Stories of the Tenth Journey – Episode 7: The Tragic Revelation

Awaking on Bikanel Island, Tidus finds himself alone by an oasis. He rounds up his fellow guardians, but cannot find Yuna. Rikku leads the group go to the Al Bhed city of Home, which is under siege by Guado forces. Fighting through the invasion, the party finds the summoners Dona and Isaaru taken by the Al Bhed to the Summoners’ Sanctum. Tidus suffers an emotional breakdown after he discovers the truth behind the pilgrimage: summoning the Final Aeon will kill the summoner, and Yuna will meet the same fate if she completes her journey.

The group makes its way to the Al Bhed airship, the Fahrenheit (which was the airship Tidus and Rikku salvaged upon their first meeting), captained by Rikku’s father and Yuna’s uncle, Cid. The ship takes off with Tidus’s group and most of the Al Bhed on board. Cid blows up Home with the airship’s missile system to take out the invading forces. The party learns Yuna has been taken by the Guado to the now-unsent Seymour to be married.


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