Chronicles of Lightning – Episode 7: Bound in Darkness Part 2

Bound in Darkness


Lightning feels nothing but anger towards the Pulse fal’Cie. It had taken Serah and cursed her with a l’Cie’s doomed existence. It is the underlying reason for the Purge. And it is an enemy to be cut down if she is to fulfill Serah’s final request: to save Cocoon.

Lightning’s aggression provokes the fal’Cie into action, and it attacks her. Sazh draws his guns with grim resolve, and Snow joins the battle without hesitation.

As they deal the killing blow to the master of the Vestige, a flash of light rends the air.

They are pulled into a swirling void of chaos, where they are bound by an ominous and inexorable entity. Branded with arcane markings, the companions are then assaulted with the vision of a terrible beast tearing Cocoon apart. Soon after, the Vestige finally succumbs to the combined attacks of the Sanctum forces.

In the midst of the chaos, a memory surfaces from the depths of Snow’s fading awareness: a marriage proposal made to his beloved Serah under a night sky lit with the colors of exploding fireworks. Can his wish for a happy future ever be granted now?


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