Chronicles of Lightning – Episode 11: Nothing but Grief

Their airship damaged during the escape from the army, the l’Cie are forced to make a crash landing in the Vile Peaks.

Accustomed to the rigors of conflict, Lightning immediately sets off to outdistance any pursuit, trailed by Hope.

Exhausted and on the brink of despair, Sazh cannot bring himself to follow. He knows the army will never stop chasing them and even if they do somehow evade capture, they face transformation into Cie’th. How can they complete a Focus they don’t understand?

Despite the futility of the situation Sazh cannot leave Vanille behind to fend for herself, and he forces his reluctant legs to carry him onward.

Far ahead of the others, Lightning recalls a conversation with her old superior, Lieutenant Amodar, in which he had warned her not to get involved with anything connected to the lowerworld. She, of course, subsequently chose not to heed his warning, and after confronting the Pulse fal’Cie found herself branded a l’Cie.

Now, anger smolders within her. Anger at her transformation into a l’Cie, anger at being forced to flee like a fugitive, and anger at herself for allowing it all to happen.


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