Chronicles of Lightning – Episode 14: Loathing and Fear

Sazh and Vanille decide against joining Lightning in her vendetta against the Sanctum, though doing so leaves them without a road to follow. It seems all they can do is keep running. And then there is Hope to worry about. But he’ll surely grow tired of the fighting and make his way home β€” won’t he?

Sazh also harbors another fear: with the entirety of Cocoon in an uproar over the recent Pulse activity, any incident involving l’Cie could spark a full-scale panic. After all, not even Sazh can shake his dread of the lowerworld.

If Cocoon is to know peace, he argues, l’Cie like them all need to die.

Even as the words pass his lips, he immediately regrets giving voice to such sentiments, suddenly aware of his companion’s feelings on the matter. But Vanille just smiles bravely, and urges Sazh to keep on moving.

They have to stay ahead of the army if they want to survive.


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