Stories of the Tenth Journey – Episode 10: The Dream to End All Dreams

Before crossing Gagazet, Kelk and his tribe of Ronso give Yuna their blessing after witnessing her resolve and courage. Tidus and Rikku are intent on finding a way to save her. A pursuing Seymour attacks the Ronso and many are slaughtered, including Kelk, Biran, and Yenke. The party struggles through the frigid mountain before they run into Seymour who transforms intoΒ Seymour Flux. Despite Seymour’s growing powers, he is again defeated. After the battle, Yuna and the guardians learn of Sin’s identity as Jecht.

Near the mountain peak the group comes across a fountain of fayth lost in dreams. Tidus is struck by a dream of his home in Zanarkand and while there, meets the boy in purple robes he saw in the beginning of his journey β€” the fayth of Bahamut. The fayth reveals Sin was created to leave Spira forever backward so Tidus’s Zanarkand could exist eternally without being detected, and that the Zanarkand Tidus hails from is only a dream created by the fayth. Tidus, Jecht, and everybody else from the city are nothing but dreams who will cease to exist once Sin is truly defeated.

As Jecht and Tidus have both been “touched by Sin” they have been made real and have a chance of destroying it. The fayth asks Tidus to defeat Sin so the fayth can be freed of the burden of sustaining “Dream Zanarkand“. Tidus accepts, even while knowing doing so will mean he will disappear. After he returns to consciousness, Tidus keeps what he learned to himself.

After passing through Mt. Gagazet the party comes to the original Zanarkand where the pilgrimage is to end and Tidus’s retelling of the events that led him here ends.


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