Chronicles of Lightning – Episode 10: The Twin Sisters

There is no doubt in Snow’s mind.

They may be Pulse l’Cie, but there is no way they can be enemies of Cocoon. Serah’s last words before she turned to crystal are proof enough for him that their Focus is to defeat Ragnarok and protect their world.

Snow stays behind to defend his trapped fiancée after Lightning and the others decide to continue onward.

Brought to his knees by wave after wave of PSICOM soldiers during a protracted battle, the desperate young man is suddenly overcome by a strange phenomenon.

The Twin Sisters of Shiva, Stiria and Nix, appear before him in a blinding flash of light. They easily dispatch the remaining troops, and then turn on Snow.

He manages to defeat the icy Eidolons, but is soon captured by an unfamiliar Sanctum unit.

A striking woman accompanies the soldiers — a woman with a l’Cie brand.

Meanwhile, try as they might, Lightning’s group cannot shake their determined pursuers. Crippled by enemy fire, their airship plummets toward the ground…


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