Chronicles of Lightning – Episode 12: Eden or Bust

The War of Transgression — the conflict between Pulse and Cocoon.

A towering wreck is all that remains of a lowerworld airship shot down during the battle that took place centuries before…

At that time, forces from Pulse attempted to invade Cocoon only to be repelled by the efforts of the Sanctum fal’Cie — though not before the invaders had rent a great wound in the floating world’s shell.

Though the Sanctum fal’Cie subsequently repaired the damage using debris from the surface of their routed enemies’ planet, the psychological wounds inflicted by the conflict are evident even now in the Cocoon citizen’s unreasoning fear of all things Pulse.

And reminders of the lowerworld threat still remain. Mechanical terrors brought in with the debris replace their rusting parts and wander the area, while government troops struggle to contain them.

The Pulse fal’Cie buried in Bodhum may have arrived in the same fashion, sleeping away the years until its eventual discovery.

With lowerworld terrors lurking in every shadow, Sazh creeps forward, doing his best to shield Vanille and Hope…

Lightning says little of her feelings, but Sazh senses her frustration. Despite braving the dangers of the Purge and the Vestige in an effort to save her sister, Lightning was helpless to prevent Serah’s transformation into crystal. Now she is forced to flee as a fugitive — a Pulse l’Cie and hated enemy of Cocoon.

And then there is their Focus. If they don’t complete the task they have yet to figure out, they face transformation into mindless Cie’th. Should they fulfill their Focus, eternal crystal slumber is the only reward.

And should they stop too long to ponder their fate, they risk capture and execution at the hands of the relentless Sanctum army.

All roads seem to lead to despair — something Sazh understands only too well. The question is: will Lightning help them find a way out of their hopeless situation?

Unbeknownst to Sazh, the answer has already begun to form in her mind…

Lightning makes a decision.

The Pulse fal’Cie transformed her and Serah into l’Cie. The Sanctum fal’Cie, Eden, directs the army hunting her down.

Pulse or Sanctum, ‘fal’Cie’ means one thing to Lightning: an enemy responsible for ruining their lives. A clear-cut enemy is something she can deal with. Having a target is something she can understand.

The former soldier means to infiltrate the Sanctum capital, and take out the fal’Cie Eden.

She knows her plan is reckless. It could be disastrous for Cocoon, and flies in the face of Serah’s last wish. It could even end in battle against Snow, who will do anything to save Cocoon. But it is the only path that will satisfy her rage.

Sazh and Vanille oppose her idea, but Hope embraces the opportunity. This is his chance to grow stronger and finally confront Snow.

Lightning is done running away.

Now she runs forward, her mind set on toppling the Sanctum. But even Lightning cannot foresee how this journey will end…


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