Stories of the Tenth Journey – Episode 12: Final Showdown with Sin

With Yunalesca gone, the party needs a new way to defeat Sin. Cid arrives in the Fahrenheit to pick them up and they brainstorm a strategy. Yevon is in disarray with the deaths of so many Maesters, and Tidus and his party land in Bevelle during the crisis to confront Yo Mika who learns they have not gained the Final Aeon, and have eliminated it for all eternity. Feeling Spira is doomed to be destroyed by Yu Yevon’s spiral of destruction and the despair it engenders, Mika departs for the Farplane.

The party comes up with a plan to beat Sin: they will distract Sin by having all of Spira sing Jecht’s favorite song, the “Hymn of the Fayth“, and while Sin is subdued, the party will attack on the airship.


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