menance/Bound in Darkness Part 1

Pulsian Menace

The group is branded Pulse l’Cie.

Snow pleads with the Pulse fal’Cie. He offers himself in Serah’s place if it will release her from her fate.

The fal’Cie remains silent.

Seeing Snow’s desperate pleas go unanswered, Lightning and Sazh draw weapons on the lowerworld being. Even if the fal’Cie will soon be destroyed along with the entire Vestige, they have reasons to defeat it with their own hands.

They work together to bring down the fal’Cie, and the Vestige now plummets towards the lake below. A final wave of power explodes from the dying fal’Cie, transforming the water and surrounding area into solid crystal.

Lightning and the others do not witness this breathtaking event—upon defeating the fal’Cie, they are drawn through a rift into a dimension where an immense, otherworldly presence awaits.

Onto their bodies, it sears cursed brands; onto their minds, the vision of a beast destroying Cocoon. Swept along by unimaginable energies, the helpless companions are swallowed in a lightless void.

As Snow drifts in the darkness, one memory fights to the surface of his consciousness…

Final Fantasy Wiki


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