Chronicles of Lightning – Episode 13: Thunderous Hooves

Hope makes a choice to fight alongside Lightning, but quickly finds himself exhausted by the pace.

Lightning grows ever more agitated. Their enemy is the Sanctum army. She cannot afford to look after the straggling Hope while she faces such a dangerous foe. Losing all patience, Lightning curses his weakness and tries to leave him behind.

In that moment, her l’Cie brand burns with radiant pain.

As if to strike down obstacles in Lightning’s path, the Eidolon Odin appears and attacks the bewildered Hope.

Lightning moves without thinking. She blocks the deadly blade aimed at the boy she meant to abandon moments before.

Lightning defeats Odin, and brings the entity under her command. Why did the Eidolon appear in the first place?

There is no answer to her question, but one thing is certain: she no longer wishes to leave Hope to survive on his own.


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